DELL Inspiron 17 5000 Series 5770

‘DELL’ is a multinational American computer technology company which has was established in 1984 as one of the world’s efficient and proficient leading manufacturers of PCs headquartered in Texas, United States. The Brand ‘DELL’ was named after the founder Michael Dell. He was the ambitious solo aspirant who created and designed The DELL Computer Corporation. Since then, this computer company began to bloom worldwide. From the day of establishment, it has achieved greater heights. Dell functions to accomplish, develop, repair, and manufacture PCs to sustain in the real world. DELL never leaves a loophole to be pointed out.

DELL Inspiron 17 5000 Series 5770

In contrast, it has been the world’s largest international shipper of PCs since then.  With a rise in demand for PCs in today’s scenario, it emerged as the third-largest PC vendor in the world. Eventually, DELL launched its trump card DELL Inspiron 17 5000. It was created for those early birds and the midnight owls, who burn their midnight lamp for perfection.

Features of DELL Inspiron 17 5000 Series 5770

                   Gaze with pleasure on the clam crafted, smooth structured, sleek architecture and matte furnished DELL Inspiron 17 5000 Series 5770. It imbibes the traditional way of designing the laptop. Get ready for the jaw-dropping reaction of the matte finish upscale style and personalization. Outshine the fashionably fabricated matte screen of 17.3 inches diagonally for full HD display. Have an amazing experience of theatre with bright, sharp, and vibrant visual display. Not only that, but you can also control and adjust the saturation of the screen that suits your needs. Is dropping your laptop and getting the screen damaged is the worst nightmare of your life? Put your feet up and leave that to us. Bezels are on the trend. The plastic black Bezels not only makes it look pretty but also serves to safeguard your laptop.

                 There is 759.43 Crore of people inhabiting the earth. Ever wondered what makes them productive? What pitch in them to make the world a better place to live in? It’s their Laptops—the all-in-one-in-one-go. So basically, a boon for technology to explore the world with technology. Let’s get into it. To wind up, there are five pillars that ultimately form the milestone to the laptop’s performance.

  1.     Battery                               3. Processor                                5. Graphics Card
  2.     RAM                                  4. Internal Storage

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                      This is the one and an only major resource for the laptop to keep it going for hours. No battery, No work. More the battery more is productivity. For your working, learning, and gaming, to keep you on track, most people prefer large batteries in their PCs. However, the battery life is vulnerable and likely to degrade once you switch on the PC. The factors that make a count of battery life are Screen’s brightness, Ports and Connectivity, CPU (Central Processing Unit) workload. Other factors, such as streaming videos, editing photos, and gaming, can speed up the draining of the battery easily.

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                  More or less, RAM’s memory capacity and size matters as well. RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which exists as a memory chip. This PC with 16 GB RAM is spacious and capable enough for downloading, storing, and running applications and programs on your PC without any further issue. It also enables multitasking for those audiences whose profession demands one step ahead from others.       


                  Does your passion has become your profession? Want a PC for heavy-duty gaming, long video editing hours, and professional photo editing? For photographers and videographers, your quest ends now. Edit your photos with Adobe Photoshop with ease. The Laptop is powered by processor type 8th Generation, Intel Core i7 8550U, and the fastest clock speed of 4 GHz to tackle multitasking successfully. As we all know, the Processor is believed to be the brain of the PC. Better efficiency faster is your work.

Internal Storage

                    The Hard Drive capacity and size are referred to as internal storage in computer language. It includes storing and running games, apps, movies, photos, documents, and much more. Your internal storage is expandable enough with Mechanical Hard Drive Solid State Drive to support and conceal every application on your PC. To illustrate, HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive, and SSD stands for Solid State drive. On a budget, HDD gives high storage capacity.

On the other hand, SDD works efficiently for better performance. This PC includes both. With sufficient storage capacity of 2 TB HDD and 256 GB SSD, your PC’s performance will never be affected. Not only that, but you can also continue gaming and media editing without a pause.

Graphics Card

                     The graphic cards are of two types. Those are Dedicated and Integrated. Like RAM, the more the GB of Graphic card, the more comfortable and smoother the game responds. Photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop and designing apps such as AutoCAD can function conveniently with the best results. Dedicated graphic cards are superior to Integrated graphic cards. Moreover, a dedicated graphics card is required for modern-day games. 

DELL Inspiron 17 5000
DELL Inspiron 17 5000

Specification of Dell Inspiron 17 5000

MODEL NAMEInspiron 17
WIDTH OF PRODUCT41.5 Centimeters
DIMENSION27.9 x 41.5 x 2.5 cm
SCREEN SIZE17.3 Inches
RESOLUTION1920 x 1080
HARD DISK TECHNOLOGYMechanical Hard Drive Solid State Drive
BATTERIES1 Lithium Ion Batteries required
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Table of specification


                    What do you like to prefer during your leisure time? Gaming? If the answer is absolutely yes! Then quench your thirst here. You can have a blast with this. The updated GPU (Graphics Processing Units)  includes a dedicated graphics card of AMD Radeon Graphics 530, a higher reboot rate, 256 GB SSD, AND 2TB HDD, widescreen IPS (In-Plane Switching) display and larger batteries than any other gaming PC. Along with time, the applications will be upgraded to newer versions of themselves. This emerges the necessity of more RAM. Well! We have got that covered. With spacious 16 GB RAM, you can go on adding more files and folder without worrying about your These are ideal for gaming, thereby, delivering superb performance.

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                   The clam designed monitor closes down to the keypad and a touchpad. Crunch numbers, type documents or navigate folders and spreadsheets with ease and lightning-fast speed with the keypad. Scroll your screen, zoom your photo or point a tool with your cursor with efficient précised touchpad. This enables the user for efficient data entry without any fail. This laptop is a big thumbs up for everyday needs.

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                    The flaws and scars remind us of who we are in reality. These imperfections are to be embraced. Let’s begin with Ports and Connectivity. To illustrate, Ports and Connectivity defines what more you want and can be connected to your laptop. To begin with, we need to connect our PC with a pen drive or LED TV or mouse or projector or external hard disk or headphones or microphones or even for charging our mobile at some point in time.

On the contrary, the DELL Inspiron 17 5000 doesn’t include a USB 3.0 Ports. Moreover, a VGA (Video Graphics Array) and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) port’s connectivity is not available in it. That means you certainly cannot connect your PC with a projector or a LED TV.

                      Most importantly, new generation laptops that have fingerprint sensors for more accessibility and comfort in them, but this laptop doesn’t stand for the forefront of it. Consequently, your scroll, tap or swipe won’t be responsive. You can’t the experience of a smartphone or a tablet with this. As if this was not enough, Thunderbolt is also absent. Also, with a weight of 2.79 Kg, this laptop is bulky to be portable. This model of DELL doesn’t support an M2 SSD as it has only one SATA adapter built in it.

Moreover, it is neither convertible nor detachable. Do you keep navigating through your spreadsheet even in dusk till dawn? This laptop is deficient in being equipped with a backlit keyboard. Overall, this laptop is absolutely not likely to be the best suitable laptop for those who want flexibility while working on it.

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Wi-Fi connectivity

                   Are you a student? Of course, you ought to keep learning every day from anywhere and anytime. Want to get good grades or top the class? Accelerate your magnitude of the speed of learning towards your goal. With 802.11ac excessive range Wi-Fi connectivity, enjoy surfing, chatting, streaming on the internet while avoiding buffering. This PC is designed for your adaptive schedule and submission deadlines. You can attend online classes as and when required. Chasing for employability? Need to upgrade and learn a skill for that? This laptop will help you sustain forever. If your profession is one of those where an excellent presentation is yes to a business deal, then you probably need to maintain your spotlight through your projects and presentations. Not only that, but a soft copy of the evidence of your hard work is also always safeguarded in your PC. 


                   It is the legacy of the DELL’s ports to be fragile. This criticism has been constant for years. You can use it to create and print 3D objects outstandingly using CNC. It also supports AutoCAD. It is compatible enough for students, professions, and gaming. If it is on sleep mode for more than 6 hours, it goes to sleep and doesn’t wake up. The laptop has its own speakers and long battery life so that the whole family can stream and enjoy movies with popcorn. The webcam doesn’t satisfy some customer’s requirements.  

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                   Thunderbolt is considered to be the brand new speedy connector for PCs. Besides, it is a fusion of Display Port and Type C connector available for connecting peripherals and charging with a single port. Thereby, thunderbolt provides ample space for other ports to be installed in the future as per the requisite. DELL might lack in ports and connectivity, but it will soon achieve popularity for gaming due to advancements in technology.


                   Undoubtedly, Dell Inspiron 17 5000 is proficient enough for your ideas, compatible enough for the successful execution of your strategy, and, most importantly, an essential asset of accessories for a better tomorrow. Whether it is a power player or optional graphics or sufficient storage, this laptop offers undeniable performance in every field. This laptop is all in one for every customer satisfying all the needs of the purchaser.