Find my friends android

Find my friends android

Find my friends android: If you want the safety of your family and friends, then you have come to the right place, and here you will get the best latest solution to this problem. In this article, we will discuss Find My friend’s app for Android. Also, the advantages of using this application and some of the features of this application. At last, we will discuss the alternatives to Find my friend’s app.

About the Find my friend’s app

This app helps you to connect with your friends always at every time and keep an eye on them. This app is a location sharing application that will help you with many apps. You can download the application from the Google Play Store application from the link Click Here.

There are some of the points that can be done by using this application. They are as follows:-

  • If you want to talk with your friends and the current location where you are is not capable of sending messages or call them. Then you can chat with your friends by using this application.
  • You can find your friends or their location where they are at this time or at any time.
  • If you and your friend are separated at someplace, so you can get the direction to your friend by using this application.
  • By using this application, you can know these things, or you have the information on the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), or you can have the exact location of your friend by using this application.
  • If you are roaming or travelling from one place to another and you are not with your friend. And you saw some exciting things there. E.g., you saw that any particular location there is opening a new restaurant or there is a sale going to a specific store, and then you can share this with your friends through this application.
  • If you want to tell your friends that where you are at that particular place or at any time, then in the application, there is an option of sharing your current location with your friends.

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Advantages of finding my friend’s app

There the situations that you are separated from your friends on some occasions or in some shopping malls. But in that situation you cannot call that person because of some issues like loud music or sound or there is not calling be causing the significant amount of public is roaming around you. Then in that, you can use this application to find your friend and chill out.

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You can enable GPS and go to the option of Find my friend’s GPS, and then you can find your friend. Also, another essential feature of this application is the Real-time Location. Let us consider the situation. In the first situation, you and your friend go to watch a movie. But due to some reasons, your friends reach late, and you are inside the theatre.

In theatres

In theatres there is dark, and also the phone is in silent mode. So your friend can neither call you not can message you. Due to this, there is only one way left to check all the seats. But by using Find My Friends app, your friend can reach you, and you can enjoy your movie. Your friend can also get the direction to contact you. It will navigate your friend to you by giving him appropriate instructions.

If you install this application in your phone or device from the link given above, after that, you can stay connected communicate, as well as locate the most loved people by you and which matters the most to you. If you install this application, then there is an option of the map where you can watch the current location as well as the moving location on that map. 

Each friend of yours will appear as an icon on that particular map. There are some situations that you have gone to your friend’s house, and you enjoyed it at night. But if you go to your home at your respective, you had a tension or headache that if your friend has arrived in his or her home safely.

But if you have this application then it will help to know your friend’s location whether he or she had reached home safely.

Group Communicator

There is also one efficient way from which you can discuss some of the topics by making a group. You can use as a planner of which how can you plan some of the activities. Also, take the advice as well as the point of view of your friends. You can also discuss your group tours and trips. Further planning can also be done for the trip like what supplies are needed and what are the shopping locations.

Also, you can discuss what the exciting things that you are going to do on this trip are. Then you are your friends can also decide what the places for hiking and where are the sights you can go with your friends and time to meet and group are.  By planning all the things, you can start preparing for the trip like packing your stuff.

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The best part of the trip, whether it’s a discussion that you can do your best planning with your friends and you don’t have to use the other apps, which can be some confusion. Also, you don’t even have to their any guide, and there is no headache of seeing a guidebook for the travelling part. This will be the best travelling or journey with your friends by using this application, which has given you this privacy.


Find my friends and family android app. You have the option of the route to the desired location with the help of GPS, and you can get the expected time to get into your situation. If one of your friends gets separated from you or you get separated from your friend, then you have just to tap the icon in your app, and then it will get you to your friend.

So, from this, one can note that for making any plan for the trip, then you can take the help of Find my friend’s app. If you are ready, then you just have to plan it and get prepared for the next adventure.

Connecting With Friends

The main advantage of this app is that it is compatible with Android, BlackBerry devices as well as iOS devices (iPhones) and also in other featured phones. There is also an option of sharing the invite link to your companions via other applications and services via text. After that, if your fiend selected or replied to the yes icon, then this person will become your friend and add to your list.

Then after that, his icon will be shown to your application map in your device. This application will be using the cell phone triangulation technology for finding you’re your friends, and from this, you can share your location quickly.

Sharing Of Location

This application will help you to share your location in several scenarios. Let’s discuss some of the situations for which this application will be handy and helpful to you. If you find a new restaurant, then you can share it with your friends. It will also help you if you find a sale in your shop while you go there.

Then you can tell this exciting news to your friends about this, and they can be the stakeholders. Also, you can easily share your current location, and you can track your friends while they are busy in some activities like dancing, dining, or working with their shopping stuff.

Alternatives Of Find my friends android

There are some of the users who are very concerned about their privacy. Although this application is perfect in terms of security, some users did not believe it. So here are some alternatives that you can use instead of the Find My friend’s application.

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In this application, there is a list based on the current locations of your friends or family members, which you have added to your GeoZilla account. From this, you can’t forget to check your friends or family location in the map section. The main advantage ore the highlight of this application is that it will remind you of a particular task to do in a specific place.

You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Link


This application is useful for the purpose of sharing the location in a short time, or it can be used for short-time purposes.

You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Link

Google Maps

Google Maps is the most trusted application as you know it comes officially by Google, and you can find official very efficiently.

You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Link

Life 360

You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Click Here


You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Link

  • Sprint Family Locater

You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Click Here


You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Link

Trusted Contacts

This application is from Google, and the name of the creator is Google LLC.

You can find this application from the Google Play Store: Click Here

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Here we discussed the Find my friends android and its advantages and how you can use this application in different situations. Then we had discussed the essential features you get by this application like Group Communicator, Connecting With Friends, and sharing of location. At last, for the particular type of users, we discuss some of the alternatives of Find My Friends application