Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13?

Do you own an iPhone 6 and are sick of the previous backward upgrades? Want to get a new iOS 13 updates on your old iPhone? Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13? Know how you can have updates on iPhone 6 after the iOS 12? Want to learn. Click here to find out the answer to your questions with a complete in-depth guide.

The one thing that Apple takes pride is in its backward support and reusability. No other smartphone in the history of the smartphone industry has been able to provide this insane amount of support to its users. When you use your iOS device the company makes sure that your device works incredibly and smoothly. If you are ever unsatisfied with any of the features then patches or updates are pushed to your iPhone almost immediately.

Apple has the policy of treating the customers right and making the user experience the top priority. But what if you own an iPhone that has been discarded from the assembly line. What if you are using an iPhone 6? Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13? This is a burning question that might come to your mind.

Apple tends to take care of their previous generation devices. After all, when you spend a decent amount of money on the iPhones then obviously, they would like to keep their customer to be satisfied till the end of the line. If you own an iPhone that was scrapped then don’t bother, Apple supervises to make sure that their instruments are not disregarded and are fully operational with no existing bugs or errors.

In short, they want to make sure that the final version of the iOS which is left in the discontinued iPhone is incredibly stable. So, the discontinued iPhones are not able to get the feature of continuity in the terms of software.

Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13
Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13?

Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13?

So, the question remains, Can the iPhone 6 get iOS 13? Well, no it cannot officially get the iOS 13 update. But there are things that you can do to get them unofficially or make sure that you are not missing out on any of the coolest features of the iOS 13 update like Dark mode and new camera features. So, in this guide, we will give you the complete detail of making your iPhone 6 better and more useful. Let’s see the details.

Why are iPhones discontinued by Apple?

Apple is a multi-national business. It makes sure that the users are getting the best support and proper user experience. If you have any problems or issues, you are free to report to the Apple servers and forums. They are very quick to reply and send patches or software updates to make sure that the iPhones are in the most tip-top condition. If you find Apple making changes to the user profile or pushing out newer updates then it is for the good of users. But they can’t keep their updates centered towards the same old phones every year.

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With time, technology has evolved exponentially. Every day a new smartphone with a unique feature emerges. Every year a new company emerges with the newest features using cutting-edge technology. Apple needs to stay up to date with the global market. If you are someone who uses Apple products in general. Then you already know how good Apple’s services are. Sure, they are expensive but they are worth their price. As time goes by, technology becomes old and newer, and faster versions of technology emerge all around the world. To keep up with this, Apple launches its own latest products with the most advanced hardware it can design.

This hardware is run with the help of software. This software helps the hardware to function and acts as a bridge between the hardware and the user. As the iPhones reach older their hardware is not capable to maintain up with the current heavy hardware. They might be able to run them but their performance will be significantly low. The devices will tend to become more and more unstable. So, to answer the question of Can iPhone 6 get iOS 13?

It cannot, because the hardware is not able to run the software updates of iOS 13 optimally. Apple knows this and that’s why they discontinued the device and let the device have the most stable form of iOS version. Apple makes sure that the last update or software version on any discontinued iPhone is the most stable and optimal update for that iPhone.

What is new in the iOS 13 update?

The iOS 13 update is one of the most popular updates in iPhone history.

  • It was an update so hyped up by Apple because it was the update for the latest iPhone 11.
  • Also, It was said to be the biggest update to be seen in Apple until now.
  • iOS 13 was an update that boasted a lot of configuration changes and inbuilt functions that would make the iPhone almost 30 percent speedy.
  • plus, It was an update that was said to bring out many new and awesome features

These features will bring the best out of all the existing Apple devices and were to make iPhones more efficient. Check our tutorial on Automatic updates iPhone.

Let us take a look at what iOS 13 presents us with and see all the most important features it brings to the table.

Feature 1:  Dark mode

There is one of the most important aspects the iOS 13 brought to the table was the Dark mode in the iPhones. The dark mode was hinted at and rumored around the internet and was said to be brought to the iOS in the latest update. Apple users were annoyed when their iPhones XS and iPhone XS Max were not equipped with the now popular dark mode. The dark mode is a feature that allows the screen of your iPhone and all your apps to turn to a dark mode.

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This segment was presented for the people who operate their iPhones at night or in any darker area. This feature is incredibly helpful as it saves your eyes from getting a very high constant amount of strain and disarray. You can use dark mode if you are someone who tends to use your iPhone late at night. The dark mode was introduced very long ago in Android phones. So, when Apple introduced iOS 13 to have an amazing dark mode. Many users were excited to get their hands on it.

Feature 2: Safari Downloads

With the prominent question of can iPhone 6 get iOS 13? You may have come across people struggling with using the apps like Safari in iPhone 6 or previous existing iPhones. This is because Safari did not have a download option. This was annoying. If you are someone who is using a previous version of iPhones then you may know this feeling.

Fortunately, in iOS 13 Safari was equipped with a much belated but incredibly handy download bar. This made using Safari a very good experience. You could even store the downloaded files to any of the apps by sharing them or making sure that they are in their respective files. This was one of the most sought out features of the iOS 13 and one of the major reasons for its popularity.

Feature 3: Memoji Stickers

Normally, Apple takes a long time in adapting to modern trends. But with the new iOS 13 update, everyone was shocked to see a very cute and fun trend be adopted by Apple. In the newest software update of iOS 13, a feature was introduced in the iMessage app called the Memoji stickers. This was a very fun addition as it allowed you to send some of the most unique and fun types of stickers to your friends, family members, or any other contacts.

You can make your custom character and ability to make your Memoji stickers of them. These Memojis were made sure to show many different features and facial expressions. If you own an iPhone with the Face ID unlock then you can record a Memoji doing your expressions. It was the coolest feature of the iOS 13 update.

Feature 4: Find My

iPhones already have an inbuilt tracking app for both your iPhone and your friends. Your iPhone has the feature of tracking your device even if the iPhone is not connected to the internet using GPS systems. It can track your iPhone using the network towers around your device. It is an incredibly amazing feature that also exists in the iOS 12 supported iPhones. In iPhones that do not support the iOS 13 update, they are separated into two apps. Namely, they are the “Find my iPhone” app and the “Find my friends” app. Check out how to find my Apple ID password.

In the iOS 13 update, you can do the tasks of both these apps into a single concise app. The app is called the “Find My” app. You will find the app to be a merged app of both the “Find my iPhone” app and the “Find my friends” app. This will help you track your iOS devices and your friend’s iOS devices both in a single and useful app.

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How to get the features of iOS 13 on your iPhone 6?

As we already know the answer to the question of can iPhone 6 get iOS 13? The answer is simple. You will not be able to install the iOS 13 update in your iPhone 6 because its hardware can not keep up with the software. Your iPhone cannot run the iOS 13 optimally. So, what can you do? Can you not use the amazing features introduced in iOS 13? You can. We will teach you some of the methods of using all the above-mentioned features right in your iPhone 6. Let us see some of the techniques you can do to achieve the above-mentioned features in your iPhone 6.

1) For Dark Mode use the Dark Mode Wallpapers app

There is an app in the App Store called the Dark Mode Wallpapers app. You can use it to choose from the various themes and select them as wallpapers on your iPhone 6 and get the feeling of a dark mode on iOS 12.

2) For Safari Downloads use the Dolphin app

There is an app in the App Store called the Dolphin app. The app provides an in-built browser with a dedicated download manager. You can use this to make your iPhone 6 have a dedicated download manager.

3) For Memojis use the Snapchat app

The Snapchat app allows you to make your Bitmojis and send them to your friends and family members. You can also make your streaks and awesome photos.

4) For Find My use the “Find my iPhone” app and the “Find my friends” app

There is no dedicated change in the Find My app but you can use both the apps as you already would’ve used in the iPhone 6 or previous versions of the iPhones. You can use these iPhones and make sure that you have your iPhone tracked.


I expect with this piece of content I was capable of fixing all your issues related to the topic of can iPhone 6 get iOS 13? You may not be able to commercially get all the iOS 13 but you can use these tips and make your iPhone 6 better.

If you find to have more issues related to the topic you are free to check out the FAQs that are given below for more clarity.


Can I not get the iOS 13 on my iPhone 6 anyway?

You can get it by unofficial means that may put your iPhone in jeopardy. You can jailbreak your iPhone to get iPhone 13 on your iPhone but it will not work efficiently.

What happens if you jailbreak your device?

Your iPhone’s warranty and integrity are not viable anymore. You are not free to use any software you want or won’t get updates.