Best Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Device’s Power

Last year, smartphone owners voted with their opinions – and they chose battery life as the most essential feature in a new phone. USA Today/SurveyMonkey polled 1,665 people on what part was top of mind when selecting a device: an astonishing 75% declared longer battery life their number one choice! Another survey by Morning Consult found that 95% also agreed; it is clear consumers prioritize simplicity over flashy high-tech features such as resolution screens or faster processors. Poll results show evidence for this, showing shatterproof glass screens and expandable storage coming in second and third place respectively. There is nothing surprising in this, because if the battery is low, then even the most modern smartphone becomes useless. Now we will show you how to save your phone battery with simple tricks.

Best Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Your Device's Power

#1 Customize background apps

While it’s easy to believe you’ve shut down an app, many applications still remain in the background after exiting. This can be especially true of GPS-based services such as maps and games that track your location continually – draining battery life without ever being noticed. Although iPhone users have access to a handy App Manager which allows them to swipe apps off their screen, Android phones require more sophisticated settings for power management according to analyses from J. Gold Associates; so limiting certain programs’ ability is advised rather than manually stopping them yourself!

#2 Disable GPS data

Our modern-day smartphones come equipped with far more than just basic phone functions. One of these extras is GPS, a feature that can be incredibly useful for finding your way around town or locating yourself on a map – but which also presents potential privacy concerns if it’s left activated! To ensure you stay safe from prying eyes, keep your location services switched off when they’re not needed.

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#3 Watch out for power-hungry apps

When using your phone, laptop, or another device for intensive tasks like gaming and video streaming, it’s easy to drain the battery quickly. It’s important to make sure you keep up with charging in order to stay connected. Additionally, when downloading apps that require a lot of system resources such as 3D image rendering programs and iMovie – be aware of their impact on battery life too! On the opposite side are less power-hungry activities such as note-taking and web browsing which can help conserve energy instead. Lastly, animated wallpaper looks pretty but not only makes things run slower while subjecting users’ devices’ batteries let go faster so check out some more efficient versions if possible.

Another way how to save battery is to optimize routine processes. The faster they can be performed, the less the smartphone will have to lose charge. For example, if you don’t know how to send a fax from your cell phone and follow this procedure for a long time, your device may lose up to 5% of its charge. If you download Fax from iPhone and iPad, you can do it in 1-2 minutes. You will be able to fax from the phone and point “fax in” to any device in the world. There are many places I can send a fax, just like receiving one. However, the easiest and most convenient way is to send a fax from iPhone. It is enough just to have a fax app, then this routine task will stop taking so much time and battery charge.

#4 Use Airplane mode

Put your phone in Airplane mode for a power boost and connection savings when you’re out of range or on the move! Whether it’s an airplane flight, a road trip across the country, or just grabbing groceries down the street – turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save energy during moments when being connected isn’t necessary. Taking these small actions will leave more juice under the hood so that you have plenty of fuel to make calls, play games, and stream content on demand anytime life takes you away from home.

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#5 Reduce push notifications

Constantly hearing your phone go off with notifications can be incredibly distracting, never mind the effect it has on battery life. Letting you take control of when and how much information comes onto your device again is key to a better user experience. Start by disabling push services or reducing their frequency so that rather than having messages pushed at random times, you choose instead to pull them down whenever necessary. Depending on which model of smartphone you own, further settings may also come into play;

  • Android phones look out for Settings | Notifications in order to customize individual apps;
  • iPhones should head straight over to Settings | Notifications.

#6 Reduce screen brightness

Reduce the brightness of your screen when streaming movies or playing video games – especially at night! Cutting back on illumination can help optimize battery life, while also reducing strain on your eyes. A great tip to save energy: decrease volume levels as well (even if it’s not a major power draw) for maximum efficiency and comfort.


Your smartphone’s battery life is precious, so it pays to take the right steps in order to conserve as much of it as possible. By taking proactive steps such as disabling location services and push notifications, reducing screen brightness levels, using airplane mode when out of range, and watching out for power-hungry apps – you can be sure that your phone will never let you down at a crucial moment.