Mayank Menghani

A lover of science and technology to use that for creating art, with passion for poetry, photography, and travel. A BCA graduate with interest to solve problems of day to day life, innovating tools to make life a lot simpler. My favorite hobby is getting lost in the world of imagination. I’m waiting for robots to conquer the world. Just another person who loves to live life every day and having great joy to learn from younger people. Innovative minds attract me and new inventions distract me. Working on my dreams just like everyone else.



Audible by Amazon

Audible by Amazon: Audible is one of the biggest authorized audio-book streaming providers. They build unique stuff that can’t be discovered everywhere. They do not even have exclusive Audible book-length content, they have six shorter monthly Audible Originals, and members are afforded the free choice of two per month.

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