Error 504: 100% Fix

The Internet is now a major aspect of our lives today. It ranges from an individual business to a huge business tycoon every person has a website that is accessible via the internet. A lot of e-commerce giants organize online shopping events that offer enormous discounts. One of the most popular is flash sales. In these sales, a particular item is offered at the lowest cost. Since flash sales are seen by many customers, the site crashes and displays error 504 or 504 Gateway error which causes the page to go blank, with an message of error in the center on the display.

This blog we’ll attempt to learn the causes of 504 errors the reason for them, how they occur How to fix the 504 errors, and some other subjects that are related to it.

What is Error 504?

This is a common error found on websites with a high traffic. The 500 Gateway Timeout Error is when your web server from the side of the user was not receiving a timely reply from another server that is in the upstream position when a web page attempts to open one of the pages. In simple terms, 504 Gateway Error indicates that your web servers do not communicate with one another in a timely manner to ensure a smooth browsing experience.

This 504 Gateway Timeout error does not pinpoint the cause, rather it’s a general and widespread. If this error occurs, an error message appears on your browser.

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How can I solve error 504?

The error does not originate from your internet service provider, nor from it’s user (user) equipment. Here are some options to solve the error 504.

  • Refreshing the browser.
  • Restart the network devices , such as router, modem and switches.
  • Finding the settings for the proxy
  • Change DNS servers
  • Try visiting the same site using a different browser.
  • Try visiting the same site on other devices.
  • Remove extension and plugins. Sometimes, many extensions and plugins will create problems in the way that the web page will be displayed.

The issue is usually solved by refreshing the website. The website can be refreshed in a variety of ways. Here are some of ways that can refresh your page.

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Method 1: In desktops or laptops

  • Click the refresh button located on the right side within the page.
  • Right-click on the page and then select the refresh button.
  • Hit your F5 key on your keyboard.
  • Control (ctrl) and press the r key together.

Method 2: On mobile phones

  • Select the 3 buttons in the upper right corner, then click on the Reload button (little circles loop icons).
  • Drag the screen downwards from to the center of the screen to refresh the page.

The following steps can usually help solve the issue. Sometimes , the issue persists. In this case, a different approach can be used.

Method 1: In desktops or laptops

  • Select the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner in the upper right corner of the display.
  • Access the menu of settings using the Settings option.
  • Find the search bar and then select”Privacy” and select the ” Privacy and security ” option from the menu of choices on the right-hand side on the display.
  • Select”Site Settings” ” Site Settings” option.
  • When you are on the Site settings option, click on the ” Cookies and other site information” selection.
  • Scroll down until you find the option “See every cookie and website information” This is where you will see all data and cookies saved within the browser.
  • To resolve the error 504 issue The issue of Error 504 is that some cookies must be deleted.
  • Select”Apply” to the ” Remove all” option to erase all cookies that are stored.
  • Restart your system to fix the problem.

Method 2: On mobile phones

  • Select the 3 dots located in the upper right edge in the upper right corner of the display.
  • Choose the settings option.
  • Scroll down until you see you can find the ” Privacy and security” option, then click it.
  • Select”clear browsing” or the ” Clear browsing data” option.
  • Make sure to check to see the ” Cookies and site data” option.
  • Then click”Clear Data” or the ” Clear data” button at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • close your browser and then clear the application from the list of apps that are currently active.
  • Switch on the browser and refresh the site.

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What is the various kinds of 504 errors?

Different websites display different types of error 504 messages. The host of the website can completely alter the way error 504 will be displayed on the site as the server runs out of time.

  • 504 Gateway Timeout.
  • HTTP 504.
  • 504-ERROR.
  • Gateway Timeout (504).
  • HTTP Error 504 – Gateway Timeout.
  • Gateway Timeout Error.

How do I fix Error 504 when you are the administrator of the website?

The issue is typically due to the large amount of traffic on the website , and the server does not meet the demands of the visitors. The issue is resolved in within a short time after the server’s traffic has been reduced. If the issue continues to persist for a prolonged period you should get in touch with the Hosting service provider. The hosting service company will solve the issue.

What are 5XX errors?

The 5XX errors are typically an issue with servers. When a webpage is visited and the browser makes an email to the site’s server. The 5XX error message is displayed when there is an issue with the website’s server.


5XX errors do not occur caused by a poor connectivity to the internet or a computer. The cause of the error is some issue in the server hosting for the website.

What’s the various fiveXX error codes?

There are numerous errors from the server side. Each error code is unique and has its own meaning. Below is a five error codes 5XX and their significance.

500: Internal Server Error

This is the most frequently encountered error in all 5XX errors. The error will be displayed in the browser when there’s an issue with the server, and the root of the issue isn’t known.

501 : Not implemented

The 5XX error occurs in the event that the server becomes confused and can’t discern the request or the server is unable ask for the files required because of a variety of reasons. This is usually a sign of that the server will be accessible in the near future.

502: Bad Gateway

The server-side error occurs when the server is running as proxy server or an intermediary and the server above sends an error. The error code 502 is visible in the browser.

503: Service Unavailable

This error is quite frequent and is encountered by all at least at least. The reason for this error is any issues that are temporary in the servers , or caused by maintenance on the server. Sometimes, due to overloaded server, the server is inaccessible. The error code 503 is an all-purpose and temporary error it is recommended that the user attempt to access the website for a short period of time.

504: Gateway Timeout

It is a 504 error is identical to similar to the 502 problem. The server is the proxy server or gateway. The server that is upstream fails to promptly react to the requests promptly. The error from the server’s perspective causes the error code 504.

What is the best way to determine if an online site may be down?

Sometimes, the website may be functioning properly but only on certain devices. It is easy to find out whether the web site has gone not working for all users or only for specific devices. There are a variety of devices that offer this service, and you just need to type in the URL for the website and the issue can be identified.

  • Planet website
  • Host Tracker
  • Sit 24/7


Error 504 is an error that occurs on the server and the user should not worry and blame their device, or Internet service provider. The error can be encountered when the server functions like a gateway, or acting as proxy server, and is unable to receive regular update from the server. Error 504 can be referred to by various names, including 504 Gateway Timeout HTTP 504, HTTP 504 ERROR Gateway Timeout (504) http error 504 HTTP Error 504 – Gateway Timeout and Gateway Timeout Error. This error 504 can be easily fixed by refreshing the website or by using shortcuts or refresh feature within the browser. Another option is to reboot all of the network devices, including the router.

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The final choice is to examine for the DNS or the proxy setting. The administrator for this server should not be concerned if you see an error 504 on their site. the issue will be resolved after the website’s traffic is reduced. If the problem persists and the administrator is not able to resolve it, they can call their hosting provider in order to fix the problem. In essence, error 504 is not something to be worried about.


Q1.What can cause error 504?

Error 504 occurs due to the inability to respond of the server that runs the website. When the upstream does not respond to the request sent by the gateway or proxy server.

Q2.Is Error 504 due to internet connectivity?

Error 504 occurs solely because of the non-receipt by the proxy server or the Gateway server from the upstream server. It is not related to the internet or network connection.

Q3.How do I fix the the error 504?

The error 504 is easily fixed by refreshing the web page. If the next step doesn’t perform, the issue could be solved by clearing cookies or by examining and configuring the proxy server settings.

Q4.Is there an error 504 due to this device?

There isn’t any role for this device to cause the error 504 and the error originates from the server side.

Q5. Are error 504 and error 404 connected?

Both errors, 504 and 404 are completely different. Error 404 happens when the server is unable to load the page requested The 504 error occurs when the server is unable to respond.

Q6. Who is accountable for the error 504?

Nobody is accountable for the error 504. The 504 error usually caused by an error on the server, and it could be due to a variety of reasons like high traffic or slow servers.

Q7. What happens if error 504 in a website can affect the SEO?

Yes, all 5xx errors have an impact on your Search engine optimization of the website. The 5xx errors hinder the page from loading. Search engines such as Google are aware of these errors with care. If the website is unavailable for longer time. The website is removed from the results of search engines.

Q8. Is error 504 delete all the content on the website?

The error code 504 is an indication that servers are busy and it does not impact the files that are stored or hosted in the servers.

Q9. Can installing plugins cause 504 error?

Yes, occasionally installing extensions and plugins can result in error 504 and error 504 and it can be fixed by eliminating the plugins that are causing the issue.