Nirja Phogat

My name is Nirja Phogat. I am an adolescent of 18 years. Being an ambitious teen, I invariably wanted to be a self-sufficient girl. My areas of interest are youth empowerment, unrestricted women society, and the enormous use of technologies. Being having a family environment filled with patriotism, I want to serve my nation. I am a youth, and I strongly believe in youth being the building block of a nation. I am confident about my work and like interacting professionally. Moreover, I have an influencing personality. I am always enthusiastic and have a special quality of adapting easily to the environment. I am a happy person with positive thoughts, which I believe is desired to withstand stress while leading a happy life. My simple nature is my strength, as I am very competitive when it comes to working.


Notebook vs Laptop

Notebook vs Laptop

Here we are performing a fight between Notebook vs. Laptop. Do you imagine Notebook and Laptop are the equivalents? Well, never, there aren’t identical. Do you believe they only differ in dimension? The resolution to this is additionally a No. You are correct; they have various aspects but have diversity in their functionality likewise.

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