Digital tv tuner device registration application

Digital tv tuner device registration application: what is it, should I remove it, There are many such queries seen on the net. Let’s fix it. Digital TV widely used all over the world. Most women are fond of Television.  In case digital TV stops working with some error, it would be the worst experience of Television. Television is the best entertainment and communication medium. Day by day Television’s appearance and features are being changed but the basic fundamental of TV is the same. There are lots of commercial TV channels that are introducing day by day with the latest features with a variety of programs.

Digital tv tuner device registration application
Digital tv tuner device registration application

How to configure the TV Tuner

There are a variety of tv tuners in the market. Each tuner comes with some accessories and application software. Insert CD/DVD in your PC and install provided with tv tuner device. There would one manual guide to use it and connect the device properly. Steps are mentioned below to connect-

  1. Open tv tuner box and take its remote and cables.
  2. Connect a coaxial cable to the tuner to Antenna or cable tv.
  3. Turn on your PC/Laptop properly.
  4. Connect tv tuner with the USB port of PC/Laptop.
  5. ‘Found new hardware’ dialog box will appear in a few seconds.
  6. Insert installation CD shipped with tv tuner and follow the instructions.
  7. Configure installed application and select tv signals.
  8. Enjoy your best tv experience on PC.

These were some basic steps of configuring a tv tuner device application. This is a basic rule for all devices it maybe some advanced steps based on particular hardware. You may also follow the manual card.

How to configure the TV Tuner

Digital TV tuner device application is not working

Tv tuner device application may cause some issues in pc. It is due to history files and applications. There might be some issue due to window media player. It consumes more space of memory while working and slow down the PC. If your device application is not working and showing tv tuner device application error or tv tuner device application stopped working. So, here are some steps to follow these steps your device issue definitely resolved.

  1. Open run, press win key + R.
  2. Type appwiz.cpl, press enter.
  3. The control panel will open. Search ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ and press enter on it. Now windows features dialog box will appear. Scroll down.
  4. Search media features. Click on the plus sign and explore and uncheck all boxes of media players.
  5. Restart PC.

Now issues related with tv tuner will be resolved.

How to use PC Monitor as a TV


Check the monitor connector is it standard VGA or any other and connect it. If a monitor is compatible with HDMI connect it by using VGA female connector to HDMI male connector then connect to a tuner to Monitor.


Connect cable or satellite receiver to external tv tuner device. If cable directly could not connect to the Monitor use the appropriate connector. There must be one setup box and it must be connected to cable tv or satellite receiver. Take connection from setup box to tv tuner device. Connect tv tuner to display(Monitor).


Attach the external speaker to tv tuner or setup box. Connect the speaker to the audio output port, need red and white cable only. Generally, the inbuilt speaker comes with tv but here in the monitor, there would no speaker so we can use any external speaker as per our budget. Connect is with audio output ports.


There are lots of other options available in this setup. If you need could connect some more peripherals such as game console or DVD depends on your requirement what you want.


Now connect your monitor to an external tv tuner device. It needs VGA ports. Video graphics adapter is generally used in display devices. There is one port that is HDMI, it is used for high-definition video output.


It is very easy to connect tv tuner to your monitor. It is also very simple to solve the tv tuner device application error. This article is explained in a very short and precise manner. There are different types of tv tuners available in the market. You could easily connect and enjoy tv on your laptop and in mobile phones also by using one external connector. We hope your all query about the Digital tv tuner device registration application has resolved, if not plz