Error installing APK

Another error which occurs in the android studio is the “Error Installing APK” this errors occurs in two types of development kit they are the ADK and SDK, we have many solutions for this error, there are different ways in both kits. Some of them are very simple steps that are reinstalling the android studio. This is one of the steps that are to be followed easily.

“Failure is the stepping stone to success”

as the proverb says without seeing the failure no one can win. Such a way, there may be several errors while writing a program, but they can be cracked in many ways, but we should put our work in finding the solution.

Error installing APK

Error installing APK

        Nowadays the use of mobile phones is very high, especially smartphones because they have all the features to make the buyers engaged. Thus, to make them addicted, they required the most powerful operating systems, the most used two operating systems are the Android (latest Android 11) and macOS (latest Catalina).

Among this, Android is the cheapest and can be easily affordable above all they have a large number of “Free” applications. Regarding these features, they occur a particular mark in the market. When the technology is developing the competition in the market also gets increased, overcoming this, they have to make the operating system of Android more powerful. Keeping this they created an android studio to overcome this problem, but everything doesn’t work perfectly, they started producing different types of errors, but every flaw has a solution. Here, we are going to solve the problem of “Error Installing APK“.

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What are the types of DK?

        In the android studio, there are different types of development kits example: ADK, SDK, JDK. These kits are used based on different types of programming languages. Here we are going to see about only two development kit causing errors they are ADK and SDK.

  • SDK – Software Development Kit
  • ADK – Android Development Kit
  • JDK – Java Development Kit
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The detail explanation of the kit is given below:

  • SDK – Software Development Kit is not developed mainly for only one language called java. It is designed in such a way that can be used for any given languages because its package is specified in such a way that can be accessed by any programming language.
  • ADK – Android Development Kit, it is being developed especially for java, but they are customized with the android code. This kit supports both the emulator and android developing tools. In ADK ole java application can be created. This is the kit that is used specifically for the development of an application.
  • JDK – Java Development Kit, it is used mostly to create only the java based application, because it allows you to write and compile on the java runtime environment. The thing that makes the tool more complicated is that they don’t have the keys. Users have found their own.

Cause of error in SDK

      The emulator of the Android in the android studio if the developers importantly use SDK for android application. Because in this tool the user has to upload the apk file that is to be checked but then due to some reason they will not upload, and they show the error as the “Error installing APK“. This causes the project to get stoped to overcome this; there are different ways to solve the problem; they are given below.

Fix error in SDK

      There are specific ways to fix the problem. Some of the methods are common for both SDK and ADK, but some are a different list of them given below.

  • Updating Drivers
  • Disabling the Instant Run
  • Recreating the project
  • Synchronizing with Gradle

These are some of the prefered methods that are used to solve the problem in a natural way the techniques are many, but the solution is one that is the disappearance of the error, so let’s fix one by one.

Updating Drives:

The first and the for the most thing we need to do is, checking that the installation of the drive is right and another important thing is to know it is updated or not. Then we need to know that android debug bridge and handset drivers are present, they should present the device manager after the problem solved.

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These are the steps to be followed:

  • On clicking right, it starts and opens the device manager.
  • Portable devices should be expanded.
  • On clicking right on our mobile and then update the device drive

Disabling the Instant run:

This method is the other most easy and essential solution being followed by everyone, to disable the instant run to the perfect installing of the app. These are the steps to be followed:

  • First, open the File
    • choose settings
      • select build, execution, deployment
      • Then choose instant run
      • uncheck the resource changes on deploy box

Recreating the project:

Recreating the project plays another major role in removing the error in the studio. This may include a clean and rebuild process while doing so. The errors are obliterated. These are the steps to rebuild

  • First, open android studio
  • select the build option
  • select a clean project option
  • the last step is to choose rebuild project

Synchronizing with Gradle:

While using the Gradle automation system, we may face problem only employing the synchronisation, to overcome this the project is made to be sync this is another way to solve the apk installation problem. Steps followed to sync the Gradle:

  • Choose the File
    • Then select synchronisation with Gradle
      • Now reinstall the apk

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Cause of error in ADK

        The Android Development Kit is being used to check the android applications for both the software and hardware. Therefore before doing anything, you just need to check the application in any of the physical devices. By doing so if they show the error in installing apk, then select deployment aim and follow the methods given below.

Fix error in ADK

        Same as the SDK Android Development Kit also have the same error for installing the apk. Some of the errors are as follows.

  • Checking the mobile phone and tablet screen
  • Checking they satisfy the essential requirement of SDK

These are some of the steps to follow to reinstall the apk in the ADK tool if they show the error.

1. Checking the mobile phone and tablet screen: However, our mobile phones need additional inputs to get connected to the machine. They are being followed by this method by choosing the various modes and selecting authorization.

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2. Checking them satisfy the basic requirement of SDK: For doing so the steps to e followed are very simple, that is the work of the user is to check the needs of the SDK in your mobile phone by selecting about the phone and then you should satisfy the requirements.

A standard solution for both the development kit

The primary solution for both the development kit is as follows.

  • USB debugging
  • Reinstalling android studio

These are the two common ways of solving the installation errors of apk. They are simple and can be easily solved.

1. USB debugging:

In this method, the error is caused by means of the switching off the debugging option in the developer mode. This the reason why the apk is not being installed then you should connect your mobile with your pc and then enable debugging option in your pc.

These are the steps to be followed:

  • Get into you phone setting > about
    • press the builder name seven times ON the developer option
    • Reverse and open developer option
    • Now enable debugging

Reinstall android studio:

If any of the methods didn’t help then the only way to solve this entire problem is to reinstall the android studio tool, this will surely show the result.

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        In conclusion, The above-described method of solving the problem of “Error Installing APK” will definitely be fixed. When you try these methods, the errors can disappear in a period of time, and you will gain the perfect output.