Cool Google Tricks

Google is full of information as we know. It consists of everything that we ever wanted to know, to learn about cool Google tricks, to prove someone wrong. We can search even for tiny detail and get tons of search results. This is because people across the world have contributed in some way. We provide an increasingly large amount of data to Google every minute. This might be a boon or a bane. That depends on the perspective.

        However, Google has been beneficial more than harmful. It uses all this data that is provided to it to make our lives better. This is done by understanding as a human being, finding patterns. It has control of our mobile phone mainly functioning to keep your mobile safe.

       Google has been the best search engine in the United States for many years now. This is because Google has been constantly improving. The main focus is to understand the purpose of a query, find the most relevant answer or website. They mastered this strategy and thus the absolute domination among its competition. Google’s search algorithms are always upgraded because they have to keep up. There is a thing called ‘Local Search’ that uses our query and location to give appropriate results. This is done by a collaboration with Google Maps. Images and videos are a huge part of media. This is why they have Google Images and YouTube as major components in their search engine. They have improved very well over the years. We will be going through some cool Google tricks after the tips.

cool google tricks
cool google tricks

Tips to enhance your answer-seeking

        There are some tips that you can follow to enhance your answer-seeking. I will be discussing them now.

  •  Always use new tabs. Most people are aware of this and they use it regularly. When you open Chrome, you are directed to the Google search bar by default. You open a website here but you need to check an image. You cannot close the same tab and open that certain image. This will take time. Not only an image, if we want to look at two things simultaneously, but new tabs are also a go-to.
  • You can use a hyphen to words when searching. This will make the search engine have a priority rather than being vague with one word. For example, when you type Ball, many results are shown regarding various balls used in different sports. When you type Cricket -balls, only cricket balls are shown. This will save time and energy.
  • Use general words instead of words that you use. Search keywords instead of a sentence. This is easier for the search engine to identify.
  • You need not spell everything correctly. When you forget a spelling, this will work. You don’t have to capitalize anything.
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Some cool Google tricks

There are little Easter eggs all over Google. They try to relate to people with their maximum effort. They hide some tricks that are fun and super creative. You wouldn’t have come across these until now. Here are some cool Google tricks.


Search for ‘sqrt(cos(x)) *cos(300x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)*(4-x*x)^0.01, sqrt(6-x^2), -sqrt(6-x^2) from -4.5 to 4.5′. This will give you a surprise. Want to know what it is? A heart-shaped graph will be displayed as an answer. You could ask your crush to search for it and give her your heart figuratively.


Zerg Rush:

Type ‘zerg rush’ in your search bar. Open the first query. Voila! We could see little O shapes eating all your search results. Zerg Rush is a strategy in which there are two sides and one side is attacked by the other by crashing into them. The side that is getting crashed is less in number when compared to the crashing side. This was a reference to the video game ‘StarCraft’ which was a strategy game that involves military and space. It was very popular when it was released. People were amazed by it.


You could play different games with Google too. Type ‘Play Pac-Man’ to play the original Pac-Man game. For those of you who don’t know, Pac-Man is an action game that is played with mazes. The player is a small unknown creature with a big mouth. It has to eat all dots in the maze before any of the enemies catch us. Each of the enemies has different traits. The creature is controlled by us. It was termed ‘Pakkuman’ when it was released. The game was developed by Namco and is based in Japan. Later, it arrived in arcades across the United States.

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There is another fan favorite in the earlier days. Search for ‘Play Snake’ to play the famous snake game. The primary objective of this game is to eat an apple which is placed randomly across a board that has 4 walls. The twist is that as you eat an apple, the size of the snake increases. We would lose if the snake hits a wall or the snake hits itself. There’s even the highest scoreboard to keep track of our tries. This dates back to the year 1982 and was founded by Dave Bresnen for the BBC Microcomputers.


A card game ‘Solitaire’ can also be played by typing Play Solitaire. This is a single-player game that is played by placing a shuffled deck of cards on a table or a surface. The player has to order these cards according to their suit and rank by moving them. Generally, one must place four lines of cards that go from ace to king in every line. There are three types of Solitaire- Closed, Open, and Half-open. It might be complex but once you understand it, there’s no turning back.

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Tic Tac Toe:

There’s a two-player game ‘Tic tac toe. The game consists of a 3*3 square. The first player will be assigned X and the second player will be assigned O. The objective of the game is to produce 3 Xs or 3 Os consecutively, in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. The game has three outcomes- player with X wins, the player with O wins or the game ends in a draw. You could also play this with the computer. There are three difficulty levels when playing against a computer. Try the Impossible level. This is impossible for the player to win. Rather, the game has the possibility of ending in a draw. Have fun with it.

Dinosaur Game:

A game that is the most popularly hidden in Google is the ‘Dinosaur Game’. Now, you might wonder how to play this. Well, you don’t need Internet for this but this is played on Google. You heard it right. Did you ever see a dinosaur on the screen when you open chrome with no internet connection? Press the space bar to start the game. The dinosaur moves right and it has to avoid cacti and birds in its way. This is an endless game. There’s a high score displayed to beat. A fun fact for you—the game ends when you play it for 17,000,000 years. This is a reference to the life of the T-Rex species. This ends the game section. These are just what was found. There might be many more that are hidden. We will go through some cool Google tricks now.

Google Mirror:

A fun trick that is interesting too is ‘Google Mirror’ which is self-explanatory. Search for Google Mirror in the bar. Open the first website in the search results. This turns your Google home screen mirrored. Every webpage searched for, from this is also mirrored. That’s pretty much useless but cool.

Google Zipper:

Another one like this is ‘Google zipper’ which has a long zipper in the middle of your home screen. You can drag this up or down to zip or unzip Google. Again, it doesn’t do much.

Google Gravity:

‘Google Gravity is another cool trick to be searched for. This makes every button and every text line fall to the ground i.e., the bottom of the screen in a reference to Gravity exists here. This looks dope to look at.

Search for ‘Blink HTML’. We can see the words blink and HTML blink slowly. This will amaze us when we see it.


You can search for ‘Recursion’. This will send us into an infinite loop by displaying ‘Did you mean Recursion?’ The concept is that we need to know recursion. Good one from Google!

Barrel roll:

This is a fun one. Type ‘Do a barrel roll’ and watch the magic. The page will do a 360-degree spin twice and come back to its original position. Check it out ASAP.

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Barrel roll


Search for ‘Askew’ in the search bar. This will make the page tilt to the right a little.


Just search ‘Thanos Google trick’ and click the first search result. It will show the webpage related to Thanos. On the right, there is an Infinity Gauntlet. When you click on it, the gauntlet will snap. Half of the search results on your screen will fade away as dust. This is an awesome one! It was introduced after the release of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ in which the climax is Thanos wiping out half the world with a snap of his gauntlet.

Google Sky:

Google Sky is another one of the cool Google tricks that is so beautiful to watch. Search for ‘Google Sky’ and open the first search result. You can see stars, planets, and different constellations. There are many options that you could select to watch. These are telescopic images of space.

Google Sky

Animal Sounds:

A trick you could try with your children is ‘Animal Sounds’. This displays a list of animals and how they communicate. The sounds are very accurate and the list of animals is long. A click on any animal will produce the sounds they make.

Google in 1998:

Try ‘Google in 1998’ to travel back in time. This will show how Google’s homepage was in the year 1998. This can be used to track your friends.

Google in 1998
  • Now, we’ll go through informative and useful but cool tricks. You could try different calculations directly in the search bar rather than opening a calculator inside Google. The result will be shown super-fast.
  • Weather is also fast if we enable the location. All the weather details are displayed as the search result.
  • We could also see Stocks by searching the company name and stocks next to it.
  • You could also see sunset and sunrise times in a particular location.
  • Sports results are also shown just below the Google search bar.

These are just the discovered ones. Google is full of tiny details that are cool and interesting. You could try different things. Maybe you will find some cool Google tricks too. Hope this is fun and interesting!