Can Airpods be tracked if connected to Android?

Trying to find AirPods on Android We look at the best alternatives to Apple’s Find My app for discovering AirPods on Android. Like certain other authentic wireless earbuds, AirPods are tiny and frequently fall outside from pockets or even get also lost in homes due to their small size. Though if you are utilizing AirPods with an Android handset, the situation is significantly terrible.

Android phones may not have the same dependable choice as iPhone users in terms of finding their AirPods, despite Apple’s Find My app being beneficial for iPhones. While there are many applications on the Play Store that claim to aid you to discover your AirPods. So, The majority of those are so overrun in adverts that they become essentially useless. 

Your AirPods were also misplaced. Regrettably, if you have an Android device, you cannot simply activate “Find my AirPods” to discover your lost set. Nonetheless, there still is another method that is incredibly quick and simple to find them. So, We will reveal a top-secret productivity tip inside this blog for all Android phones that own AirPods. Thus, Discover one of the favourite Android productivity applications by continuing on!

Although AirPods are excellent cordless earphones that work with all Apple devices, what happens if you misplace or, terrible perhaps, have your AirPods robbed? So, The gadget can be quickly reconfigured to make it into its own if somehow the criminal possesses an iPhone, iPad, or Mac. However, there is no way to prevent someone else from using your lost or stolen AirPods. Since the AirPods do not have a Wi-Fi connection, you could encrypt or send access to them. Obviously, this response is not what you were looking for, if you’re fortunate, you might just be able to find your AirPods before someone else does.

Can Airpods be tracked if connected to Android

If you can’t stop others from using your AirPods, you might wonder why this post even appears. Apparently, a large number of individuals are also interested in learning the response. Hence, people must understand the reality, but they could also believe they were also robbed as they were simply lost. As a result, this blog teaches the reader how else to find their AirPods and just how possible it is for them to be permanently lost. This also describes how to avoid losing your AirPods by carrying out a quick procedure already when you definitely do.

Now, We will explain where to look for AirPods running Android in this blog. Additionally, we have already included the top third-party programs you could use to accomplish this. Now let us begin straight away. 

Can you track your AirPods if they are already connected to your Android smartphone?

Many of you still wonder if AirPods can be also tracked if they are already connected to your Android. The clear answer to this problem is yes yes yes! So, You can track your earphones if they are stolen or lost even if they are also connected to your Android smartphone. You do not have to worry, just keep reading this article to know about the details. I have it all here.

Do Android phones support AirPods? 

Sure, AirPods communicate over Bluetooth, although in order to fully utilize them, you will really have to acquire the right software code. So, That entails becoming capable of utilizing them to handle your audio or conversations, in addition to monitoring the life of the battery of your AirPods and charge box.

On Android phones, you can manage your AirPods using a variety of applications. Along with showing you how and when to configure and to use specific applications including AirBattery, we will also go through the process of linking the AirPods with Smartphones. Everything that you need to do regarding configuring AirPods for Android gets provided here.

An Unpleasant Combo of Android and AirPods.

It is rather simple to be sucked into the Android ecosystem whenever you purchase one Apple device. Even though Android is Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone market, Apple phones seldom work properly with non-Apple gadgets. So, With only an iPhone or Mac, AirPods work flawlessly, but also an Android device will require a very little additional.

This is not to say that only some capabilities simply do not work straight out of the box, and that many of the essential AirPod capabilities, including ear identification to instantly silence your audio, would not happen without the addition of a third-party software. Fortunately, there seem to be a number of AirPod management applications accessible thanks to Android developers.

One of them, AirBattery, which now has received more than thousand installations from the Google Play Store, has previously been already recognized. And there are others, such as AirDroid and PodAir. So, Your past observations may range, but all of these apps aim to provide for AirPods the very same capability, something you will find on iOS and macOS platforms.

Attempt a different application if the first one does not work. They might function for you depending on the application or your phone, but they can’t be already relied upon. You would not have the very same, flawless feeling when using an iPhone even with all these applications running, although it will be similar.

How to Connect AirPods to Android.

AirPods should really be capable of being linked to any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, much to how a PS4 controller might well be connected to an Android handset. Going to assume your Smartphone might not be too old and has Bluetooth technology, pairing your AirPods with Android should not be a problem. Since, Nearly all Android devices on the market today have Bluetooth technology. Naturally again, these instructions may vary according to the type of smartphone you have but the mobile operating System you are using. Following directions should work perfectly with Android 10 and the procedures are the same for subsequent variants as well.

  • Before you could even connect your Android phone, you must turn on Bluetooth. You may accomplish this by tapping the Bluetooth tiles in your notifications column after sliding down to get to it, or by tapping the Bluetooth slider in the Android options menu. Some other sub-menu, such as Connectivity on Samsung smartphones, may have this mentioned. 
  • Once Bluetooth is turned on, you can start looking for your AirPods. Hold down the proposal. two at the rear of the container while your AirPods are in the charging dock and the lid is open. The LED light on the inside of something like the cover for your AirPods will start to flicker white once they are in active mode.
  • Inspect your list of Compatible Connections in the Bluetooth settings menu when the LED is flashing. Press Confirm if the AirPods are not really listed. To start the combining method, click on the machine enumerating for your AirPods in the list. Click OK to verify. 
  • Your AirPods should appear in the list of services and devices again when the pairing phase is complete. The AirPods could perhaps function for simple calls and music playback once they are linked. You will really have to download an AirPod control software because Android does not enable most of those extra capabilities.
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Downloading an Application for AirPod Controlling.

You would use an application to operate your AirPods to change tunes by pressing them, have them cease immediately whenever you take one out of your head, and verify the battery performance of both your AirPods and recharging box.

We suggest AirBattery or AirDroid (not to be confused with the well-known file transfer programme), however the Google Play Store has a tonne of other options as well. Although the processes for installing and using applications should be also comparable. These tutorials will focus on installing and using AirBattery on Android.

  • Download AirBattery first by going to the Google Play Store. You first should give the mobile access to operate your smartphone because once you initially launch it.
  • To provide the mobile access towards each setting, select Grant Permission and adhere to the on-screen directions for your Android operating system.
  • First from the list, pick your AirPods devices. For example, AirBattery provides multiple AirPods replicas in addition to the genuine Apple models. Whenever your phone has been chosen, click OK to continue.
  • Your phone will just be set up when you choose this from the screen in AirBattery. App switcher the messages box will show you the condition of your AirPods. You may describe the current fuel percentages and view other AirBattery preferences by tapping the AirBattery notice or by running the AirBattery demand. To reach the AirBattery settings, click the wrench symbol.
  • With your Headphones to immediately cease any streaming video or music as you pull either or both from your ear, you must activate AirPod Ear Recognition. In the Performance area of the AirBattery menu bar, push the sliders to the right of that selection.
  • The current notification window becomes disabled when AirBattery’s AirPod Ear Detection feature is enabled. Disconnect AirPod Ear Recognition by sliding the adjuster next to yours, now select Show message from the Notification area unless you would rather have it turned on.
  • After installing and configuring AirBattery (or perhaps another AirPod control software), your Android phone should be nearly fully operational. However, you should really be willing to use other AirPods functionalities like ear identification and route avoidance. For example, you will be unable to set up your AirPods to initiate Siri. Utilising AirPods for Business

Do AirPods function with Android?

” This is not the appropriate query. As we are seeing below, Android tablets can and actually interact with AirPods, but you will require a third-party application to unlock all of its features. Although using AirPods on Windows is still a little simpler, iOS and macOS offer the finest user experiences. Additionally, particularly when using an iPhone or Mac, you might modify the functionality of your AirPods to utilise them in different ways. By which gadgets are you using your AirPods? Tell us here in the comment page underneath.

All you need to know about using AirPods with Android!

Advantages of AirPods alongside Android.

Even if you appreciate the aesthetic appeal of AirPods but the operation of an Android, AirPods still operate as a wonderful wire-free earphone choice. In comparison towards other ear headphones, many users discover these to be much more comfy. In comparison to competing earphones for Android handsets, their battery performance is higher. They can easily be also charged as soon as you have a Lightning connector. By purchasing an AirPods sleeve and a Samsung Galaxy S22 cover in the same colour or pattern, you may personalise respectively your AirPods and your most recent Samsung phone to complement one another and.

Disadvantages of AirPods When used with Android.

AirPods may be used with Android devices, although the sound quality is inferior to that of an iPhone. Although Apple uses its very own version of Advanced Audio Codec, or AAC, this is the case. You can notice the huge change in audio quality while downloading songs on an Android device as opposed to that when playing the very same song on an iPhone.

Characteristics of AirPods that work with Android.

With just an Android phone, you can appreciate the very same coax cable functionality of the AirPods. Just use Bluetooth to communicate as your would on any other Connected device. The AirPods’ dual functions, which allow you either resume or resume listening to music with double one of earbuds, are still functional. Whenever you experience operating your AirPods on such an Android phone, you can adjust your AirPods to add the following record or actual track motions if you own an apple device.

Aspects of AirPods which don’t work with Android.

And if you use AirPods, there is a really extensive set of requirements that are unavailable to consumers. If you are not using an Apple product, “Hey, Siri” would not function. One of the most practical ones is AirPods playing alone. When you can use either AirPod to listen to songs as well as other information on your iPhone, you must always wear either AirPods in order to enable them to interact. Additionally, you give up the ease of installation that an iPhone might provide. Unlock your container close to the Apple phone you would really like to attach your AirPods to, such as an iPad or Apple Watch, and then simply follow the simple installation guide.

Increasing AirPods’ Application interoperability.

Although a significant portion of AirPods capabilities is managed to lose on an Android, users still can add applications to your Android to modular construction. You can install an application on your Android smartphone. For example AirBattery, to view how much power is left on one’s left and right AirPods as well as the real power button. Download the new AssistantTrigger to start changing the swipe act of kindness to place up. Google Advisor to be already prompted with a double tap on one’s AirPods.

Would AirPods Be Also Used on an Android?

Contrary to the common perception, AirPods may be also used with practically each and every smartphone or tablet running Android. Despite being made to Apple devices in consideration, AirPods can communicate to practically all smartphones, independent of software, as long as bluetooth remains active. On Android, many of the features of AirPods, including Siri, customized double tap, and single AirPod playback. And the like are absent, while you can always hear in sound.

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What Are the Differences Between Locating AirPods on iPhone and Android?

Because AirPods seem to be Apple’s exclusive headphones, together all added functions are just compatible with these other products using Mac silicon processors. Which encompasses Apple Watches and Apple TVs, as well as iPhone 5s and later, MacBook 2015 and subsequently, and iPad 3rd version and thereafter. Regrettably, whilst AirPods are compatible with Android, customers cannot refer to most of the great features, such as Apple’s Find My Phone. Additionally, you may make use of tools like “Lost Mode” and “Last-connected” status, which may also greatly speed up and improve the efficiency through which you locate your AirPods.

So, The position information where you may have a connection to your AirPods is also displayed in the latest connection position. A message that your AirPods are also closed can be also enabled in a missing manner. Furthermore, That if anyone discovers and seeks to be using items, you could also broadcast your telephone number. On Apple smartphones, many functions are accessible through the Find My application. However, unless you can meet the following requirements, you can indeed locate your AirPods that used an Android smartphone:

  • Just Because when your AirPods are also powered on and still have some battery backup remaining could you use these strategies to locate them.
  • Distance: To locate misplaced AirPods on an Android smartphone, you need to be within 30-75 feet.
  • Cover: You must have your AirPods either in the case or in an open investigation. That whenever a dispute is settled, they automatically adjust away.

Even without AirPods outside, it is challenging to locate a missing AirPods case. You must concentrate on your eyes throughout this situation.

After clearing things up, now let us move onto the three best methods for locating your missing AirPods on an Android phone.

When to Use Android Bluetooth to Recover Lost AirPods

You can indeed locate your AirPods via the Base station on your Mobile phone even though they are not already linked to an apple id. In addition to that same prerequisites listed previously, the following additional requirements must also be also satisfied therefore for an operation to function:

  • The App has to be tethered well with AirPods.
  • This solution solely functions if users miss just one AirPod if their AirPods have not yet been paired to your Android mobile.
  • Now that the fundamentals are explained, read on to learn how to harness Android’s Bluetooth technology to locate your misplaced AirPods.
  • The smartphone should now be connected through Bluetooth.
  • Look through the list of Bluetooth headphones till you see the brand of your AirPods.
  • If your AirPods are still within 30 to 60 feet of you, they have been located.

Attach to your Headphones and crank up the music.

You may identify your AirPods if you play steep music through headphones. When compared to standard tunes, higher octave noises are harder for your hearing to start picking up. Below is a high-pitched YouTube video that can allow you to find misplaced headphones. Attempt to carefully discover those by listening for the strong tone.

When to Use Android Applications to Identify Gone AirPods

Third-party applications continue to be a viable option if everything attempts to locate your missing AirPods. Such applications function in a similar manner to the Bluetooth approach described earlier, but they offer extra information regarding the proximity among your Android and my AirPods.

Here are some other top two Mobile apps for finding stolen AirPods.


Wunderfind is a straightforward, inexpensive, and efficient application that enables approximative proximity into its “from score” feature to locate AirPods on Android (or other Bluetooth enabled). The proximity from your smartphone and your AirPods and perhaps other digital connectivity is indicated by a figure in the “proximity scores” functionality. The closest your AirPods are there to your smartphone, the greater the rate.

Wunderfind is the next best tool you can employ to locate your AirPods without an iPhone, albeit it is not as precise as Apple’s official Find My app (which uses your AirPods’ location data and Apple’s database).

To locate your AirPods using Wunderfind, adhere to all these leaps:

  • Open the Wunderfind application
  • Give authorization for a Bluetooth device when required.
  • Choose the AirPods’ name.
  • Wander about that until you measure the difference with the best rating.
  • Find your AirPods.
  • For $4.99, you can subscribe to Wunderfind Pro on iOS or iPadOS, giving all of their machines access to graphical gps data on Google Maps or Apple Maps. In the premium edition, you can also set your misplaced AirPod to produce a signal to help you find it.

Find my AirPods 

The Find My AirPods app is our foremost bet for locating your misplaced AirPods. You may have used your smartphone and the software tool to check if your AirPods are all within 75 feet of you. When you upgrade to Wunderfind’s $4.99 paid edition, a closeness function that is comparable to its free plan becomes available.

You will receive 3 distinct categories rather than just ratios: chilly, moderate, or scorching. When your AirPods are frigid, you can be far away from them, and when they are warm, you are nearby. Probably have found My AirPods provides greater complexity and sophistication in English, German, and French but placing this closeness detector capability there behind the fee. The Find My AirPods might be worth the investment if you’re anybody who struggles with English or if you feel more comfortable speaking German or French.

The finest techniques to properly search your AirPods and important considerations to take into account are also covered in Find My AirPods’ advice. Though if you only need to locate one missing AirPod, the Find My AirPods app proves useful. However, you must have switched to Android 4.3 or higher so that this can operate.

Would Android phones Handle AirPods as Such?

Even as they were also created for the smartphone, Apple’s Petals work with Android phones and tablets. Thus allowing you to benefit from its wire-free technology even whether you use Apple or own several Android and iPhone phones.

The android AirPods

Of course, some lights and conveniences are lost, like Google’s new exclusive AirPods synchronization capabilities. On a Mobile phone, AirPods behave just like every other Gsm / GPRS headphone. Although there are solutions to at least partially restore its functioning via the Google play store.

Components of AirPods that do not function on Smartphones (Out of the Box)

According to the W1 connectivity chip on the first model or the H1 semiconductor in the Lobes 2 or Cloud-based storage 3, the magnetometer and other senses, and comprehensive method with Apple’s products, the Petals offer a rich set of features when coupled with an iPhones, iPad, Fitness Tracker, or Mac.

The following is a list of AirPods functionalities that are unavailable when running Smartphones:


For actions like choosing songs, modifying the temperature, or just expressing simple queries, you can push or tap to activate Siri on an iPhone. You may also start Siri by saying “Hey Cortana” if you have Earphones 2 or 3.

Adapting Twice Tap

On an apple device, you may modify what such a tap or press performs in the Settings app. Accessing Siri, Music, Next Play, and Previous Track are possible alternatives.

Flipping automatically

For Apple customers, AirPods are connected to an apple id, making it simple to switch off using the headphones with an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, or even Mac.

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Easy setup

The only step required to pair including an iOS smartphone is to open the

Inspecting the AirPods batteries

You may view the AirPods battery performance on the tablet’s Today center or the Macs Watch’s Control Panel, or you can contact Siri on the iPad or iPhone. Fortunately, the Assistant Trigger app or indeed the AirBattery app can be used to restore this capability on Smartphones.

The detection of ears automatically

 When users take an AirPod out of their ear while using an iPhone, the music is paused until they put an Earphone back in.

The listening on a shared AirPod

Because the AirPod uses ear recognition technology, it can only be used with iOS smartphones to listen to the song. To connect your AirPods on Android, take them off and out of their cases.

Aural Space

Beats 3 (and Surface Pro) enable Geographical Audio integration for Amazon Music when connected to iPhone, enabling a more panoramic soundtrack which gives the illusion like audio is emanating from everywhere around us.

Characteristics of AirPods That Operate on Your Smartphone

The capability of AirPods on iPhone is relatively limited and comes equipped, although the second tap or press ability works. It will play or suspend the music when you dual one of the Earphones (or push on the Strain Gauge on the stem on AirPods 3). The next album and actual track movements will also operate if you personalised your Headphones using an iPhone smartphone, but Siri nor “Hey Google” would not operate on Airpods pro or Petals 3 because those require an Ios device.

The Bluetooth connections range of Beats on Android is an extra advantage. On both Android and iOS, Pod typically has a Connection range that is significantly greater than comparable Gps/ a – GPS earphones. The remaining special features of Headphones are lost on Android, but there are a few apps for the platform that aims to bring back some of them, extending the functionality of Beats on Mobile.

The best way to restore lost AirPod capabilities

You can now monitor the charge status of your AirPods with the addition of AirBattery. Like the battery interface on iPhones, it displays battery levels for the left AirPod, middle AirPod, and charger case. When paired with Soundcloud, it also features an interesting ear detection performance that can pause music whenever you take out an AirPod.

The battery life of your AirPods is also shown with AssistantTrigger, which also claims to offer significant findings. It may be also used to modify tap gestures, enabling you to configure Google Home to be activated with a double tap.

How to Connect a Smartphone to AirPods

Like any other Connected device, AirPods pair with a Smartphone, but there are a few steps you must take.

  • Take the AirPods case off.
  • Your Apple device’s Wifi settings can be also found there.
  • Hold the connection located on the back of the AirPods case.
  • Tap the “Pair” icon after finding AirPods inside the list of Bluetooth peripherals.
  • The AirPods should be also able to gain support for your Android smartphone when you tap “Pair.”

Do Samsung Support Wireless earbuds?

The Earbuds are an excellent wire-free earbud alternative that performs better than most other True wireless earbuds apps for Android smartphones. Even if you only use Android apps. If you possess both iPhone and Android smartphones, Earbuds are a no-brainer since. After downloading the essential android applications, you can let them use little settlement on both media.

While there are wire-free Operating systems such as ios choices that Android users would want to look at, AirPods still have a few attractive characteristics that may appeal to Android smartphones despite lacking many of the bells and whistles found on iPhones.

A sequence of Google pixel buds

The rechargeable battery is definitely tempting, and many AirPods customers think that they are fairly sturdy and pleasant in the ears with such little chance of them slipping out. The AirPods 3 were also released by Apple in 2021, and they possess a more precise fit that is also more pleasant in the lobes. The rechargeable battery for AirPods has a portable, small design and offers a 24-hour power life. If you have a Power adapter, charging the case is equally simple.

The three-pod magsafe case

The audio quality of AirPods on an iPhone is one of the main reasons you might want to stay away from them. There may be also degraded streaming on Android because Apple’s AAC encoder does not work as well there as it does on the smartphone.

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Summary of the findings

Among the most difficult issues, you may run into as a result of the conveniences offered by any of these totally Bluetooth headphones is deleting your AirPods. Additionally, they cost more than other wireless earphones on the street. It makes sense that you will want to exert extra thought into hunting for them. Presumably, the techniques we have outlined above would enable users to locate your missing AirPods on Android.

So if you think that you have lost them, they have been already stolen. Then you do not need to worry. Now with all these features, we have discussed above you can solve this problem easily. You can track your AirPods or earphones on Android cell phones as well. This thing previously was a huge problem among Android users. But now that developers have already resolved this problem. Now you can listen to music or audio tension free. And you would not even care about your AirPods being lost. I hope you all like this article and find it informative. Please engage if you really find it useful. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

If they are also attached towards another smartphone, can missing AirPods remain found?

You can really only follow or restore a damaged or misplaced laptop via Find My. Your gadget cannot be also already located, tracked, and or flagged by any other Apple app. You must enable Find My on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when used with your AirPods in order to locate them.

If anyone reset my AirPods, would I even be able to find one another?

It is difficult to detect AirPods after a restart. Notwithstanding Apple releasing the “Find My AirPods” option, you can really only locate your AirPods if they are not being already reconfigured if one takes them or locate them after they have always been already misplaced.

How far is the AirPods path?

To “Track” the AirPods? It should not matter how far they are from me if they are lost. If you are referring to the maximum range they would reach from the source of their communication, the usual Bluetooth range is approximately 40 feet (10 meters).