Harshita Joshi

I am Harshita Joshi. I belong to the beautiful place Nainital. I am a very creative person and I like to come up with my own ideas and explore new things. I am very much technical and love to write on android, iOS, and the latest gadget launched in the world. Instead of that, I like to dance and sing music a lot. My short term goal is to make good use of technology and be a successful youth.

My strengths are that I'm an optimistic, technical, trustworthy, quick learner, and a great author. Moreover, I'm adaptable according to the situation. I believe in living life simply and enjoying every moment and be positive in every situation.


4k computer monitors: Uniqueness exist

4k computer monitors

Do you desire to watch movies, TV shows, and playing a game on the big screen with high-quality 4k computer monitors? Are you also a big fan of watching movies, but unable to go to the cinema hall? Don’t worry, after reading this article. You will be amazed that now you can watch videos anytime with the incredible quality monitor.

Sony cameras

Sony cameras

Do you require to own Sony cameras that will help you to catch your golden flashes? Everyone desires to have their particular importance with them for existence. One of the unique devices created in this system is acknowledged as the camera.

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