Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Practices for 2022

For growing businesses, the key to success is an efficient LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategy. Many ways to find and engage new leads have been developed through the history of commercial advertising. And there are various tools and platforms that can help us with such tasks as email lookup or lead scoring. One platform that deserves special attention in this regard is LinkedIn. Therefore, let us take a look at how LinkedIn lead generation can be used to achieve the best results in 2022 and beyond.

Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Practices for 2022
Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Practices for 2022

The rise of LinkedIn

We are quite used to social media platforms these days. Many have come and gone, many are still around and doing great. Most of these platforms were always meant for socializing in your free time and just having fun. Only recently the biggest platforms have also grown to be utilized for professional reasons and even created their own industries, such as social media influencers.

However, there is one platform that was always meant as a place for professionals to socialize for their career-related purposes and that is LinkedIn. Founded way back in 2003, a year before Facebook, LinkedIn aimed at providing a simple way for professional networking.

Here people can upload their CVs and make valuable business connections. Headhunters can find prospects for top positions, people of all types and levels of experience can find jobs, entrepreneurs and freelancers can find projects to cooperate at. And, of course, marketers and sales professionals can find leads here.

LinkedIn has grown to be the world’s top place for professional interaction, with a large database of job offers and business profiles. Every second, two new profiles are created on this platform.

Naturally, this makes LinkedIn lead generation an important type of procedure aimed at increasing the quantity and quality of prospects for almost any company. In a way, LinkedIn can be understood as a huge lead generation platform, where you come to browse through people, who need something and see if it is you that can give it to them.

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Enhancing your LinkedIn lead generation strategy

Using LinkedIn for lead generation especially works for B2B companies. After all, you will find a lot of business representatives here, some of which will have at least some influence over their firm’s buying decisions. And LinkedIn reports having over 65 million decision-makers as their users.

Thus, there is every opportunity to generate high-quality leads on this platform. And yet, some do it better than others. Here are some of the best practices, that allow utilizing LinkedIn lead generation to its full potential.

  1. Be an active user. The best way to generate connections that will turn into leads on a platform like LinkedIn is by being visible. The needed visibility is achieved by constantly engaging with others, posting daily updates, joining groups, and reacting to the content of others. Such activity will establish you as a competent member of the professional community and attract positive attention.
  2. Create content. The most important content you can create on LinkedIn is high-quality articles. Publishing articles related to your line of work and industry will display your expertise and create trust in the quality of your services. Thus, prospects will recognize you when you make contact or even approach you themselves.
  3. Don’t spam. This is the best non-practice as far as LinkedIn lead generation goes. Constant cold messaging or often repeated messages will give you a bad reputation. After all, LinkedIn is a professional environment, where spammers are frowned upon. Thus, be subtle, think about what value you can demonstrate to potential clients before showering them with offers.
  4. Utilize lead gen forms. This practice is for those who use sponsored content on LinkedIn for lead generation purposes. When the prospect sees your ad on LinkedIn and gets interested, all the necessary contact information from their profile can automatically fill the lead gen form. The prospect only needs to confirm to sign up. This makes it unnecessary to ask the interested user to follow some links and provide the data manually, making it more likely that they will finish the sign-up procedure.
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Acting professional

The aforementioned practices are just a few examples of what can be done on LinkedIn in the year 2022 to boost your lead generation. However, they all stem from one simple idea. The whole secret behind successful LinkedIn lead generation is acting professionally.

After all, this is the one place where people with particular sets of skills, positions, and products come to find others with whom they could have mutually beneficial professional interactions. This is not a place for cheap attempts at closing the deals quickly. But when you carefully nurture the relationship that LinkedIn enables, the leads you get here will most likely be of the best quality you have ever seen.