Best android emulator for PC, Windows 10, Mac

Best android emulator for PC, Windows 10, Mac

Using Android Emulator as an option to check with continuous delivery developers who are not able to test any feature on a wide range of actual Android devices— and often money.

85 percent of all mobile devices run on or updated Android; Motorolas and LGs, Samsungs and much more. To developers in rush, this diversity is perfect, constantly growing and problematics.

Releases without glitches require fast Day One checking. With continuous delivery developers are not able to test any feature on a wide range of actual Android devices— and often money.

They use Android emulators as an option. This is all you need to learn about the device, how it functions, where it is used and to what degree you can rely on when your native Android or web apps are checked.

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Android Emulator

An Android emulator reflects a certain Android virtual computer (AVD). Use this to run android apps on your device.

Note: It is a program (a process running on the operating system of your computer).

It works by imitating the architecture of the guest device (more about that).

Working Nature

The Quick Emulator (QEMU)

QEMU–shorthand for Quick EMUlator is available for full platform virtualization (hardware and software emulation).

It’s an unbelievably versatile and open-source tool. It can run on a wide range of host CPUs / OSs and simulate a wide range of guest CPUs / OSs.

Many Android emulators (including Android Developer Studio) are capable of QEMU.

Working Nature

It imitates the hardware of the guest device. It then translates the guest device’s binary application interface (ABI) to match the host device. You have an OS and run this on your computer like a program.

A fascinating and everlasting method is the conversion of CPU architectures that makes emulation almost painfully slower. Luckily, with the aid of a hypervisor, it is possible to save the guest and the host CPU architectures.

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Prior to 2017, the emulator for Android Developer Studio had to transfer the ARM architecture of Android in order to match the Intel / AMD architecture used in common PCs.

Developer Studio upgraded the simulator to allow virtualizing that is supported by hardware with version 25.3.0.

Working Nature

If the host and the guest systems are similarly told (i.e., x86 Android and x86 Intel machine images), QEMU shifts from the “binary traduction” portion and starts running the guest device directly on the host CPU. This is called virtualization allowed by the hardware.

Enable Features

Intel’s HAXM is a hypervisor for Windows and macOS. KVM (Virtual Machine-based Kernel) for Linux is available.

x86 Android ABIs are available now for the support of hardware acceleration on most computers. If your CPU supports this, you need the Android emulator to allow or disable a hypervisor to speed up the performance of the virtual computer.

The Android emulator will run simulated machines at speeds close to those of your CPU workstation with hardware acceleration.

Here’s a fast introduction to Android’s increasingly powerful emulator.

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Android Emulator (by Android Developer Studio)

The Android Emulator is distributed independently of Android SDK software since the release of version 25.3.0.

You’ll find an Android Emulator within this screen in the SDK Tools tab to install it from your Android Developer Studio console in Configure-> SDK Manager-> Android SDK. To update, please check the box and press OK.

You can configure the Android emulator easily. This is a short step forward:

Hardware Requirements

You’ll require SDK update 26.1.1 or higher and a 64 or 86-bit PC / Laptop to work with an Android emulator. You need a camera that can record 720p videos if you want to work on Android 8.1 or higher.

The simulator will allow you to speed up hardware (to speed up the performance of simulated devices). You’ll need the Intel hypervisor version 7.2.0 which we stated above for this reason.

Based on your CPU family, Windows and Linux users will need additional components: Intel: support for Intel VT x and Intel EM64 T (Intel 64), executive disable (XD) bit features.

AMD (Linux): SIMD extensions package 3. Support for AMD Virtualization (AMD-V).

You’ll arrive at the Android Virtual Device (AVD) Manager once you’re completed with the installation:

Note: AVD Manager

You can set up and configure your Android devices virtually with the help of AVD Administrator. There are some important points:

  • Device Type: The system profiles for computer, phone, tablet and wear OS are pre-configured producer-specific and can be tailored to your screen and certain external features— or you may want to import a profile. It’s noteworthy that only a very small number of devices–which follow Android performance requirements, can access the Google Play store and the Performance Test Kit. This ability can not be added to a cloned or custom system profile.
  • System Image: It can be fitted with an IM / ABI system and an Android OS version of the virtual client. Of different Android OS / API models, ABIs come in ARM, x86, and 86-64 types. APIs are roughly 900 MB in file size each. ABIs similar in architecture to your workstation processor will be recommended but can be picked up by the emulator (with a shift in simulator performance). Google APIs only include some device icons (which enables you to use Google apps like Maps, Gmail, etc.).
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The emulator begins a Virtual System Instance with its parameters after clicking Start, with expanded controls for changing machine rotations, geolocation, camera, fingerprint sensor, network latency, battery condition and more.

You can check your web app and project at Android Studio or use your own computer to install a native software APK.

Through default, such instances of virtual machines will be kept in the state in which they were locked. You can also save system screenshots (including OS, your application/project and your user information).

Best android emulator for PC, Windows 10, Mac

Android is a powerful OS that offers a full software kit and comprehensive access to your mobile device. The iOS in your counterpart usually doesn’t have such great customization lengths. You are bound to stick to the iPhone with the stock UI and no connections outside the Apple App Store to third party App installs.

The Android platform can be run free with emulators on Windows and on Mac PCs. Good hardware computers could run Android PC high-end games. On the Windows and Mac machine, you can replicate the whole Android experience by using the simulator.

I’ll list some of the best Android emulators to run free Android apps and games.

Specifications Required For All

  • Intel, Nvidia or AMD CPU Processor
  • Windows XP/7/8 /8.1/10
  • Windows DirectX 11 or Graphics driver with OpenGL 2.0
  • Hardware Virtualization Technology (Intel VT-x/AMD-V) shall be enabled in BIOS
  • Minimum 2GB of system memory
  • Minimum 2GB of hard disk free space

The best Android PC emulators on Windows and Mac to run Android applications on your computer are provided here.


MEmu’s a prominent Windows PC Android Emulator. It can play high-end PC games if the system requires the minimum MEmu Players to work smoothly. The emulator provides good gameplay functionalities on PC. MEmu enables highly customized keyboard mapping, making it easy for mobile game control needs. It is compatible with Intel, Nvidia and AMD Windows, the best thing about the emulator.

Android Emulators: MEmu

The APK is also associated with your Windows STorage, and the emulator will prompt you to install the application when you double-click on the file. MEmu’s developers release updates regularly to add additional features and solve problems with the app. The software supports the mouse and keyboard combination to play the games without problems.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

2. Gameloop

The bulk of Android PC emulators are intended for the general purpose of simulating the Android device experience. But Gaming Buddy by Tencent also developed the emulator for mobile gaming on a computer. Buddy Gaming can handle top-notch games. You can also expect a highly optimized console simulator to work even on low-end Windows PC.

Android Emulators Gameloop

The first Android UI doesn’t make you feel with TGB like other emulators. With settings, controls, apps installed and a few more settings, the interface is easy to use. To surprise you further, in comparison to its counterparts, the emulator is very small. Tencent Gaming Buddy is a Windows Gaming Emulator that is designed for running games.

It enables the emulator to run high-quality graphics and processor games on PCs without problems.

Enhance game performance by tweaking Buddy settings.

You can improve player performance as there is always a lot of room for improvement in the emulator development. The SD (720p), HD (1080p) or 2 K resolution can be used in the configuration. Also, like Auto, Smooth, Balance or HD, you can set the display quality.

To guarantee that TGB is the best Android Game Emulator to your computer, TGB provides very limited keyboard mapping and mouse sensitivity and setup settings.

You can improve player performance by tweaking Buddy settings because there’s always plenty of space to improve emulator development. The configuration can be set to SD (720p), HD (1080p) or 2 K resolution.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

3. Nox Player

The Nox Player for Windows and Mac is the best Android emulator. Although the controllers will take you some time to learn, Nox Player is the perfect place to run Android apps and games on either Windows or Mac once you get along with them. When you find the graphics are better than your PC expectations, you can customize controls in the settings and also improve their output.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Nox is that it comes with a rooted out-of-the-box version of Android. You get a player fully unlocked to get maximum Android access. Nox to Nougat can be updated. With their rich and amazingly quick performance on Mac, I suggest Nox.

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Download Here: Click To Get Link

4. Bluestacks

The list is incomplete and one of the oldest PC emulators is not mentioned. The use of Apps or Bluestack software works properly as the emulator can play high graphic games. Although it is better for your PC to have good data, which is enough for graphics to handle. Nevertheless, the Emulator is Android’s best and reliable app for Windows and Mac Android Apps and Games.


It claims that Bluestacks is 6 times faster than smartphones. You can manage key controls through the whole new game control window with advanced keymapping and control systems. For a better gaming experience, you can also manually control your preferences. On the simulator, you can also run other applications of your choice.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

5. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is extremely tailored for games. You can map and control the game for your comfort, in particular, with keyboards. The developers may seek to improve the app more gaming-oriented. It is important to note The software has a very modern and new user interface. The emulator has many game preference customization options that allow users to take advantage of Remix OS.

Android Emulators Remix OS Player

The Remix OS interface is very cool. The Remix is the best platform to test the application for the developers. The simulator with a built-in play store is very stable. This runs on Marshmallow Mobile, unlike most of the others that sit closely hanging down.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

6. Andy

Andy is an easy yet strong PC and Mac emulator. It allows you to more closely integrate your device with a PC. A good thing about the app is that it synchronizes all the connected devices without having to transfer the progress of the game. The mobile apps can also be transferred to the emulator without hassles.

You can turn the handset into a joystick and play games with the big screen cell phone as a console to play a good deal of UX. It provides users with unrestricted storage space, PC and Mac configuration and liberation to play mobile games on desktops.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

7. Genymotion Cloud

A user-friendly Android emulator designed to support developing applications. You can run Android Apps as a virtual machine over the cloud with Genymotion. You only need to sign in and select on the home screen to pick and launch an Android phone. Select a device that comes with various Android versions from the range of tablets and phones. Launch and finish the machine. Emulator runs on SaaS, PaaS, AWS, CGS, etc. through the cloud. Therefore, you just need a modern browser and good web speeds. As a virtual Android device, you can use the emulator and perform all functions on your mobile.

Cloud: Genymotion

The code of Genymotion is simple and efficient. But for the smooth operation of the VM, you need a powerful PC. The app is ideal for playing and testing products. You can test your applications and games with device conditions, such as WIFI strength, data, GPS, pixels, gyroscopes, various storage levels, RAM, multitouch, etc. The VM offers a variety of app testing tools and plugins.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

8. PrimeOS

PrimeOS is an operating system that boots itself, after creating a computer storage partition, instead of an emulator itself. So when you boot your PC, Windows OS, and PrimeOS, you’ll see dual-boot options. The Prime OS interface is very clean and uncomfortable and has a nice desktop feeling and Android power. The developers have managed to bring to the OS all the main components of the Development community, as well as design features such as start menus, taskbar, etc.

As an OS, it very well integrates into the system hardware and therefore gives the emulator system an advantage over the system which must respond to its requirements.

For gaming, there are some special features such as DiCaprio, custom control settings, gaming centers, CPU and GPU support tools and more. Thanks to its close connection to the hardware, the OS can run all hardcore games easily. If you install in the EXT4 RW partition, OTA support is available. Therefore, all Google Apps and their services can be accessed on the desktop. PrimeOS is one of the effective ways to modify your old PC.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

9. LDPlayer

LDPlayer is a console game emulator. Keyboard and mouse playing games. The simulator allows you to operate even in multiplayer games easily and conveniently. Smooth controls, stable and efficient operation are compatible with various types of games. Without a process kill, you can run several games at once. Built on Lollipop Android. You can also use the Google Play Store and the Google Mobile Services Suite for other applications in addition to playing Android games on your PC. It is one of the best PC simulators with its multipurpose architecture and powerful and flexible setup.

Download Here: Click To Get Link


AMIDuOS is a PC Android emulator, generally called DuOS. It is one of the perfect emulator systems running on the Lollipop version. Make sure that the “Virtualization Technology” is activated in BIOS before AMIDuOS is installed and that you have a framework Microsoft Net 4.0 or above. Google Play Store does not support the AMIDUOS, but it is App Store and you may always install an APK file.

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The emulator can manage high-end games, but there is no function for keyboard and mouse mapping. The AMIDuOS also has excellent roots in the box, so that root entitlement apps can be installed and the emulating system is taken advantage of. The DuOS is a paid platform with a free trial for 30 days and a total cost of $15. But it is worth buying the support and feature.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

11. ARChon

ARChon isn’t a Windows emulation standard. It’s a Chrome extension that enables the loading of APK files on Google Chrome Browser. The APK file needs to be changed using a tool to make the emulator compatible with ARChon, which is not an easy way to work. Each APK file can not also be running because of support problems. To run the Chrome App with this extension, you need to do more.

ARChon runs on Android 4.4, and the Github extension is open. Import and disassemble the runtime for ARChon to mount the extension. Settings > Extensions-> Allow the ARChoon’s APK file to be twerk-compatible with Chrome when tested in ‘ Developer Mode ‘ once it is imported.

Farewell! As the runtime supports the APK, you can run as many apps as you like. The link below is Github.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

12. Droid4x

Droid4x is an old emulator and the software is not active. All versions of Windows are supported. The unique feature, however, is its durability which helps it to comply even with fundamental minimum requirements. It also works with PCs compatible with a touchscreen. You can also record the emulator screen with Droid4X and can use Droid4X to play your favorite games on your gamepad or keyboard. You can create and customize your preferential controls, use the Droid4x to do a productive job, like any other imitators out there.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

13. KOPlayer

KOPlayer is a free, robust platform built from x86 Architecture kernel technology. It provides the Windows platform with good Android playing experience. Developed attributes like OpenGL & hardware pace are enabled. The Emulator is enabled by multiple profiles, screenshots, gamepad & keyboard mapping. With the Google Play Store, the applications have an integrated GMS support for the safe download of your favorite apps.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

14. Android Studio

The Android Studio is designed specifically to develop Android Apps. To test your product, you have a number of customized features. The Studio provides an Android Emulator itself, not a general-purpose for installing and playback apps. The Studio emulator is very versatile and is suitable for developers who want to test applications for signal strength, memory, storage, RAM, CPU, GPU and more in different environments.

This emulator is an Android official tool that is because of very minute programs, too complicated for the consumer. But Studio is the best emulator for your PC if you are the developer and want to test the application for performance and use. Features such as an APK Analyzer, a layout tester, error detection in real-time, editing code and more are available here.

Download Here: Click To Get Link

15. Bliss OS

Bliss is another x86 architecture for the kernel that boots as a native OS computer. You can search for all features with a USB stick before you boot for a true partition. It’s not a very easy system to get along with, but Bliss is the perfect choice if you’re a developer who looks for a simple yet strong Android OS for your oldest PC. It runs on newer versions and other versions of Android Pie because other emulators are still mainly tied to Marshmellow.

Download Here: Click To Get Link


You can run Android apps and games on your windows and/or Mac PC for free with the above-mentioned Android emulators. You are good to go if your PC is able sufficiently with the basic specification. The keyboard mapping and external gamepad support you can enjoy the games on your computer. The emulator reactivity relies on the hardware and device requirements of the computer system. And check your device in a range of mobile environments is a bonus if you’re the developer.

The post has been helpful, I hope. Please comment on the help or support below.

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