Chrome bookmarks location and overview

Chrome bookmarks location

Are you the person looking to get a clear cut idea about Chrome bookmarks location and the overview about overall bookmarks? Well, you landed up in the right article. First bookmarks are the locations to retrieve our favorite information. Bookmark contains the address of your favorite webpage.

In android and IOS, the following are the steps to add and view your bookmark. Launch chrome app->Tap more->Click star to add your bookmark->once again click on the star icon to view your Bookmark. In desktop having Mac OS and Windows OS, Open chrome->click more->click star to add bookmark->tap on bookmark manager in more option to view your bookmark.

Bookmark and it’s Needs

Normally people store their favorite memories as photographs or videos and maintain them for a long time. If you are a person of such kind then there is an option available for you to store your favorites in the browser called Bookmarks. These bookmarks not only help you to store your favorites and also enable you to share your favorites. In other words, bookmarks are called storage houses of the location of the web address. Bookmarks are displayed differently for different browsers. In some browsers, they are listed in an open window. For Example Google chrome. In some browsers, bookmarks are displayed inside the window. For Example Apple Safari.

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Advantages of using Bookmarks in chrome

  1. The main point of using Bookmark in chrome is that it can be accessed from other devices.
  2. The thing is that you needed to get signed in with the same Gmail account.
  3. Web addresses can be easily accessed with the help of bookmarks.
  4. Bookmarking the popular website increases the traffic of the website.
  5. Also, Bookmarking leads to an increase in PageRank.
  6. Bookmarking leads to the growth of your brand.
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How to add Bookmarks in Chrome in Android?

  1. Open your android device and launch into Google chrome.
How to add Bookmarks in Chrome in Android
  1. Search for the website which you want to store a favorite.
Search for the website which you want to store a favorite.
  1. Once you reach your favorite website look for the bookmark option mentioned on the top right corner.
Once you reach your favorite website look for the bookmark option mentioned on the top right corner
  1. The bookmark icon will be located near more options.
  2. Tap on that icon to save your bookmark.
Tap on that icon to save your bookmark.

Chrome bookmarks location in android

  • Open your Android device and launch it into Google chrome.
  • Tap on the More option at the top right corner.
  • Swipe to the bottom of the settings in the address bar.
  • Tap on the bookmark option to view the saved Bookmark.

How to add Bookmarks in Chrome in iOS

  1. Launch into chrome on your IOS device.
  2. Go to your favorite website.
  3. To save the bookmark, tap more options on the right corner of the address bar.
  4. Click on the add bookmark option to save your bookmark.

Chrome bookmarks location in iOS

  • Open the Chrome app on your iPhone.
  • Load the more option on the right.
  • Tap the bookmark option.
  • Find the bookmark you need to visit.

How to add Bookmarks in Chrome in Mac OS and Windows OS

  1. Open Chrome on your application on your Desktop.
  2. Go to the site which you like to save.
  3. Tap on the More option in the address bar.
  4. Save bookmark by clicking the star button in the address bar.

Chrome bookmarks location in Mac OS and Windows OS

  • Launch the Chrome browser from your desktop.
  • Tap on more icons represented in three dots at the right corner.
  • Find the bookmark option by scrolling down.
  • Tap to view the saved bookmarks.

Operations performed in Bookmarks

In Android & IOS

Four operations can be performed using the saved bookmark they are

  • 1.    EDIT– The saved bookmarks can be edited by tapping the more option on the right of the Bookmark.
  • 2.    The edit option helps to change the saved bookmark site.
  • 3.    DELETE– Delete option is to remove the bookmarks saved.
  • 4.    This operation can be performed by clicking more options located near the bookmark.
  • 5.    MOVE– This is operation is to segregate bookmarks into folders.
  • 6.    The move option can be found near the saved bookmark.
  • 7.    REARRANGE– This option can be performed by touching and holding the bookmark and place it in the order where we need to.

In Windows and Mac

Two operations can be performed on Desktop.

  1. EDIT- The saved bookmark can be edited and resaved using this option.
  2. By tapping the more option in the chrome you can able to see the bookmark.
  3. Edit option can be seen inside the bookmark manager.
  4. DELETE- The unwanted bookmarks can be removed by using the delete option.
  5. This option can be found inside the Bookmark manager in the bookmark.
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Organizing Bookmarks in Mac OS and Windows OS

You can organize the Bookmarks in three ways

  1. REARRANGING THE BOOKMARKS- First launch into chrome application on your desktop.
  2. In the top right corner, you can able to see the more option.
  3. Click the Bookmark in the more option which will drive you into the bookmark manager.
  4. From the bookmark manager, you can copy, paste and drag the bookmark.
  5. CREATING BOOKMARK FOLDERS –  Open chrome application on your desktop.
  6. Click the more option.
  7. Click the bookmark and tap the bookmark manager option inside it.
  8. Drag and select the common bookmarks or the bookmarks you want to put in a folder.
  9. Put them in a separate folder with the help of Add to folder option.
  10. ARRANGING IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER– You can sort your saved bookmarks into alphabetical order by clicking sort by name option.
  11. This option can be seen at the more option in the address bar.

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Procedure to find the lost Bookmark

In Android and IOS

  1. Open chrome application from your android device.
  2. Tap on the More option in the right corner.
  3. Enter into the Google Chrome settings.
  4. Sign in using your Gmail ID in the profile section.
  5. Click on the Gmail ID where the bookmark is stored.
  6. Now you can view your saved bookmark in the bookmark manager.

In Windows OS and Mac OS

  1. Open chrome application from the desktop.
  2. Click on the profile icon at the right corner.
  3. Sign in using your Gmail ID in which the bookmarks are stored.
  4. Now return and click on the show bookmark bar to see the saved bookmarks.

Disadvantages of adding Bookmark

  • If you searched your bookmarked address then it will result in you with folksonomy.
  • That is confusion among words like spelling errors and more extra.
  • This folksonomy also results in the change of hierarchy.
  • The Popularity increase due to saved bookmarks will also lead to the creation of spam websites and some may misuse it.
  • There is a chance of injecting viruses into the highly popular web pages.
  • These activities lead to creating a bad opinion about the webpage.

Syncing of Bookmarks

The Bookmark which you saved in the particular browser (for example Google Chrome) can be transferred into another browser with the help of the syncing process.

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Syncing process in chrome

In Google chrome syncing bookmarks is a very easy process. It requires a sign in to the Gmail Id where your bookmark is stored. By this step you can view your saved bookmark.

Syncing in other third-party browsers

               Unlike chrome syncing bookmarks here is a tedious process, for this, you need to install the extension. create a new account in your extension. Then upload your bookmark to the extension and enable the auto-sync option.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites are used to find articles for people. The articles are found based upon the people’s interests. These kinds of sites help people to build their contacts. Social bookmarking not only helps to search the articles but also you can publish your article on the site in which you are interested. Most of the top websites around the world increase their popularity with the help of social bookmarking.

Top Websites

1. Facebook

 Facebook is the first social bookmarking site to reach huge success. It is designed in such a way to pop up the post regarding one’s interest. You can view the saved bookmark at any time in your profile. They collect the information about your interest with the help of a like button.

2. Pocket

Pocket is a social bookmarking design website. Here the information related to one’s interest is collected from the searches in the interest tab.


In conclusion, I conclude that the bookmark is an important aspect in the chrome browser. Because it makes the work of finding your favorite webpage easily. As like two sides of coin shared equally, Bookmarks also have an equal negative side. The bookmarks are the boosters to search the product. So, Form this article I hope that you might have got a clear idea about bookmarks and the process involved in it.