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Hi, I'm Neha, an avid reader and writer of technology tips and tricks, and an expert on smartphone apps. I have been writing for Android, iOS, and Windows tips for a long time. I love to help people learn more about technology so that they can be more productive and comfortable with their devices. When not writing articles about technology tips and tricks and sharing them with others, I spend my time traveling around the world, searching for new places to explore myself. I'm currently on a mission to get off the beaten path, and explore some of the most technology hidden on our planet before it's too late!

Neha Murugan

BlueStacks for iOS

BlueStacks for ios

An emulator is a chunk of software program that permits one computer system to act like another. They are regularly used to run software programs or video games designed for a different system than the only used. For example, an iOS emulator would allow someone to run iOS apps on a computer that is not …

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com sec imsservice

com sec imsservice

If you’ve ever found yourself in an interesting situation of LG IMS keeps stopping! I’m sure you have thought about what would happen if someone walked by the window. This is a natural occurrence that occurs in almost all organizations. The same applies to your internet security system or IS system. You know that it …

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Low RAM on Your Phone?

Low RAM on Your Phone

If you’re an Android user, you may have noticed that your phone starts to slow down as you fill it up with apps, photos, and other files. This is because Android devices have a limited amount of RAM, which is the memory that your phone uses to run apps and store files. When your phone’s …

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Facebook pay not working

Facebook pay not working

In this post, I will be discussing the major reasons why Facebook pay not working, and how to fix it. The most common reason for Facebook pays not working is due to “inadequate security settings.” The security settings prevent other sites of your website from accessing your employees’ data. Before proceeding with these steps, you …

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