Call forwarding android

Call forwarding android

Call forwarding android: There are many modes of communication designed by humans. There are many types of communication created by humans. Some of them were for short ranges, and some were for extended intervals. Here you find the latest one.


We have developed so many languages for the purpose of communication, and the languages have micro and macro benefits. The micro benefits are one to one conversation. The macro benefits allow us to communicate on a worldwide level. With the advancement of technology, humanity has developed many modes of communication.

Communication is also established between the different sizes of groups. One of the best modes of conversation nowadays is through our cell phones. Without cell phones, our life appears to be practically impossible now. We are using cell phones, and we must remain updated with the use of smartphones.

There is a new invention every day. We don’t want to become obsolete in our life. Because change is an essential feature of the growth of an individual. As said earlier, there have been a lot of inventions in the past decade.

I have noticed that few people have the problem of using the call forwarding facility provided by our phones. Many of us are not that well equipped on this topic, so I am here for the rescue. This facility is one of the best features which turns out to be quite useful in time of crisis. In today’s article, we will briefly cover what is call forwarding, enabling, and disabling call forwarding, and we will talk about some call forwarding apps. 

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What is call forwarding?

First of all, let us get familiar with what really call forwarding is, this facility allows the user to receive their phone calls at other numbers. A phone number of the user may get inactive for a certain amount of time, and he has to receive urgent calls. If the user activates the call forwarding feature on his phone, then the phone calls would be directed to the secondary phone number, then he can quickly receive the urgent phone calls on his other name. Isn’t it a handy feature?

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The answer to this question definitely “YES.” Considering different scenarios, think of a situation in which you have to attend an emergency meeting, and on the other hand, there is a close person who is ill, and he needs our help. We can direct all the calls related to the patient to different numbers of the person who can convey all messages to us about the situation. By the time that person will help the patient also.

By giving the above two examples, I wanted to say that this facility is beneficial during the time of crisis. Knowing and understanding this feature will provide a lot of help to the users. We must have knowledge lot many things because we never know which part of knowledge will come in handy.

Enabling call forwarding in android:

The call forwarding feature is enabled in settings. As we all know that different devices have a different user interface. It means that the whole process may have slight changes, and if you understand the process, then it will easier to enable call forwarding in our phones. The steps to enable this facility are as follows: –

  • We have to go to “Settings” or “Call Settings” (vary from user to user).
  • Then we tap on “call forwarding.”
  • We will see multiple options which have different purposes which are as follows: –
    1. Always forward: – All the calls will be directed on to our secondary number or our desired number.
    2. Forward when busy: – When we are on another phone call, the call will be forwarded on our secondary number.
    3. So, Forward when unanswered: – If we are not able to answer the call, then the request will be forwarded to our other number.
    4. Forward when unreached: – When a phone is OFF, the calls will be directed to our other number.
  • After choosing the desired option from the list, we just have to set our forwarding number.
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After completing the process, we will just enable the process. Thus, call forwarding will get activated.

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Disabling call forwarding in android:

The process for disabling call forwarding is almost the same as that of enabling call forwarding.

  • We will just go to settings.
  • Search for call forwarding options.
  • If the call forwarding option is already enabled, then we will just click on the disable option.
  • The call forwarding facility will be disabled.
  • If there is no disable option, then it means that the call forwarding option is not active.

This sums up enabling and disabling call forwarding feature in android.

Selective call forwarding in android:

What is particular call forwarding? The answer is the keyword “selective.” It is used to set criteria for the selection of the type of call. Apps such as Nextiva can be used to set this criterion.

call forwarding android

It can set up this for every number, and we can also select the default option for the numbers. We have to pay for it. This will help users support selective call forwarding. They also provide many other features.

Setting Up T mobile call forwarding android :

Many users ask the question about how to set up it in a T-Mobile. First of all, answering what a T-Mobile is, it is wireless phones provided by T-Mobile company, which provides communication facilities in the U.S.

The steps to enable call forwarding are simple and are as followed: –

  • We will open the dialler pad.
  • We dial **21* and then the second number, where we want to forward the number and add a hash (#) at the end. Example: – **21*111111222#
  • Then we click on the dial button.
  • This will set up a call forwarding to this number.

Steps to disable call forwarding on such phones: –

We simply type ##21# and simply dial this number. It would remove call forwarding set-up in such mobile phones.

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Best apps for call forwarding in android:

The features can also be set-up using apps on our cell phones. Some of the best apps which can be used to set up call forwarding facility are as follows: –

  • Simple Call Forwarding
  • QuickCallForward
  • Quick Forward Sprint
  • Redirect Call-call forwarding
  • Remote Call Forward
  • Call and SMS Forwarding Lite
  • Fast Forward

Many apps can be used to perform such tasks. The apps that suit you are one only one worth it. I have just listed a few suggestions which may turn out helpful.


I have tried to list all the possible ways in which we could enable call forwarding. I hope this content will be useful to you. As I have said earlier, we never know when the need for such a facility will arise. The main motto of writing this article was to help those who are in real need of such facilities, and they are just not aware of how to use such a feature. I hope this content may suffice our needs.

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