How to fix error while searching for networks

For many people in the modern world, maintaining an internet connection has become essential. We rely significantly on internet access, whether it is for work, entertainment, or socializing. However, it can be annoying when our devices’ network search is interrupted by failures. Several things, including software, hardware, or network faults, can contribute to the error. We’ll look at some troubleshooting techniques in this post to resolve the “error when searching for networks” problem on various devices.

error while searching for networks

Root Cause of the Error While Looking for Networks Problem

Learn about some of the typical reasons for this problem before moving on to the solutions. Finding the best remedy may be made easier by understanding the underlying cause of the problem.

Network Problems

It’s possible that the network itself is the problem rather than your device. It’s possible that the network is down or that there’s a poor signal where you are.

Older drivers

Older drivers can make your device incompatible, which will produce an “error while searching for networks.”

Software Errors

The “error when searching for networks” problem frequently results from software errors. These errors could be the result of malware, a software upgrade, or other issues.

Hardware Issues

This error can also be brought on by hardware issues such as a damaged SIM card, aerial, or network card.

How to fix the Error While Looking for Networks Problem

Knowing the typical reasons for the error, Let’s look at potential fixes for the “looking for networks” problem.

Method 1: Verify the network’s condition

Checking the network status is the first step in troubleshooting this problem. Make sure the network is accessible where you are and that there is a strong enough signal for your device to join. To see if the problem is peculiar to a certain network or your device, you can also try connecting to a different network.

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Method 2: Maintain Your Drivers

An “error when searching for networks” can be the result of your device’s incompatibility with outdated drivers. Check for and install any updated drivers if there are any available for your device. Updates can be looked for in device management or on the manufacturer’s website.

Method 3: Turn Off Your Equipment

Sometimes all it takes is a restart to solve the issue. Restart your device, then attempt connecting to the network again.

Method 4: Reset the network settings

Resetting your network settings is an additional method for resolving the “error when searching for networks” issue. As a result, you will need to start from the beginning while configuring the network because all network settings will be reset to their initial defaults. The “reset network settings” option can be found in the settings menu of your device.

Method 5: Data and Clean Cache

The network-related apps’ caches and data can be cleared in order to resolve the problem. This will get rid of any corrupted data that might be the issue. The network-related app can be chosen by navigating to the settings menu, selecting the “apps” option, and then selecting it. To clean the cached and saved data, type “clear data”.

Method 6: Turn off the aeroplane mode

You won’t be able to connect to the network if your device is set to aeroplane mode. Turn off aeroplane mode and attempt a network connection once more.

Method 7: Verify any software updates

Patches and bug fixes for software are frequently included in updates, which can resolve problems with networks. Check your device for software updates, and if any are available, install them.

Method 8: Verify Hardware

If none of the above mentioned fixes work, it’s time to examine the hardware. Verify whether the network card is operating properly, the SIM card is correctly inserted, or the aerial is not broken.

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The “error while searching for networks” problem might be annoying, to sum up. However, a few steps and a fundamental understanding of the technology can help.


Why is my SIM card not showing the network?

A few potential reasons and remedies:
Network Coverage: You need first determine whether your area has network coverage. Your SIM card may not always indicate network due to inadequate or nonexistent network coverage in some regions. By calling your service provider or utilising their network coverage checker tool, you may determine the network coverage.
SIM card not properly inserted: Verify that your SIM card is properly inserted and that the contacts are clean and debris-free.
Network or service provider issues: Your SIM card may occasionally not be able to connect to the network due to network or service provider issues. Speak with your service

How do I fix Network Availability?

You can take the following measures to resolve problems with network availability:
Verify your physical connections to ensure that there are no physical obstacles or damage to the wires, and that all cables are firmly connected. Reset your router and modem: Turn off your router and modem, then wait a while before turning them back on.
Check for outages: Call or visit the website of your internet service provider to see if there have been any reported outages in your neighbourhood. Reset your device’s network settings to their default values, then try connecting once more. For software upgrades, check: Make sure that all hardware and software are current. If you’re using a VPN, turn it off before attempting to connect to the network.

Why does my Android keep saying Network Error?

Your Android device may repeatedly display the message “Network Error” for a number of reasons:
Weak signal: Your device may be unable to establish a stable connection if the signal strength of the network you are trying to connect to is weak, which will cause a network error.
Network congestion: If the network is overloaded or has too many devices connected to it, this might slow down the connection and result in network problems.
Network compatibility: A network issue could occur if your device is incompatible with the network’s frequency or encryption type.
Improper network settings: If the network settings on your device are set incorrectly or have been altered, network issues may result.
Your device’s firewall or security settings might be preventing access to the Network. 

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Why can’t I connect to an available Network? 

Attempt the methods below if a network is accessible but you are unable to connect to it:
Verify that you have used the right password. To strengthen the signal, move closer to the router. Restart your gadget and attempt to connect once more. Restart the router, then try the connection once more. Make sure the network is compatible with your device. Check your network settings, and make any required modifications. Check to see if the problem is fixed by temporarily disabling the firewall or security settings on your device. If none of these solutions work, you might need to get technical help from a pro or get in touch with the network provider.