Canva Upload Error: Reasons and How to Fix It

Hello Gossipians! Are you struggling with the ‘Canva upload error’ while trying to create eye-catching designs? One common cause of the upload issue is also Canva 400 Client Error. Fret not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the common reasons for this pesky issue, and walk you through the steps to resolve it. With our tips, you’ll be back to designing in no time.

Understanding Canva Upload Error

A. Definition and Impact

Canva upload errors can disrupt your workflow, especially if you’re on a tight deadline. These errors occur when you’re unable to upload images or other elements to the platform, restricting your creative potential.

B. Common Error Messages:

  • Error uploading your image.
  • Something went wrong.
  • Unable to upload your file.

 Reasons for Canva Upload Errors

  • A. Unsupported File Formats: Canva supports a range of file formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF. However, if you’re trying to upload a file type not supported by Canva, you’ll encounter an error.
  • B.  Large File Sizes: Excessively large files can trigger upload issues. Canva recommends keeping file sizes under 25MB to avoid problems.
  • C. Browser-Related Issues: An outdated browser or browser cache may contribute to upload errors.
  • D. Slow or Unstable Internet Connection: A weak internet connection can interrupt uploads and cause errors.
  • E. Canva Server Issues: Sometimes, the issue lies with Canva itself. Server downtime or maintenance may temporarily prevent uploads.
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How to Fix Canva Upload Error?

Fix 1:  Convert File Formats

Use online file converters to change unsupported formats. Save the converted file in a supported format like JPEG or PNG.

Fix 2:  Compress Large Files

Use online image compression tools. Ensure the compressed file is under the 25MB limit.

Fix 3:  Update Your Browser

An outdated browser can also be the cause of such error. Check for browser updates. Install the latest version to ensure compatibility.

Fix 4:  Clear Browser Cache

  • Navigate to your browser settings.
  • Clear cache and cookies to eliminate potential conflicts.

Fix 5: Check Your Internet Connection

As we all know, Internet connection is a highly rated issue all over the world. Make sure that your internet is strong and stable. Run an internet speed test. Switch to a more stable connection if necessary.

Fix 6:  Wait for Canva Server Issues to Resolve

  • Check Canva’s social media for updates.
  • Try uploading again after some time.

Fix 7:  Disable Browser Extensions

  • Open your browser’s extension manager.
  • Temporarily disable extensions, especially ad blockers and security tools.
  • Check if the error persists; if not, identify the problematic extension.

Fix 8:  Switch to a Different Browser

  • Try using a different browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Log in to your Canva account.
  • Test the upload functionality to see if the issue is browser-specific.

Fix 9: Use Canva’s Mobile App

  • Download the Canva app for iOS or Android.
  • Log in to your account on the app.
  • Attempt uploading the file via the mobile app, as it may bypass the issue.

Fix 10: Check File Name and Path

  • Ensure the file name doesn’t contain special characters or spaces.
  • Save the file to a different location on your device, such as the desktop.
  • Try uploading the file again, using the new file path.

Fix 11:  Resize Image Dimensions

  • Open the image in a photo editor.
  • Adjust the dimensions to be smaller, without compromising quality.
  • Save the resized image and attempt to upload it.
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Fix 12: Contact Canva Support

  • Reach out to Canva’s customer support team.
  • Provide details of the upload error, including screenshots.
  • Follow their guidance to resolve the issue.

Preventing Canva Upload Errors

  1. Use Supported File Formats: Always work with supported formats to avoid future errors.
  2. Optimise Files for Web Use: Compress and optimise files to keep file sizes manageable.
  3. Regularly Update Your Browser: Ensure you’re using the latest browser version for a seamless experience.
  4. Maintain a Stable Internet Connection: Prioritise a reliable connection for uninterrupted uploads

 Collaborate with Others to Troubleshoot

1.  Share Your Design with a Teammate:

  • Invite a team member to your Canva account.
  • Ask them to attempt the upload on their device.
  • Determine if the issue is specific to your device or account.

2. Join Canva Community Forums:

  • Search for similar issues in Canva’s online forums.
  • Engage with other users who faced the same problem.
  • Learn from their experiences and try suggested solutions.


By exploring these additional solutions, you can tackle Canva upload errors from various angles. Remember to keep your software up-to-date, optimise your files, and maintain open lines of communication with Canva’s support team and community. By doing so, you’ll minimise disruptions and enjoy a smoother designing experience.


Q: What file formats does Canva support for uploads?

A: Canva supports JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF formats for image uploads.

Q: Is there a file size limit when uploading to Canva?

A: Yes, Canva recommends keeping file sizes below 25MB for smooth uploading.

Q: Can browser issues cause Canva upload errors?

A: Absolutely! Outdated browsers or browser cache conflicts can trigger upload errors.

Q: How can I fix Canva upload errors caused by large file sizes?

A: Compress the file using online image compression tools to reduce its size.

Q: What if the upload error persists after trying the solutions provided?

A: Reach out to Canva’s customer support team for further assistance.

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Q: Can I use Canva’s mobile app to bypass upload errors?

A: Yes, the mobile app may resolve issues encountered on the web platform.

Q: Are Canva server issues a possible cause for upload errors?

A: Yes, server downtime or maintenance can temporarily result in upload errors.

Q: How do I prevent future Canva upload errors?

A: Use supported file formats, optimise files, and regularly update your browser.

Q: Can the Canva community help with resolving upload errors?

A: Definitely! Engage with other users in forums to learn from their experiences and find new solutions.