Error Code 011-5998

When error codes appear, they can be annoying, especially if they restrict you from using a product or service. One such error code that users of the Nintendo 3DS and DSi have mentioned while attempting to print from their devices is error code 011-5998. Several factors, such as problems with the printer’s connectivity, range, power, compatibility, network connectivity, and printer drivers, might cause this error code to appear. This problem code may need to be troubleshooted in a few different ways, but with the appropriate approach, it can be fixed successfully. We’ll look at the reasons and fixes for error code 011-5998 in this article to help you fix the problem and resume printing from your Nintendo device.

Error Code 011-5998

What is Error Code 011-5998?

A common printer communication fault on a Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DSi system is error code 011-5998. This error code typically denotes a connectivity issue, such as the printer being off or being too far away, which prevents the 3DS or DSi system from communicating with the printer.

Causes of Error Code 011-5998

The occurrence of error code 011-5998 can be attributed to a number of circumstances. Among the most frequent causes are:

Connection problems with printers

Connection problems between the 3DS or DSi system and the printer are one of the most frequent reasons for error number 011-5998. This could happen if the connection between the printer and the system isn’t secure or if there’s a problem with the cord.

Printer Out of Range

The printer may also be out of range if error code 011-5998 persists. If the printer is placed too far from the 3DS or DSi system, this may happen.

Printer Turned Off

The printer won’t be able to communicate with the 3DS or DSi system if it is off. This may result in error code 011-5998.

Problems with Printer Compatibility

The Nintendo 3DS and DSi consoles are incompatible with all printers. Error number 011-5998 may appear if you are using a printer that is incompatible with the software.

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Problems with Network Connections

Problems with network connectivity can occasionally be the root of error code 011-5998. If your printer is networked, it’s conceivable that the 3DS or DSi system can’t communicate with the printer due to an issue with the network connection.

Problems with Printer Drivers

It’s possible that the new printer driver is to blame for error number 011-5998 if you recently upgraded your printer driver. To fix the situation in this scenario, you might have to go back to the prior driver.

Solutions of Error Code 011-5998

If you see error code 011-5998 on your Nintendo 3DS or DSi system, you can try a number of fixes. The following are some of the best solutions:

Verify the Printer Connection

Checking the 3DS or DSi system’s and printer’s connectivity is the first step in fixing error code 011-5998. Verify that the printer is correctly linked to the computer and that the connecting cord is functioning properly. Consult the printer handbook or get in touch with the manufacturer if you’re unclear how to check the connection.

Verify the printer range

You can experience error code 011-5998 if the printer is out of range. Move the printer closer to the 3DS or DSi system to address this problem. To avoid this problem recurring in the future, you might also want to think about moving the printer to a location that is nearer the system.

Look into Printer Power

You must turn on the printer if it is off in order to fix error code 011-5998. Verify that the printer is correctly connected and that the power source is functioning properly. The printer may need to be restarted if it is on but not functioning properly.

Verify Printer Compatibility

You must use a printer that is appropriate for the Nintendo 3DS or DSi in order to fix error code 011-5998 if you are currently using an incompatible printer. To confirm that you are using a printer that is compatible with the system, consult the manufacturer’s compatibility list.

System and printer restart

If none of the suggestions above work, you might need to restart both the printer and the 3DS or DSi system. This can assist in resetting the connection and fixing any problems that are resulting in error code 011-5998.

Make sure the network is connected

You might need to check the network connectivity if your printer is networked in order to fix error code 011-5998. Check that the printer is correctly linked to the network and that your network is operational. You might also want to investigate whether clearing your network settings fixes the problem.

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Rollback driver for a printer

You might need to revert to the older driver if you recently upgraded your printer driver and are receiving error code 011-5998. To do this, locate the printer in Device Manager on your computer and click “Properties.” After that, click “Roll Back Driver” under the “Driver” tab.

Firmware update for printers

If you are printing with a 3DS or DSi compatible printer and are still getting error number 011-5998, you might need to upgrade the firmware on your printer. For firmware updates, check the manufacturer’s website, then update your printer’s firmware as directed.

Verify the Firewall Settings

Your firewall settings may be preventing the 3DS or DSi system from talking with the printer if you are seeing error number 011-5998 on a network printer. To make sure that they are not preventing the printer connection, check your firewall settings.

Message Help

You might need to ask support for help if none of the aforementioned fixes work or if you are unsure of how to put them into action. To get assistance solving error number 011-5998, speak with Nintendo support or the printer manufacturer’s support staff.

Connectivity problems, printer range, printer power, printer compatibility, network connectivity problems, and printer driver problems are just a few of the causes of error code 011-5998. Try the suggestions above to fix the problem, such as verifying printer compatibility, connectivity, range, and power, restarting the computer and the printer, updating the printer firmware, checking firewall settings, rolling back printer drivers, and contacting support.

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In conclusion, when trying to connect to the internet or access specific online functions, Nintendo 3DS devices frequently experience error code 011-5998. Network connectivity problems, such as a weak Wi-Fi signal, incorrect login information, or an inappropriate network security configuration, are frequently the root cause of the error code. Users might try restarting their internet connection, double-checking their login credentials, or changing their network security settings to try and fix the issue. It might be essential to get in touch with Nintendo support for additional help if these methods don’t work. Overall, customers may find error number 011-5998 frustrating, but with some simple troubleshooting methods, they can frequently swiftly and effectively fix the problem.

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What does my Nintendo 3DS’s error code 011-5998 mean?

While using specific online functions on your 3DS or attempting to connect to the internet, error code 011-5998 often denotes a network connectivity issue.

Can I still use my Nintendo 3DS to play games if I receive the error code 011-5998?

Although this error number normally only affects online capabilities and connectivity, you should still be able to play games on your 3DS even if you get it.

Are Nintendo 3DS devices the only ones affected by error number 011-5998?

The Nintendo 3DS family of devices only, and other game consoles or devices do not have this error code.

Can the 011-5998 problem happen on every Nintendo 3DS model?

Indeed, the Nintendo 3DS original, 3DS XL, 2DS, and New 3DS models can all experience this error code.

Can a Nintendo Switch experience problem code 011-5998?

No, the Nintendo Switch or any other gaming consoles are unaffected by this error code, which is peculiar to the Nintendo 3DS line of portable gaming systems.

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