Decreasing mobile users in China

Decreasing mobile users in China

Decreasing mobile users in China: Read the full article in order to know, what are the apparent and actual reasons behind this fall. Also, understand the consequences of this decrease. The novel coronavirus named COVID – 19 is creating a lot of destruction all over the world in every corner and each and every industry. This also includes the smartphone industry and has brought down smartphone operators. While all operators are experiencing high demand for the internet, at the same time. These companies are also experiencing a significant amount of dip in terms of mobile users.

Among all of them, the maximum drop is an experience by the Chinese telecom operators because they have been the center of coronavirus. This makes their death ratio significant and has contributed more to the declining rate in mobile users.

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The mobile phone brands are reporting a drop in the users of smartphones as the coronavirus has attacked the whole world. China, in its three of its global telecom operators, has marked a sudden dip in the user numbers. Those three global companies are china mobile, china telecom, and Unicom.

The numbers are way too high. In January itself, China Mobile has marked that the numberof user has fallen from 860,000 to 7.25 million. And in first two months, the china telecom also revealed thatit has experienced a loss of mobile users by 3.99 million. In the meanwhile, Unicom said that it experienced a drop of 1.08 million users in the month of January alone.

In all,  these operators’ loss of users sums roughly up to around 20 million people to date, which is quite striking. This total is more than china’s 1.1 billion adult population. Part of this is due to the ‘zombie accounts.’ China’s mobile shares also fell by 2.7% in hong kong itself. Comparing it to a 4.9% drop for the benchmark hang Seng index. China telecom skid by 6.3%. And the  Unicom experienced a decrease of 6.4%.

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To get an insight into the usage of internet and mobile phones in China, see these figures. China is flooded with affordable smartphones, and over 90% of the people access the internet through mobile phones. After seeing these data, the question arises that why is this happening and what makes these companies lose so many users every single day. Around 27% of online users in china are from rural China.

China mobile says that this drop is so because of the pandemic outbreak. While this drop is so unusual, the total relative to total wireless subscriptions are small. But have also risen at the same time.

The reason behind the dip

This rare industrywide slid in subscribers shows that the pandemic outbreak has first aggravated in china and then flew to other countries. Despite the fact, China is experiencing a loss. Many people also say that this can be smart play by china. This disease is not by accident, but deliberately. China prepared this virus in its laboratory and aimed at the downfall of other countries. In the long run, the implementation of real-time face recognition

Recently, in September, and the Chinese government said to curb and regulate the use of facial recognition technology in schools. This was a step ahead of the rule for mobile users. To make face recognition compulsion, just to cut down the fake users.  Beijing has been experiencing some information issues due to which it has taken significant measures to tighten the cybersecurity controls.

Submission of ID documents is necessary for all applicants before they get their mobile number. Mr. Ding said that there is a clear and increasing backlash against china’s facial recognition technique. Data theft, hacking, or abuse received much criticism by commercials. China allowed having a maximum of 5 numbers from each telecom operator to every person. However, Chinese citizens seem ready to criticize their government.

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Many shops and restaurants have been shut down in the past two months due to the virus. This obviously directs us to what must be going on through the telecom operators.

Now you would ask what’s the big deal with the decrease in mobile users. So to tell you, it is not what it seems from the outer surface. The numbers that are received by the companies are claimed to be fake and not genuine users. The number of people dying and getting affected every day is not the same as the number of users decreasing every month. The slump in users is more than the people getting infected by the coronavirus. This end up thinking about what could be the possible reasons for this?


Amidst all explanations rumoring all over the world, such as the industry veterans believe that the massive loss of mobile users is due to the ‘water army,’. A group of ghostwriters that are paid to post online content. Those who don’t use all of their leases accounts per operator. They sell the accounts to these people who use it in other specific personal use. They do shady stuff by these accounts in exchange for money. Such as faking likes, faking comments, or sometimes faking calls, etc.

Government Data

The Xi Jinping government controls all the information and news that around 4,000 people have died, with approximately 19,000 people infected in china due to the coronavirus outbreak. They have said that the casualties due to coronavirus may be way too high than the official figures that are being received. Apparently, they claim to say that this virus is all a strategy of the USA. For which we all know, it doesn’t make any sense. However, many Chinese people have leaked the videos, disputing these numbers mentioned above, with many pointing to drop in users of mobile phones.

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As the number of cases of COVID-19 keeps on increasing in China, the country continues to report a fall in cases by assigning many as cured and discharged from the hospital. The ministry of foreign affairs gives this information. Leading epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan. He said that this has the potential to revert back once again and can again destroy the economy.

A Chinese blogger, Jennifer Zeng, posted an official data that was released on March 19. Showing that the number of mobile users declined from 1.600692 billion to 1.579927 billion in the last few months.


In comparison with Italy’s situation, the Chinese death toll is significantly less. In Italy, the mortality rate is 9%, whereas, in China, it has been only 4%. But even this 4% doesn’t raise any question on their mobile users. As the number of people who died in Italy seems matching with its dip in cellphone users.

Thecoronavirus has a farreaching impact on china and its economy. It has affected all kinds of industries. If the free accounts start to regrow back into its original number. It will be perhapsa sign of china’s economy regaining its position.