Critical Error League of Legends- Issues and How to Fix Them

I remember the first time I encountered a Critical Error in League of Legends. I was in the heat of an intense match, fully focused on securing victory for my team, when suddenly, my screen went black. My heart sank as I realized I was experiencing a Critical Error League of Legends issue. After frantically searching for solutions, I finally found the answers I needed. Do you find yourself plagued by critical issues that disrupt your gaming experience as mine? Worry no more! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore common problems and offer effective solutions, ensuring you get back on the Rift in no time.

Why Critical League of Legends Issues Occur: A Human Perspective

  • High Ping: The dreaded high ping occurs due to factors like network congestion, interference from other devices, and server location. It’s not always your fault!
  • Frequent Disconnects: Persistent disconnects can stem from outdated network drivers, excessive background applications, or even issues with your internet service provider. It’s a tangled web to untangle!
  • Low FPS: Struggling with low FPS? Graphics settings, outdated GPU drivers, and an overworked PC can all contribute to a less-than-smooth gaming experience.
  • Crashes and Freezes: Nobody enjoys a game crashing mid-match! Hardware incompatibilities, software conflicts, and overheating can catch you off guard when you least expect it.
  • Forgotten Passwords: Let’s be honest – we all forget passwords sometimes. It’s a simple human error that happens to the best of us.
  • Unauthorized Access: Account breaches are often the result of poor password habits, malware, or phishing attempts. Stay vigilant and protect your digital fortress!
  • Bugs and Glitches: Encountering a bug can be frustrating, but remember that even the best game developers can’t predict every possible issue. It’s just part of the gaming experience.
  • Toxicity: Unfortunately, toxicity in gaming is often a reflection of human nature. Some people let their emotions get the best of them, but it’s essential to rise above and keep playing with a positive attitude.
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How to fix Critical error league of legends?

 Connectivity Issues

A. High Ping

High ping can be a League of Legends player’s worst nightmare. But fear not! Here are three proven fixes:

  • Restart your router: Sometimes, simply rebooting your router can work wonders.
  • Use a wired connection: A stable Ethernet connection eliminates Wi-Fi interference.
  • Opt for a gaming VPN: A VPN can help reduce ping by rerouting your connection through optimized servers.

B. Frequent Disconnects

Do you suffer from persistent disconnects? Try these three tips:

  • Update your network drivers: Outdated drivers can hinder performance.
  • Disable background applications: Running too many apps can overload your system.
  • Contact your ISP: Persistent issues could be due to your internet service provider.

Performance Issues

A. Low FPS

A high frame rate is vital for a smooth gaming experience. If you’re struggling with low FPS, try these fixes:

  • Lower in-game settings: Decrease graphics quality and disable unnecessary effects.
  • Update graphics drivers: Keep your GPU drivers up-to-date for optimal performance.
  • Optimize your PC: Close background applications and enable gaming mode, if available.

B. Crashes and Freezes

Crashes and freezes can ruin a match. Follow these steps to minimise such incidents:

  • Repair the game client: The League of Legends client has a built-in repair function.
  • Update your PC: Keep your operating system and hardware drivers current.
  • Check for overheating: Ensure your PC/mobile has adequate cooling and airflow.

3. Account Issues

A. Forgotten Passwords

We’ve all been there – forgetting our passwords. No worries! Here’s what to do:

  • Use the “Forgot Password” feature: The client offers a password recovery tool.
  • Contact Riot Support: If all else fails, reach out to the support team for assistance.

B. Unauthorised Access

Account security is paramount. If you suspect unauthorised access, act quickly:

  • Change your password: Update your password and enable two-factor authentication.
  • Scan your PC: Check for malware or viruses that could compromise your account.
  • Report the issue: Notify Riot Support for further investigation.
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In-Game Issues

A. Bugs and Glitches

Encountering a bug or glitch? Here’s how to address it:

  • Record the issue: Capture screenshots or videos to document the problem.
  • Check the forums: See if others have reported similar issues.
  • Submit a bug report: Provide your findings to Riot Support for investigation.

B. Toxicity and Reporting

Toxic behaviour can spoil the fun. Address it with these steps:

  • Mute the player: Use the mute function to block toxic messages.
  • Report the player: Utilize the in-game reporting tool to inform Riot of the behaviour.
  • Take a break: Step away from the game and return with a fresh mindset.


In summary, critical League of Legends issues can be frustrating, but with the right approach, you can overcome them. From connectivity problems to in-game bugs, our guide equips you with the knowledge to tackle these challenges head-on. Keep this resource handy, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.


Q: What causes high ping in League of Legends?

A: High ping can result from a weak Wi-Fi signal, network congestion, or your physical distance from game servers.

Q: How can I improve my ping?

A: Restart your router, use an Ethernet connection, or try a gaming VPN to optimize your connection.

Q: Why does my game keep crashing?

A: Outdated drivers, software conflicts, or hardware issues can cause crashes and freezes.

Q: How can I fix game crashes?

A: Repair the game client, update your PC, and ensure proper cooling and airflow to prevent overheating.

Q: What should I do if I forget my password?

A: Use the “Forgot Password” feature or contact Riot Support for help.

Q: How can I secure my account against unauthorized access?

A: Change your password, enable two-factor authentication, and regularly scan your PC for malware.

Q: What’s the best way to report bugs and glitches?

A: Document the issue, check forums for similar reports, and submit a detailed bug report to Riot Support.

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Q: How can I handle toxic players in-game?

A: Mute the offending player, report them using the in-game tool, and take breaks to maintain a positive mindset.

Remember, tackling critical League of Legends issues is possible with the right approach. Use these FAQs to enhance your gaming experience and overcome common challenges.

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