Dev Patel

I am Dev Patel. Presently, I am a BCA student and want to be an entrepreneur one day. I am a fast learner and optimistic by mindset. I am very much determined about my career and professional life. I am good at compounding network with my creative skills. My aim in life is to start a start-up and make it a billion-dollar company/organization. I love to play cricket, mobile games, and reading books. I want to serve my country anyway and anyhow. Business magnate, Elon Musk, very much inspires me. He is a great businessman, creator, and very good at thinking and solving a problem by himself. He is really very dedicated to his work and makes revolutionary modifications in trends and strategies. The commitment to work and innovation is something we can learn from him, which boosts my confidence level.


256 GB SSD: Faster than HDD

256 GB SSD_ Faster than HDD

If you desire to purchase 256 GB SSD for a laptop or desktop, then you are in the precise section. Here we present SSDs. What are they and how they are built? There are many SSDs accessible in the store, but in this section, we will handle 256 GB SSD in depth. Also, if you are confused regarding HDD and SSD, you can notice a resolution to your query in this provision.

144Hz monitor

monitors 144Hz

If you are seeking for great 144Hz monitor or require to recognise about how it operates, what glitches are, and how to master on them, then browse the article till the end. We will quickly examine the 144Hz monitor, refresh rate, screen tearing, and its support, and recommend the most suitable monitors according to your requirement.

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