ffxiv error 90002

Final Fantasy XIV, sometimes known as FFXIV, is a hugely well-liked MMORPG that is enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. Like any online game, FFXIV is subject to a number of technical issues that might keep players from having fun with the game. One such mistake is the annoying FFXIV mistake 90002, which can happen at any time while playing the game. We’ll examine FFXIV Error 90002 in more detail in this post, along with its causes and solutions, so you may resume playing your preferred game uninterrupted.

ffxiv error 90002

Causes of ffxiv error 90002

  • A bad internet connection is one of the most frequent reasons for FFXIV Error 90002. You can suffer frequent disconnections from the game server and this error if your connection is sluggish or unreliable.
  •  It can overburden the server and lead to connection problems when several people are using the game server at once. When numerous players are online during peak hours, this happens frequently.
  • FFXIV Error 90002 may occur because your firewall or antivirus software is preventing the game from connecting to the server. 
  • It is one of several problems that can be brought on by outdated or damaged drivers.
  • Other programmes on your computer might occasionally interfere with the game and result in FFXIV Error 90002. 
  • FFXIV Error 90002 might appear if your computer overheats and the game freezes or crashes as a result.
  • It can be brought on by incomplete or corrupt game files. 
  • FFXIV Error 90002 may appear if numerous devices on your network share the same IP address, which might disrupt connections.
  • It may appear if your DNS server is not operating correctly and is the source of connection problems. 
  • It may occasionally be brought on by account-related problems, such as a suspended or banned account.
  • This error may be brought on by third-party software, such as VPNs or network optimizers, interfering with the game’s connection to the server. 
  • FFXIV Error 90002 may appear if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having problems or carrying out maintenance. To find out whether there are any known problems in your region, check with your ISP.
  • It may appear if your NAT type is tight or moderate. This might disrupt connections.
  • This error can occasionally be brought on by a faulty operating system, which can also lead to connectivity problems. 
  • Occasionally, problems with the game server, including maintenance or upgrades, may be the root of FFXIV Error 90002. 
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Solutions for ffxiv error 90002

Verify your internet connection:

A shaky or inconsistent internet connection might be the source of FFXIV Error 90002. The problem could be fixed by checking your connection and restarting your modem or router. Your modem and router may be turned off, left off for 30 seconds, and then turned back on to do this. Your internet connection will be refreshed throughout this procedure, which may also fix any connectivity problems.

Switch off your computer:

An easy restart might sometimes fix connectivity problems. Try restarting your computer if your internet connection appears secure but you’re still getting FFXIV Error 90002. In addition to refreshing your system settings, this operation will shut down any programmes or apps that could be obstructing your internet connection.

Run as an Authority:

Perhaps the problem can be fixed by starting the game as an administrator. This will grant the game access to any system files and resources that it might require in order to establish a server connection. To accomplish this, right-click the FFXIV launcher or shortcut and choose “Run as Administrator.”

Disable all VPN programmes:

If you are using VPN software, try momentarily turning it off. VPN software may disrupt your internet service and result in FFXIV Error 90002. You might need to close the programme or deactivate the VPN connection in order to stop your VPN software.

Put other programmes to bed:

Any other applications or programmes that could be utilising your internet connection should be closed. It’s possible that other applications are eating up bandwidth and FFXIV Error 90002. Web browsers, streaming services, and other programmes that could be using your internet connection should be closed. This will increase FFXIV’s connection capabilities and save up bandwidth.

Disable antivirus or firewall programmes:

To temporarily fix the error, try deactivating your firewall or antivirus programme. Network traffic that is necessary for the game to connect to the server might occasionally be blocked by firewalls and antivirus software. You can find out if these programmes are the problem by momentarily disabling them. To maintain the security and safety of your computer, it is crucial to restart these programmes after testing.

Make FFXIV an exception in your firewall:

You can add FFXIV to the list of exceptions in your firewall or antivirus programme if you don’t want to disable them. Bypassing the network traffic blocking rules of the firewall or antivirus software will be possible thanks to this. Go to your firewall or antivirus software’s settings and add FFXIV as an approved programme or exception. This will add FFXIV to the exceptions list.

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Newest drivers:

Keeping your network drivers up to date can assist in fixing FFXIV Error 90002. Your computer can connect with the internet and other networked devices thanks to network drivers. Connectivity problems may be brought on by corrupt or outdated network drivers. By navigating to your computer’s device management, choosing the network adapter, and checking for driver updates, you may check for driver updates.

A Winsock reset:

A Windows component called Winsock enables applications to connect to the internet via the TCP/IP protocol. It can be resolved by restarting Winsock. Open Command Prompt as an administrator and enter “netsh winsock reset” to reset Winsock. By doing this, the Winsock catalogue will be restored to its initial settings.

Delete the DNS cache:

Your computer employs DNS cache, a temporary database of internet addresses, to swiftly access frequently visited websites. FFXIV Error 90002 can be fixed by clearing your DNS cache. Open Command Prompt as an administrator and run “ipconfig /flushdns” to erase your DNS cache. By doing this, you’ll force your computer to get fresh IP addresses for webpages and services and erase your DNS cache.

Verify the router’s settings:

Make sure that none of the ports required by FFXIV are being blocked by your router. In order to connect to the game servers, FFXIV needs a few particular ports to be available. You can get it if your router is blocking certain ports. You may go into your router’s web interface and search for port forwarding or firewall settings to verify your router’s settings. Then, you may modify the router’s settings to include the necessary ports for FFXIV.


The Final Fantasy XIV error 90002 can be a bothersome problem for gamers. To fix the problem, there are a number of options that may be explored. These fixes range from simple troubleshooting measures like checking your internet connection and restarting your computer to more sophisticated measures like double-checking game files and reviewing network settings. Players may troubleshoot and fix FFXIV Error 90002 by using the techniques listed above, and then resume enjoying the game. It is significant to highlight that gamers should contact Square Enix customer care for additional assistance if these fixes do not work.


Can my computer’s hardware cause FFXIV Error 90002?

Although it is frequently brought on by problems with internet access, it is conceivable that hardware problems, such as a malfunctioning network adapter or a broken ethernet cable, are to blame. These instances, nevertheless, are not widespread.

What impact does FFXIV Error 90002 have on my computer’s other online games and programmes?

Final Fantasy XIV-specific, it shouldn’t have an impact on any other online games or programmes on your computer. On the other hand, if the problem is with your internet connection, it can interfere with other online activities you’re doing on your computer.

Can the FFXIV Error 90002 occur during cutscenes or other game modes that cannot be played?

Yes, it can occur in cutscenes or other parts of the game that are not playable. Given how crucial cutscenes are to the game’s plot and narrative, this may be very annoying.

When playing in a group or raid with additional people, is FFXIV Error 90002 possible?

Yes, playing in a group or raid with other players might result in FFXIV Error 90002. This can be especially annoying since it interferes with teamwork and cooperative gameplay.