Dual core Vs Quad core & Octa core Vs Quad core

Dual core Vs Quad core & Octa-core Vs Quad-core: Comparision, Need. Which applications use extra cores? Core requirement for video editing, programming etc. When you are purchasing a new laptop or a computer you must always see at the specifications to see what tools and software it includes. The foremost thing in the specifications is dual-core or quad-core processors. If u don’t come across this let us discuss all processors today. Please keep reading the article Dual core Vs Quad core for all the information regarding the processors and gain some knowledge of technical stuff. 

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 Dual-core processors are launched in 2005 and have a very high impact on computers or laptops. Having multicore processors that mean the computers are allowed to multitask better than before. We can run various applications and can perform activities or tasks at all the same time. But it’s a bit like having cores two or four processors, but without the high power requirements. However, multicore processors are with excellent access to laptops. As they run more powerful than normal laptops and with light. These also have a good battery life s the tasks won’t take too long to process this can save long battery life.

Frankly, the higher cores the processor owns, the greater is multitasking and that great and more durable your laptop will be.

 If you reasonably operate with systems for a while, then you come to know around the quad-core processors and dual-core processors. The quad-core processors are faster than dual-core processors and the reason comes down to easy mathematics. 

Dual core Vs quad core

 I suspect you people have already presumed from the title that dual is two and quad mean four. Its correct dual-core had two processors and quad-core has four processors.

  1. The carriage of many processors permits your PC or Computer to manage multiple processes at once at a high rate. Anyhow, more cores presence that doesn’t mean allows at high fast processing speeds.
  2. In your system despite how many cores it contains. The system shares the same memory at the end and sends the path to the motherboard. 

As generally the system with the quad-core processor executes five times faster than the single-core. But this doesn’t mean that it can allow the ram to send instructions five times faster. For the more extra cores to be as a variation. As this generally depends on what way you are using it. If the software you are using it doesn’t know how to exactly use the number of cores, then it doesn’t execute the tasks. Check AMD A9 processor and AMD A10 processor.

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Octa-core Vs Quad-core

 There is an increasing rate of high-end processors like octa-core with eight processors and Hexa-core with four processors. 

  1. These provide us with more multitasking performance compared to quad cores and dual cores. But there are high with the prices, they are reserved for the highly expensive premium laptops. 
  2. Mainly we need to get that for hex-core or octa-core we use that level of tasks to prefer that. AS regularly we work for the normal tasks for that softener this processor will be above the skill. 
  3. If you probably want the future-proof and with the high budget. You can go with the high-end processors with Hexa-core and octa cores processor, check Intel i9 10900K

CPU clock speed 

This is our general doubt that we use the processor with more number of cores. Then that advantage and high tasks the laptop can perform. But it is not right exactly nowadays most of the applications haven’t taken an opportunity to allow the tasks to perform with high-end users only processors less than or equal to 4 cores.

 Which applications use extra cores?

 Not all the applications make use of these multiple cores. Very few software prefer to take advantage of high core processors and that too in some instances. It is not that bad software using taking use of all the number of cores present in the system. As it is extremely hard and in a few instances, it is just can’t be done so.

Basic Tricks

 As with basic tasks like word editing and web browsing, texting, and all the video conferences, video watching won’t tasks an advantage more than 4 cores in the processor. But if you prefer to use the same applications at once like skype, youtube watching, playing games, web browsing, and more. Then you get an improvement of the Quad-core processor. But the growth in the review is not that great. As now I am doing all well with the dual-core processor. 

Image Editing

 In Photoshop and additional image editing credentials will not have a growth in the review whether to have a dual-core or a quad-core or an octa-core processor. Commonly we apply outcomes and implement the actions from the clock speed than with the number of cores. There are some outcomes in the image editing software that we get to profit from the multi-core processors. But all the tasks are single-threaded. So you can safely use the dual-core processor as with the basic frequency than the quad-core processor. we probably use in these tasks: 

  • photoshop 
  • Lightroom core 
  • Paint shops 
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3D Modeling and Animation 

When applying effects in the modeling in the real-time won’t take advantage of using high-end processors or with the workflow. The very most important is to check with clock speed. One of these is Invertor and Revit only these I came across and takes advantage of more quantity of cores. We normally come with these applications under this field: 

  • Invertor 
  • 3DS Max 
  • Cinema in 4D 
  • Civil 3D
  • Blenders 
  • Revit 
  • Autocad 3D
  • Solid Works 
  • Maya 
  • Rhinoceros 

Especially when you rendering your tasks or projects with each of the above-listed purposes. These will take advantage of the hexacore processor or Octa-core processor. As I already mentioned above topic that the more brains as cores you have that will be the faster cut down the process of solving or finding a solution. As math problem is similar to a render process. 

Video Editing 

Even in the regular editing also performs with Single Threaded task. There won’t be any great boost up, the method in your workflow with the software pointed in the above list. If your choice for a dual-core or with a quad-core or Hexa-core or octa-core. Its essentially with the speed up the method for utilizing those outcomes and with editing or cropping your videos. Applications like: 

  • iMovie 
  • Lightworks Corel 
  • Video studio
  • Final cut Pro
  • Sony Vegas Pro 
  • AVS Video Editor
  • Adobe premiere

Anyhow encoding, rendering, and previews will generate from the quad-core processor. The processor with the 6 cores, there no rise in performance past the 6 cores. If you don’t like to see a rise in performance in rendering, previews, encoding, etc. Then better to opt for the dual-core processor or a quad-core processor. 


 The performance in programming doesn’t take advantage of the multiple cores. The regularity is very necessary to reduce compilation times and begin any application. Even it emulations fast. As this is the instance that can benefit is Virtualization. 

If you intend on using the numerous massive storage applications and on various VM we build. For Basic Programming and development its best to suitable for the Dual-core Processor. For virtual machine testing, you can use the Quad cores over the Dual cores processor. 

In Music Production

 In music production that doesn’t include windows media, iTunes, music from youtube videos. Music software production is where the musicians use to mix or create their latest songs. These do benefit from the multiple-core processor. The more for the tracks, VSTs you have on tracks editing, rendering from all the sound effects that more you get the advantage of the multiple cores. If the base frequency of each core in the processor won’t keep up the demands for the VST and that is not much important. At the point of the base pulse, the far is significant than the number of cores in the processor. Then better to go with this option for the increase in the performance in Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio. 

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This application claims for the Synchronization and one performance is served by the other ere starting the subsequent level. Even all the games sites will claim for the performance during the gaming process. Though, the high clock speed CPU constantly offers the best that won’t depend on the number of cores it has. But we can check with particular game sites if anything happens to be different. If you like to play dome high standard games that require a lot of fast performing tasks at this you can use the multi-level processors. But this won’t be that work in our regular life with the high standard processors to perform that level tasks and activities even in our software works. 


 We have peovided the basic of Dual core Vs Quad core & Octa-core Vs Quad-core. If you are not assured which one to prefer as of now dual cores and quad cores systems are deserving best. But mostly core i5 processors for the laptops are worth looking at and as including the i7 processors by two cores. There are almost a few quad cores processors out of which par with the quad cores i7 systems. If your budget is not a problem then you can prefer the i7 quad cores processor. The best advice to use the Quad-core processors. If you guys still have any doubts let me know in the comment box below. Thank you.