Farming games

Farming games: We all love playing games, be it online or outdoor. Outdoor games are a must, but what if you had the love for handling a farm? You surely can’t just go out of your house and build a farm and trade. But you could do definitely do this by just sitting on your couch. There are multiple farming games available in the play store. Read the full article to know all the top-rated farming games.

Farming games

Are you a 12-year-old kid or a job person? Whatever profession you belong to, you are obviously allowed to play online games anytime, anywhere. The genres of online games are unlimited, but for those who have a love for farming, you have a hell lot of options to choose from. These farming games make you wiser, give you good managing skills, and much more. These are simply not games, but you grow through them. It gives you goals, and you work daily to achieve them. More than that, it may satisfy your mind as well when you reach your goals. Well, we have got you numerous farming games to utilize your day in a productive manner. Let’s look at all the games one by one.

1- Hay day

This is the most amazing farming game you could ever play. Hay day was launched in 2013, and since then, it has given us all joys by even earning the editor’s choice award in the best farming game. You could get your fixed area of the farm at the start and then continue expanding it with virtual money. You can easily share the goods with your real friends and family in the same game. But unrealistically, Hay Day doesn’t have any rain problems, which is actually suitable for your crops. Also, fortunately, the crops don’t die in this game. 

You have a simple barn, and alongside, you have mines and chimneys, etc. Though all of these are available only after unlocking a certain level, for transportation, you are given a truck for free initially. Still, later by earning more of virtual money, you could unlock the steamboat as well. Hay day not only allows you to trade crops but also other goods as well as fishes, bacon, cake, wool, etc. This famous game is loved and played by 122 countries, which is the huge popularity of a farming game. Hay day contains ads but is a free game. However, it has some in-app purchases, which range from ₹79 – ₹7,900 (2$ to 110$) real money for a product. 

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2- Farm frenzy free

Farm Frenzy is another superb farming game with more than 1 crore downloads. This game, too, gives you a fully working farm that contains crops, sheep, cows, chickens, etc. Here on this farm, you will need to learn time management. Because in this game, you will have to produce a fixed amount of crops, owning a certain number of animals or earning profits, all must be done in time.

Farm Frenzy has 72 levels in the game, having tasks like collecting eggs, producing cheese, wool, or transporting them to the city. You will also see a need to upgrade your barn and transportation as you level up. There are in total of 30 building upgrades in the game. The graphics of the game are brilliant, and it’s a free game, which contains ads. In order to experience an ad-free game, you need to buy the premium version. Also, this game, too, has in-app purchases where you may pay, somewhere between ₹13 – ₹800 (1$ to 11 $) real money for a product, which is obviously optional.

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3- Farm town

Farm town is a game that will give you the perfect experience of rural life. You will enjoy it and learn to work on a farm. This game has three different versions, happy farming, a delightful village, and a cartoon story. All of them are rated above 4.0 and have been reviewed well. In this game, you have different areas like farming and crop section, zoo section, flower section, circus section, and recipe section. You will have to work on all these sections.

You could harvest crops and then make delicious recipes using those crops. After that, you could share those goods with your friends or strangers in the game. In Farm town, you could even repair a circus and then invite people to enjoy the show, while you will receive gifts from them. This free app also contains ads like other games and can give options for in-app purchases. These may range from ₹60 – ₹9,400 (1$ to 125 $).

4- Farming simulator

Framing simulator tends to become a really appreciated game with around 20 updated versions. The latest version of the game is Farming simulator 20, which is a paid game for ₹500 (nearly 7$) . With this game, you will step into another level of excitement. Like other farming games, here also you get sheep, cows, chickens, pigs along with horses. For all trades of goods, you will receive virtual money, with which you can upgrade your pieces of equipment as well. Here in this game, you need to have control over 100 vehicles, which are the recreation of famous brands like John Deere. Many other brands in this game may include Valtra, Krone, Challenger, etc. An American village lifestyle inspires the farming simulator environment. You will get a 3D graphics and mind-blowing interface. The versions other than ’20’ are free of cost that too without ads.

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5- Family farm seaside

This farming game has a separate fan base of 5 crore plus downloads. At Family farm seaside, you can compete with your friends to become the top farmer. It has a beautiful environment, and it has the names of their animals too. You also got a deck, which you can design according to yourself. Family farm seaside hosts ‘most beautiful farm’ contest in which you can win and showoff your friends. It has got adorable animals and crops that do not wither. Family farm seaside is a free app that, too, without ads. It also got in-app purchases ranging from ₹90 – ₹9000 (2$ to 120 $)for a product. 

6- Big farm: mobile harvest

Big farm is another awesome farming game that also has around 10M proud farmers, and I mean downloads. The environment of this game is more like a paradise village or dream farm. You can easily plant a crop, harvest it, and finally trade them along with participating in farm fests. This will help your farm grow. The Big farm is actually a big community where you can play and get a chance to make friends from this village community supporting each other. Not only this, but this game organizes mysteries like UFO sightings and fairy tale festival, etc. Solve them and earn more, but it requires continuous internet connection. Also, though this app is free of cost, it has ads too. Moreover, the optional in-app purchases are ₹79 – ₹7,900 (2$ to 110$) per product.

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7- Big little farmer

This is another ultimate farming game that has 50 lakh downloads. It is one of the rarest offline farming games that you will need. Yes, you could play this game without any internet connection. In this game, you make your own lush green farm and grow crops like cotton, corn, canola, wheat, etc. You can care for livestock and poultry animals like sheep, goats, fish, horses. Also, you can trade garments as well, along with bakery and dairy products. The graphics of this game are eye-catching, and you will enjoy this free game. But like other apps, it also has ads along with the in-app purchases, which may range between ₹60 – ₹6,500(1$ to 100 $) per item. 

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8- Golden farm: idle farming

The golden farm is a bit funky game with 50 lakh plus downloads. The environment is much more rough, having ranch, fields, and stacks of hay. It may appeal as a paradise to a city person. You need to get your farm growing with building working and expanding to store more goods. You will also need to grow plants and trees in time to meet the order. The game will grant you with multiple achievements after goal completion. The golden farm is a free game and also entertains ads in between requiring an internet connection. However, it has quite expensive in-app purchases in between ₹15 – ₹26,000 ( 1$ to 350$)per product.


Games should never stop, be it for anyone. Age doesn’t define your play. You could be old enough and still play online games. We have given you plenty of stuff along with their price and optional in-app purchase if you have a love for farming games. All the games listed above will provide you with plenty of pastimes. Many of the above apps are paid, but then there are free games also. Do check out all these games and their reviews of the play store before downloading them. This will help you choose your kind of game.

Apart from all these, you may see multiple games in the play store that are not listed in this article but are good enough. Also, do make sure if you have an iPhone, whether all these games are available for your iOS or not? Hope you have plenty of options for farming games to decide from, after reading this article.