Caltrans Cameras: Covering All Of California

Caltrans Cameras

Caltrans Cameras have grown to be very popular in recent times. Videos have been popping up here and there in which people tune in to live traffic camera footage. And they are frankly pretty cool. To think that technology has come to a point where you can tap into the contents of a traffic camera at any time. But a lot of people are still in the dark about how to do it. Don’t worry, though. The process is straightforward, and you will know how to do it by the end of this post. 

This post also aims to discuss a little bit in detail about Caltrans and its vision. It has been a consistently performing organization and shows no sign of stopping. Anyway, dive right in. 

What is Caltrans?

Caltrans stands for the California Department of Transportation and about 50 years ago, in 1972. Apart from being an executive department of California, it is also apart of CalSTA, the California State Transportation Agency. A cabinet-level organization. Furthermore, the organization controls its vast networks from its headquarters in Sacramento. And this network contains over 18,000 employees on the permanent payroll with an annual budget averaging at about $17 billion. 

For years, the main objective of the organization has been to manage the highway system in California’s jurisdiction. And this involves both the Expressway System and the California Freeway. But in 2015, Caltrans announced its new mission that promised safer, sustainable, and more efficient transportations systems to the citizens of California.

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Caltrans site

Caltrans has a very active and informative site. Right below all the interactive pictures, you will see some options such as the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Management. And choosing any one of these will show you the information about the respective details. 

There are options next to the Caltrans logo as well. These involve Travel, Work with Caltrans, Programs, Caltrans Near Me, and Search. Clicking on any of these will fetch you the even more options and further details about them. Moreover, there is a bar about this, which has the Settings option and the Translate option. The former will help you in adjusting things like font size and contrast of the site while the latter lets you translate it to another language. 

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Caltrans cameras

Caltrans cameras are a system of traffic cameras set across the state of California. And you can use them to get the live feeds from these cameras at any time. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of employees, both permanent and temporary, working in repair, setting up, online work, paperwork, and so on. This is also one of the key features that make Caltrans more recognizable to the general public. 

The cameras are mostly available for online feed and rarely taken out for maintenance. And that too a few at a time. Moreover, these feeds are available for 24 hours and even in all weather conditions. Surely these can be used for security purposes and do help out the cops every now and then. But what really sells them to the public is the fact that anyone can tune into any camera at any time. 

If you wanna find out how then follow the steps below

Find out how

  1. Open your preferred browser. 
  1. Type in Caltrans and open its official site. 
  1. There will be several items in the top part of the screen right beside the Caltrans log. Travel option is one among them. Choose it. 
Caltrans site
Caltrans site
  1. Once you choose this option, you can see several options on the central part of the screen. Scroll down till you come across the options called Quick Map.
Opening Travel option
Opening Travel option
  1. Click on this option, a screen showing a map, as shown in the photo below. At the top right corner, you will see an icon to expand the screen. It will be better to select it to get a better view. 
Quick Map option
Quick Map option
  1. Now, you will be able to see all the cameras that Caltrans has positioned across the state. 
Caltrans Cameras
Caltrans Cameras
  1. Click on the camera whose live footage you want to watch. 
Live footage
Live footage
  1. A small window will appear hovering above the chosen camera, and there will be a play button on it. Hitting this button will show you the live footage on the screen. 
  1. In step 4, instead of selecting the Quick Map option, you can also go for the Check Current Highway Conditions option. 
  1. This choice will lead you to the screen, as shown below. Here you can enter the Higher number and prefer and then check out the view with your own eyes. 
Road Information
Road Information

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California Traffic Cameras

California Traffic Cameras is an app that is available in Google Playstore. Although the app can be used to browse Caltrans cameras, lanes, and other info, the app is not affiliated with it. Furthermore, it is not affiliated with Google as well. You can even view camera archives and highways message signs. 

  1. Go to the Playstore.
  1. Search for California Traffic Cameras and find it from the results. 
California Traffic Cameras App
California Traffic Cameras App
  1. Tap on the install option and wait until the process ends. 
  1. Open the app once you are done. 
  1. You will see the list of all the districts across California, choose the one you prefer. 
List of Districts
List of Districts
  1. After making this choice, a new screen will appear with four options on top. Select the Cam option to take a look at the available cameras. 
Available Cameras
Available Cameras
  1. Click on a blue marker, and you will be shown the name of the road.
Selected Camera
Selected Camera
  1. Click on the name of the road, and then a split screen will appear. The top part of the screen will show the camera footage while the bottom one will show the map. 
Live Footage
Live Footage

Caltrans priorities

At the bottom of Caltrans’ site, you can see several links, and one of them is about the five priorities that it puts forward. These priorities are regarding the rapidly changing world and its people. As a result, after reading it, you will be pretty convinced that Caltrans is putting its best put forward to bring a better transportation network to the state of California. 

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1. Safety

According to the numbers that they have gathered over the years, ten people die on California’s transportation network every day. Furthermore, out of these ten people, 20% belong to pedestrians and bicyclists. You can say that it’s a small number, but the fact remains that every life matter. Hence efforts are made continuously to bring this number to 0. 

2. Modality

The population is rising, and the numbers reveal that by the next 30 years, the population will see a rise of 25%. Consequently, there will be a more significant need for the transport of goods. Hence, there will be a need for an improved system and management of freight trains.

3. Innovation

The ‘unchanging business landscape’ is a myth with people breaking new ground every day. So to help people lead a better life, the incorporation of new ideas and ways is essential. Especially since a change in transportation can make a significant difference in areas such as the global warming crisis and similar problems. 

4. Efficiency

Bringin all things together is not enough. The entire process has to be done without wasting resources and with the next move in mind. Therefore, SB 1 has legislated Caltrans such that it has to make a minimum of $100 million in savings to reinvest it towards maintenance and rehabilitation processes. 

5. Partnerships

At heart, Caltrans is set to uplift the lives of every Californian. With that in mind, they keep an ear out the advice of their stakeholders and of the business partners to develop better systems and services. 

Caltrans: peek into the future

Caltrans has a rather keen eye for all of its plans. As a result, they have made a lot of ground as far as rehabilitation results are considered. It has its strategies have seen incremental success with its state infrastructure improvement efforts. They have even worked with the Swedish Geotechnical Institute to acquire better subbase stabilization techniques. 

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The folks working there are also busy with building next-generation bridges throughout the state. Many ideas are being tossed around within their research body. These include cast-in-place structures, seismic proof bridges, energy-absorbing joints, re-centering columns, replaceable bridge components, use of fiber-reinforced polymer, and a whole lot more. 

Although Caltrans has a lot of tricks up its sleeves, it does not stop there. They even conduct studies that have helped with a lot of research and development of new technologies in the transportation world. Hence, it has extended both its hands to the development of a more efficient transportation network and a better place for people to live. 

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The post above contains several details about Caltrans, and by now, you know a decent bit about it as well. Moreover, you can now use its camera footage to check out the traffic in the way you are headed for. Watch close and be safe out there.