Calibrate Google Maps

Are you facing issues in Google Maps? It would be best if you calibrate Google Maps. In this article, we are going to talk about how to calibrate google maps.


We all like to travel. Some places we know, so we don’t need any help. However, when we go to a new place, we need some help. We used to use paper maps back days. Now when we have smartphones, we use online maps. There are many providers for online maps. However, Google Maps is a widely used software. Google Maps is one of the most popular and accurate maps on the market. Today we are going to talk all about Google Maps. We will see what and how Google Maps work. Also, we are going to understand how to calibrate Google Maps. Without any further, let us move into it, but before let us look into the basics.

Google Maps

Google Maps is an online mapping platform. It was launched in early 2005, Google develops it. It has a lot of features. There are mainly two types of imaging available in google maps. The first is the Satellite Imaginary and the second is the Aerial Imaginary.

Satellite Imaginary

This function allows us to get the satellite view of the area. It is useful when we have to look into the areas where we are traveling. To access this feature, tap on the menu button on the Google Map homepage and select Satellite View.

Aerial Imaginary

This function is the same as paper maps. It is just digital. You will be able to see the street from an aerial view. It is the most widely used imaging view to use the maps. It is the default imaging view of the map. To change it from another mode, tap on the menu button on the homepage and select an aerial view.

How do Google Maps work?

The software uses GPS to work. It also requires the internet to function better. Whenever your device has no support for GPS, it also works on the cell tower connection. For the most accurate results, you should always turn on high accuracy. Google Maps is accurate to the 15 meters of the given result. For better results, your device should have a compass. If your device has a compass sensor, your search results will be more accurate.

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You can also download and save maps for further use where you have no internet—now talking about the detailed working.

GPS: GPS is a sensor that connects the device with satellites for the result. Whenever you are working with GPS, you are connected with seven satellites. However, if you are in some basement or any subway, the GPS might not work properly.

Wi-fi: The next option comes to the Wi-fi. Google Maps also uses wi-fi to get the results. When the GPS stops working, the software automatically changes to wi-fi and searches for the nearby routers for their location to update the maps.

Cell Network: The last option is the Cell Network or the Cell Tower. When both the GPS and wi-fi are not available, then the software switches to the Cell Tower to get the precise location of the device.

For all this to work properly, you need to turn on the High Accuracy mode from the settings.

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Features of Google Maps

There are a lot of features in Google Maps. We are going to talk about some of them. We will see them one by one in detail.

Auto Traffic Reroute

When you are going somewhere, and if you get stuck in the traffic, the software will automatically reroute your ways. Google has covered most of the streets in the world. In the google database, it has all the possible ways to get somewhere. So whenever you get stuck in the traffic, then use Google Maps, and you will get a traffic-free route.

Offline Maps

As we have said earlier, you can download maps when you have no internet access. This feature is one of the best features to look at. The software allows you to download maps of an area on your device. It can be downloaded over wi-fi. To download the map go to the menu select download, then select the area and hit download. Once downloaded, you can use it anytime without the internet.

360 angle view

The map also provides a 360 angle view of some areas. If the area is mapped in 360 angle view can definitely enjoy it. You just have to tap on the 360 angle view, and you will be able to see the entire area.

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Virtual Walk Around

Google Maps also gives you the option for a virtual walk around an area. If the area is mapped for virtual walk around, you can access it. When you view some area that is mapped, you can tap on a virtual walk around, and you can now virtually walk in that area. This function world with the help of 360 angle view. If you have a VR set, it is definitely worth a try.

Continuous traffic updates

One of the best things about google maps is continuous traffic updates. Wherever you go somewhere, the software will continuously update for the traffic. It crowdsources the traffic status from the device in that area. This function is very helpful. Using this traffic data, it gives you alternate ways or auto reroutes you.

Save commonly used address

The next feature of the google map is the option to save the address of the places we visit more. You can tap on the saved option at the bottom tab to access it, or you can also save a new address. You can also classify addresses as Home or Work. If you are using Google Assistant, you just have to say commute to Home, and it will show you the path.

Best timing to visit a place

With the integration of Google Search, Google Maps has developed an option to tell you that which is the best time to visit a place or a shop. It also tells about the rush in the metro. You can use this feature to save your precious time.

Automatic and quick orientation

The map has a high-speed orientation capacity. If your device has a compass and a good internet connection, then it works much faster. The quick orientation makes searching faster. It makes the commute faster. It is a beneficial feature.

This is all about the features of Google Maps. Now we will talk about the calibration.

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Why do we need to calibrate Google Maps?

Now we are talking about the calibration. The first question arises: why do we need to calibrate google maps? The answer is that sometimes the software is not able to make the orientation. This causes a lot of problems in the search and giving an accurate location.

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How to calibrate google maps?

Calibrating the map is very easy. We will tell you to step by step about how to calibrate google maps.

  • Open Google Maps on your device.
  • Tap on the GPS button to check if the map is working correctly.
  • Now, take the phone in your hand and make an 8(eight) like a symbol from your hand, as shown in the picture below.
  • Do it until the device says Google Maps calibrated.
  • Once the map is calibrated, the beam will start showing your correct position.
Calibrate Google Maps

There is one more setting you need to change so that these problems won’t happen in the future. This is not necessary; however, you can make these changes.

  • Open your device settings.
  • Search for the Location.
  • Once you have found the location open it.
  • Select the mode option.
  • Tap on the High Accuracy. Click OK to confirm.

These necessary changes will make your Google Map work more perfectly.

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We all use mapping daily in our life. It helps in a lot of ways. There are a lot of features in google map. We have talked about most of them. In this article, we have also seen how to make google map work more perfectly. We have talked about how to calibrate google maps. If you face any problem next time using the google map, use the method we talk about to make the google map work more perfectly. You should also sometimes try to download the maps because sometimes the problem also occurs due to the unavailability of a good internet connection. I hope you liked the post.