Change Username On Spotify on Mobile and PC

People may now easily find and enjoy music on the internet thanks to services like Spotify that offer instant music streaming. With over 345 million active users per month, comprising 150 million premium customers, each with a unique username, Spotify is the second most prominent streaming music app after Apple Music. By default, Spotify creates usernames for users that they can later alter using a mix of letters and digits. Spotify has two sorts of recognition, namely your “Username” and “Display name,” thus changing your username is not as straightforward as it might seem.

You are then recognized by and can access your account on Spotify using a permanent username. On the other side, the display name is the name people see when reading your profile on applications and playlists. It serves as a stand-in for your public profile’s username. You cannot log in to Spotify using your display name, although you can change it easily.

The days of downloading, curating, and pushing music onto MP3 players and phones are long gone. Large music libraries may now be accessible and tuned to without any fuss with the touch of a finger. According to Forbes, Spotify continues to be the most used music streaming service globally, despite possessing tough competitors like mi Music & Apple Music. One of the popular music apps for both mobile and desktop is Spotify. If you enjoy music, you have undoubtedly already known about Spotify. A free music streaming service to enjoy music without interruption.

Change Username On Spotify on Mobile and PC

Anyone with a working email address can sign up for a free account on Spotify & continue to listen to a vast selection of music. You occasionally would like to interact with your pals on Spotify so you can send one another your favorite songs. Therefore, it makes sense that you would want to share your Spotify login with other people so that anyone can add yourself as a buddy. However, when you verify your username, a series of odd numbers and alphabets appear.

Even more annoying is the fact that you need to enter your email address each time you sign in because it is hard to remember your login. On Spotify, users have the opportunity to make playlists that reflect their personalities and share them with their followers. And if the name connected to your Spotify account is not to your taste, it defeats the object of having one. We’ve got your back if you’re searching for a means to make it simpler to share or manage your Spotify account. We try to investigate whether changing your Spotify username is possible in this article. 

Changing your Spotify username is possible

Since your Spotify username is used to verify your account on Spotify’s server, you cannot alter it. To organize and remember them, Spotify profiles have unique usernames similar to how people have unique fingerprints; for this reason, there is no possibility to modify them. Fortunately, based on how you signed up, if you made your account before the upgrade, you certainly have a distinctive and memorable username. If you execute the following actions, the smartphone app will provide you your username:

  • Go to Settings then View Profile.
  • The three-dot button should be tapped. after that tap on Share 
  • choose the Copy Link
  • You should paste the copied link into a text editor looking similar to this: “ yuotfyu67b7r0m0i13myahgk6hxc.?
  • Before the question mark and immediately following “user/” is where you can find your username. In this instance, the username would have been yuotfyu67b7r0m0i13myahgk6hxc.
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A display name is a name that shows on your profile. This is the one that is freely editable and is displayed on every Spotify profile as well as playlists. Your display name can be located in the Settings menu (if mobile) or the upper right corner of the program. ( if desktop) 

Let’s proceed on to the subsequent paragraph for instructions on how to change your username so that other users can locate your profile.

How to Modify the Display Name on Spotify?

Your Facebook account name will be used as your display name if you joined up with a Facebook account.

You have every right to prefer not your complete name to be displayed on your Spotify account, though. It also makes it simpler for your pals to identify your account if you change your display name to something more shareable. Whichever option you choose, here’s how to change your display name on Spotify:

Utilizing the Spotify mobile applications for Android and iOS

  • Launch the Spotify app, then select Settings by selecting the gear symbol.
  • Choosing View Profile from the menu that shows up on the page’s top.
  • Alter your display name by tapping Edit Profile.
  • By selecting Store in the top right-hand corner, you can save the new display name.

On Spotify for computers

  • Tap on your account icon located in the upper right corner of the Spotify site, then choose Profile.
  • Go to your display name by clicking it.
  • Your display name can be modified on the pop-up window.
  • For a new display name, click Save.
  • Nevertheless, depending on what you hope to accomplish by changing your username, there could be a solution you can apply if that is insufficient. Let’s expand on it in the part after this.

The Alternative Methods for Changing Your Spotify Username

We have attempted a variety of sign-up and sign-in procedures, including utilizing Twitter, Youtube, Apple, and even phone numbers, in an effort to figure out how to update or establish a unique Spotify login. However, the random username generator on Spotify cannot be avoided.

Nevertheless, depending on your goals, we also came up with two other ways to get around the odd username method. One by one, let’s dissect them.

Sign up using a Google or Facebook account to make it simpler to sign in

One of the numerous reasons individuals use multiple email addresses is so they may join up with different emails for services like Spotify. You most likely took this action in order to prevent spam and advertisements from being sent to your main email. You run the risk of confusing or forgetting which email you were using for Spotify if you engage in this behavior. Having a memorable username in this situation will make logging in much simpler. But using a Facebook or Google account to register is an option if this is the reason you desire a unique username.

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As long as you have access to either account, doing this will allow you to login in without any problems. The choice to sync your pals and routines with Spotify is made available when you link your Facebook account to an already-existing one. In this method, you can choose to allow your Facebook friends to hear the songs in your playlist.

Spotify profile: URL to create a more rememberable one

Since it is more memorable, sharing the link on your Spotify account is simpler if you possess an account with a custom username, — in other words, those created prior to the year 2018. For instance, would be an example of a customized Spotify profile URL. Nevertheless, given the way Spotify usernames are right now, it will probably be something like, which is nearly impossible to remember.

Instead, you can use Spotify, an application that generates customized Spotify profile links, to acquire your unique link. Additionally, after following these procedures, you must copy your profile URL. The following action is required after you have copied your current Spotify URL:

  • Navigate to the Spotify website.
  • the field that is available with your profile’s URL.
  • Make a customized URL of your choosing, which will be added to the link.
  • the Create URL button
  • Now available is your personalized Spotify URL.

How to eliminate your previous Spotify account?

Eliminating the previous Spotify account:

If you cancel your membership, you can log in right away using your Google, Apple, or Facebook profile. However, you may prefer to think about deleting your previous account completely if you don’t want it to be left hanging on the net and have irritating emails associated with it. Only a browser may be used to delete the account. To remove an old useless Spotify account use the instructions provided here.

  • Visit the Spotify customer service page.
  • Hit “Account.”
  • “I would really like to close my account” should be chosen.
  • On the subsequent screen, select “Close account.” If the stated account is truly yours, you will indeed be asked to verify it.
  • Continue clicking “Continue” to show that you understand doing so will result in the permanent closure of your account.
  • Open up your email.
  • On the email that Spotify issued you, click the “Close My Account” option.
  • You will have seven days after you finish to decide whether to revive your previous Spotify account. The account is thereafter completely erased.

How to terminate your previous subscription of Spotify?

Keep in mind that you cannot terminate your member sign-up through the Spotify app. Using a browser is the only option is to accomplish this. So, regardless of if you’re using a personal computer, a Mac, a Macbook, or a mobile device, this is how to get Spotify on your pc or laptop.

  • Visit now.
  • Log in to your current id.
  • In the top-right portion of the page, click your profile picture.
  • The “Your Plan” part can be found by scrolling down.
  • Select “Change Plan” from the menu.
  • “Cancel Premium” can be found by scrolling all the way down.
  • If your subscription is paid for through iTunes, then you may cancel it using a PC program or an iOS application.
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Although it was suggested that the auto-generated username would improve user experience, Spotify users appear to have experienced the reverse.

Given these unforeseen (and occasionally unexplainable) changes to the way the platform is used, the best method to get a unique login id on Spotify is to have an account that was set up (and its username altered) before 2018 – which isn’t the situation for most individuals right now. For users that entered the platform after that, there was most definitely no remedy at all. We’re hoping that by altering your Spotify login, you’ll be able to achieve the desired result in some little way.


Do I have any restrictions on how I can modify my Spotify username?

Assume for the moment that we’re referring to the Spotify display name. First, you have the option of changing the display name as much as you choose. In this sense, there are no restrictions. Only 30 characters are allowed in your username, which is long enough to cover most display name requirements. Your display name can contain pretty much anything, in terms of its content. However, as Spotify might delete your account for using offensive language, we advise you to refrain from doing so.

Why is the randomness in my Spotify username?

In order to improve the Spotify experience overall and lower the likelihood of account theft, the login on Spotify is a series of seemingly random characters and numbers. The process is sped up for Spotify by avoiding the user-chosen usernames. Naturally, you can log in without having to recall your Spotify username. In actuality, Spotifytoon’t ever require you to provide your username. Your password and email address are the only things you need to remember. Simply log in with your Google, Apple, or Facebook account alternatively.

How frequently is my Spotify username changeable?

You are unable to modify your Spotify username, as stated. For instance, you can join up for Spotify through Facebook, where in instance your Fb login will also serve as your Spotify username. As long as you possess a Fb account that is not even connected to Spotify, you can accomplish this. This does not, however, provide you with a lot of flexibility, as is frequently the case. But in theory, you could make as many different Facebook accounts as you wanted and connect them all to Spotify.