Character Maker – A guide on its uses and tool

In today’s world, technology has taken over almost everything. The advancements in technology have taken over everything, in an obvious positive manner. Technology helps us in every area of life, be it our personal or professional life. Things have become much easier to use and access. From a number of technological advancements, Character maker is one of the most important ones. Character Maker enables users or beginners, in particular, to make characters for video games, cinemas, animated movies, academic videos that require animation, etc.

One does not need to worry about the level of skills to be acquired in order to make a character when they are keeping Character Maker in the picture. Whenever a user opens an application for ‘Character Maker’, then by default they become self-aware of some obvious basic skills to be known. But can we generalize this and assume that everyone would be able to learn these basic skills on their own? The answer is no, and so we have ‘Character Maker’ which helps users to create various unique animated characters as required for their project. Here, in this article, we will learn all about ‘Character Maker’; the procedure, the skills required, the output, etc.

Character creation is something that can be done by everyone and anyone. It basically means creating a character that would match the requirements of the respective project that the user has to complete. Today, we cannot expect our project (an animated movie, a presentation, etc) to look exceptionally good by just adding some basic drawings. These methods are now considered very old-fashioned and outdated. Humans always crave something more, something better. In this article, we will be listing down some of the applications and tools that can be quite useful in the process of ‘Character Maker”. One can choose the application and tools that would fit best with their project and proceed to use them for creating characters.

Character Maker
Character Maker – A Guide on its uses and tool

With these tools, you can easily create a character that would look real and creative enough to appeal to the eyes of the viewers. You can create 3D characters as well. These tools are helpful in bringing the life to a character because if that very basic element is missing, then the character would not appeal to the viewers and your project will not look very good overall. A good character design is important for creating more engagement with the audience and also to establish your work, company, or organization worldwide. Animation has a huge impact on the human mind as it gives a positive approach to anything that needs to be presented. The chances of affirmative suggestions increase when one is presenting their project with the addition of animated characters.

We will discuss some very famous and highly suggested applications that are used for ‘Character Making’. These applications are used widely and put in their best efforts to make a character look lively enough. All the applications listed below are completely free of cost so one does not have to worry about not being able to afford them!

Let us now look at these applications one by one and understand everything about them in detail so that we do not have any issues beforehand. One should have an in-depth understanding of things before using them for their work. The list of applications that possess the feature of ‘Character Maker’ are as follows.

Cookie flex rig is widely used by a lot of users who wish to create lively characters for their respective projects. The Cookie Flex Rig is one of the very famous character generators, for learning animation in blender. The Cookie Flex Rig was initially a part of the CG Cookie training toolkit. This rig proves to be an extremely useful resource used for learning and testing the animation of characters in a blender. One can easily redistribute the material in any desired medium when they are using Cookie Flex Rig. Users can also share and copy without any restrictions. The Cookie Flex Rig helps the users to remix, rebuild, adapt and modify their material or already designed projects, for any commercial purpose. The Cookie Flex Rig was designed by Nathan Vegdahl, Beorn Leonard, and Jonathan Williamson. The initial basic design was made by David Revoy.

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To use the cookie flex rig, one does not need any software or any installation to be added. What does this actually mean? Well, this simply means that we do not have to worry about any software being already installed on our device before we start using Cookie Flex. It is an independent application and does not need any software to connect, to be able to be ready for the user to use. The cookie flex rig is licensed under the creative commons attributions 3.0. The cookie flex rig can be used for anything that the user desires. It can be used in any way that the user wants as the user has complete control over it. All the features and all the tools available in it can be controlled by the user completely according to their own wish.

Every coin has two sides and so does the Cookie Flex Rig! It comes with some limitations. One of those limitations is that the cookie flex rig cannot be used without a script. It was originally developed in a blender and hence it is understood that it will be controlled by a script. This blender needs to be first converted to an FBX file before using. It has a good performance in a blender and allows the users to add various elements to their characters such as lipsync, adding lively features, making the character relate more to the targeted audience, etc. The Cookie Flex Rig is created to work as a helpful tool to be used in learning animation. It is also very helpful for someone who wants to improve their skills in the field of animation.

Following the implementation of the script, the users are provided with a new tough choice. After selecting that, the users are then presented with a lot of suitable options that are useful in controlling the movement and features of their character. One can easily modify the character’s height, color, gender, features, and other aspects that are important in the building of a character. The cookie flex rig is basically built with a lot of flexibility and with a number of options for controlling the body shape of the character. The hairstyles and intricate face details can also be altered as per the needs of the user for their project.

MB Lab Character Maker, Addon in Blender

The MB lab is a character maker has derived its name from its developer, Manuel Bastoni in 2019. The MB Lab character maker was initially decided to be a research project to design digital humans. It is a very powerful and useful character creation for the blender 2.80, based on ManuelbastoniLAB. The MB Lab character maker is tested almost daily with new builds. The MB Lab Character maker was an open-source project and hence it was found in GitHub. By placing it on GitHub, it was easy for people to access it, make appropriate changes to it, and also support this tool to develop better than before.

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The MB Lab Character Maker is very useful. It is a free add-on and it has those features that are important and necessary for every project wherein character creation is demanded. It provides the users with pre-made characters. There are three important traits that ultimately lead to a good quality character with a lot of lively features. These three traits are tone, age, and bulk. The MB Lab Character Maker is specially made for the next-generation blender.

The MB Lab Character Maker consists of a lot of useful features that help the users to improve the animation of their characters and add lively features to them. It is important to make a character look lively as it gives a realistic and natural feel to the audience. When it comes to character creation, it has been a professional approach. It provides its users with features like teeth, eyelashes, gum, and eyes for their character in order to give a completely realistic look. The MB Lab Character Maker can easily adapt to external software. In order to accommodate any external software or applications, first, a common skeleton is designed in order to test the rigs well. The MB Lab consists of a collection that includes almost every frequent phenotype. One can also design a skin that looks realistic enough to the audience.

Everything is available here in the MB Lab Character Maker, from garment elements to hair specifications. Users are allowed to make as many changes as they like in order to finally design a character that would meet their requirements. When the skeleton of the character’s face has been decided and finalized, the users have the ability to enable it or upload a BBH file. With the help of sliders, one can modify the facial traits of their characters. The MB Lab Character Maker supports both cycles i.e. EEVEE and provides the users with the option of advanced shaders also.

The advanced shaders are used for the procedural texturing of the characters. It also provides the users with morphing parameters suitable for their characters. The logic is well set so as to mix the parameters in real time. The MB Lab Character Maker undoubtedly has been an amazing tool for the creation and designing of characters for various purposes. It is highly recommended and is used by a lot of users worldwide.

Human Generator Software Adobe Fuse

Adobe Fuse is one of the 3D Character creator programs that was initially a part of the creative cloud. It was developed by Mixamo, which allows users to create and design 3D characters. The main feature of the human generator software is that it is used to easily import and integrate user-generated content and add the so-called changes to the character creation process. Unfortunately, the adobe fuse has been discontinued by Adobe and is no longer available to the users to download and use in their character-making process. The reason for discontinuing its use is mainly because it does not work with the newest Mac OS, Catalina (10.15). A number of technical issues have led to incompatibility with adobe fuse with these operating systems. But, Adobe has renewed Maximo, animation web services, etc. Adobe fuse will still be available to users who have already downloaded it on their respective devices.

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Even though the adobe fuse has been discontinued, it can still be used by users to fuse characters via a manual export. Some other processes are also allowed such as exporting your character to obj format and combining the obj, mtl, and textures into a zip file. You can also upload the zip file on Maximo, directly. For better performance and features, the adobe fuse has the ability to generate characters from a collection that is already stored in it. The collection consists of good-quality 3D models. A lot of basic features have already been added such as face specifications, clothing, textures, etc.

Adobe fuse provides its users with more than 280 features for the good development of their character. These features include hair, eyewear, clothing fabric, etc. These features can also be modified by the user according to their needs; colors, textures, shape, size, etc can be easily changed and improved by the users. The logic is set well so as to make the features blend in with the ones added by the users. All these things add up to a good development of a character which often leads to a positive impact on the targeted audience.

The Adobe fuse allows its users to add human characters to their projects for layouts, images, basic structure, concepts, etc. One can easily create their desired characters with the help of adobe fuse. Adobe Fuse lets the user customize every little detail of their character.

Even though it is not in existence anymore, the adobe fuse has made its place in the market and that too a reputed and trusted one. Owing to the uncountable features that it provided to its users, the adobe fuse has proved to be one of the most famous character-maker tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should one add to their character to make it look more lively?

One can add any feature to their character according to their own personal choice and also which would cater to the needs of their project. Some basic features that will make your character look real are details of the hair, skin texture, color, facial features, etc.

Why is Adobe Fuse no longer in existence?

The Adobe fuse is no longer in existence as it faced a number of technical issues with some new operating systems like MAC OS. It was seen that it is not compatible with these OS.

Why is good character development important?

Good character development is important for any business, presentation, or animated movie as the more real the characters would look, the better the chances that the targeted audience would relate more to it. This eventually leads to success and the establishment of your work.