Best SNES Emulator for PC, Mac, and Android

Best SNES Emulator for  PC, Mac, and Android

There is nothing like the stunning fix of nostalgia you have received from playing classic SNES games from the 90s. Look at the Best SNES Emulator for  PC, Windows 10, Mac, and Android.


While gaming in the last 3 strange decades has improved springs and boundaries, there is nothing like the stunning fix of nostalgia you have received from playing classic SNES games from the 90s.

Since consoles in the SNES style today are out of fashion and getting your hands on an operational model can be a Hercules problem, playing games such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong could be trouble. You have now been forced to use emulators to play retro SNES titles, and although there are several options to choose from, not all of them can deliver the same experience from playing the game on an old console.

Best SNES Emulators for PC, Mac, and Android
Best SNES Emulators for PC, Mac, and Android

Note: Downloading ROM and ISO photos of games you want to play on the simulator, while emulators themselves are legal, is a piracy matter. Therefore it is recommended to you only play games you own or have ripped from the CD or cartridge yourself, in order to prevent any legal problem. Come now let’s have a look at some of the Best SNES Emulators for  PC, Mac, and Android.

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1. RetroArch

The RetroArch, a large cross-platform SNES emulator that allows users to see the SNES play on a range of platforms, is the first part of this list.

RetroArch is often defined as a front end for emulators running dynamic libraries called Liberto cores. The app provides the user with a sleek GUI for playing a large variety of classic games which makes it easy to use.

This supports a number of controllers and offers some state-of-the-art features such as shaders, netplay, and rewinding.

Additionally, RetroArch will capture and upload the games natively to popular streaming sites like and YouTube.

The simulator includes many free gaming hubs and enables users to play many other titles on devices such as Nintendo Wii, Game Cube, Game Boy, 3DS, Sega Dreamcast, etc. Offer this game to traditional SNES gamers.

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RetroArch is, therefore, the perfect emulator, because it does not limit users to games released for a certain console.


Another popular emulator that supports many consoles, including SNES, is taking second place. The original hardware is emulated as accurately as possible by Higan (formerly named bsnes), and offers a gameplay experience you would not expect with any other simulator.

Nonetheless, Higan is a fairly demanding simulator and will not operate well with low-end or older computers because of its functionality.

The simulator will run every commercially published SNES title on the lightweight side, making this an ideal choice, if you’re all interested in SNES titles.

The program currently provides support to 12 platforms: Nintendo Famicom, Game Boy, Nintendo Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, NEC PC Engine, Game Boy Color, and Bandai WonderSwan Color.

3. SNES9x

best snes emulator for windows 10
Board Games – Pirates Games

The next step will be SNES 9x, an easy to use emulator, that requires no significant modification and allows users to start games immediately after the first extraction.

The simulator works fairly well with relatively old hardware and can handle almost all SNES games with minor problems.

SNES9x offers a variety of functionality, including Input Picture Processing, for improved graphics and saves status to save games in the exact spot you like, fast forward to speeding up playing, and a video option to save .avi movie photos of your gameplay.

It’s one of the best low-end hardware emulation SNES versions.

4. BizHawk

If you’re a speedrun enthusiast, you certainly have to try out BizHawk, and you want to finish the game as soon as possible.

The simulator has been designed specifically for the development of TAS and also fits well for casual gaming.

BizHawk Support for multi-console games.

That means that you can play a lot more games with this emulator than any others.

The game is also available in BizHawk Game Boy and Sega Genesis.

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ZSNES is another excellent Super Nintendo emulator that can be used with the relatively easy running of most popular SNES games.

While the production of the emulator has ended in 2007, it is still very easy to use and is still popular with enthusiasts for emulation.

ZSNES has a wide range of features, including video quality filters, state-support saves, and a great game list that records 10 of the latest games you have played on an emulator.

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ZSNES has a known security feat and a ROM will guide you to a website and install unauthorized applications on your device. It’s worth noting.

6. OpenEmu

You can look at OpenEMU if you are on a Mac and are looking for a well-working multi-control system simulator.

In 2007 OpenEMU was created and initially, it was merely a NEX / Famicom Nestopia emulation port.

The simulator is very similar to RetroArch because it is more like a front end for a set of emulators that you can add more cores for playing games.

best snes emulator for android
Joystick Party Hard

OpenEmu The operating environment is quite basic and has a very tidy GUI that complements the overall esthetics of macOS. The emulator has several various filters to improve visual output and supports several input methods, So for a much more authentic experience, you can simply use a retro controller with your machine.

Another great thing about OpenEmu is that it is not too complex, so it can be easily run on newer, low-end macOS computers.

7. Nestopia UE

Nestopia is highly precise with the ability to play most NES games with no difficulty and features.

It was, however, more or less gone, in its original form, as the production of Nestopia UE was halted by its creators back in 2008.

The RetroArch main simulator Nestopia UE (Undead Edition), which can be used if you don’t want to have RetroArch configured.

Nestopia UE The emulator has a range of cool features such as game-specific personalized palettes, hack support and Famicom micro-support.

Nestopia UE is quite easy to set up, as you might imagine.

8. SNES9x EX+

If your Android smartphone has a fantastic SNES emulator, you will definitely check out SNES9x EX+—the SNES9x Android port.

The emulator contains all basic functions, including saving/loading conditions, on-screen controls, support for several types of files, and gamepad support, for which you could expect any SNES emulator.

SNES9x EX+ Obviously the emulator looks a bit outdated, but as it runs very well, it doesn’t make any sense to talk about the GUI.

What is truly great is that SNES9x EX+ is completely free and ad-free and has no advertisements in apps, unlike some other SNES emulators for Ios.

Remember that only computers can be powered correctly by the simulator only on devices with a processor clocked at 1GHz or more.

9. NES.emu

In case you are embarrassed by SNES9x EX+ design, you also get to test NES.emu, another great NES emulator for Android which works well on almost any Android device that has a processor at least 1GHz.

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The simulator has a lot of cool features, including state support for backup and save, hack mode, multi-touch screen controls and much more.

In fact, Bluetooth / USB gamepad and keyboard support are included in the NES.emu program, which means you can attach a retro-style controller to your Android device and enjoy an initial NES experience on the go.

You can play NES games in the landscape orientation with the simulator.

10. John SNES

The collection is finished with another major Android SNES emulator, John SNES.

The emulator function for Android 4.1 or higher and offers a unique SNES engine that is compatible with almost any SNES title.

I have definitely enjoyed the emulator’s interface a lot and its usability will appeal to beginners who don’t want to have a complex emulator setup hassle.

The emulator provides the highest-quality version with cheat support, customizable keys.


Find Your Dream SNES Emulators Here And Play

This is a complement to our list of the best PC, Mac, and Android SNES emulator.

It is because no other official ones are on the App Store that if you are curious why we have not included any emulators for iOS. As regards the type of apps in the App Store that has a negative impact on any development of the emulator of the platform, Apple has become a little bit too controlled.

Emulators that are added to the App Store are constantly deleted by the organization and even those deliberately stored within other unspeakable devices are removed sooner than later.

To iOS users, there is some good news, but as RetroArch is only to iOS 11 or older, the installation process is a bit complicated because iOS does not make it easier for users to sideload software as you can on Android.

Here Listed above Best SNES Emulator for PC, Mac, and Android. So stay tuned for all upcoming blogs related to tech.

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