Asus Gaming Monitor

What a gamer needs the most in his or her system is speed and that’s certainly correct. It is also true that high frame rates offer you smooth gameplay which is the need of most of the users these days. But if your monitor is unable to display the action smoothly, you will not get the most out of your investment in hardware. You don’t have to think about ghosting, pause, or choppy performance with the Asus VG248QE ($349.89).

Asus Gaming Monitor

This 24-inch computer display provides a pixel response of 1-millisecond (gray-to-gray) and a refresh rate of 144Hz and is capable of 3D. The color accuracy and the way the panel holds it gives you the perfect angle to view your content in the best possible way. Off angle, visibility is less than ideal though so it would be good to have a couple more I / O ports.


This Asus Gaming Monitor has shown that 4K has become a necessity now and 3D screens are not further behind it to conquer the global market. And, with offers beginning to crop up on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’re definitely worth exploring if you’re trying to save any bucks.

Although we are definitely delighted that television and TV makers have switched their energies to produce 4 K screens. And they undoubtedly made believers from all of us, 3D TVs are some of the most valuable computer technologies we’ve ever seen. The Asus VG set of 144Hz monitors was an indicator of this.

The high refresh rate required to achieve stereoscopic 3D has resulted in some impressive advancements in modern gaming monitors. We are also seeing more reliable color replication than the TN panels of yesteryear. And better reaction times that would just be great for users playing quick-paced sports.

It’s always the 144Hz refresh rate, though, that has us hyped regarding the last 3D movement’s surviving versions. This means the TN panels can get a little costly with their quick refresh speeds. In reality, for about the same price as this Asus TN screen, you can pick up a good 27-inch 10-bit IPS board. Yes, it may be tough to find out what is best for you.

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The VG248QE utilizes a style identical to its bigger sister. The Asus VG278HE. It offers a slim black frame which is slightly tilted in order to give itself a sharper look according to the on growing demands. It comes with a 3D logo which indicates that the display also supports 3D screen. Nvidia 3D version isn’t available here. You have to buy it online which will cost you around $130.

The six control buttons are residing on the right side which is certainly clearly numbered. It shows the designers have worked hard enough. The buttons act like hotkeys. It helps a lot in first-person preview games.

The three display interfaces are optical (HDMI, DisplayPort, dual-link DVI) which are both situated at the rear of the downwards facing panel. We come with an audio connection and a headset port. Although you won’t be able to see any USB ports. Camera and video analog are also missing from the monitor. It does, though, have a collection of integrated 2-watt speakers that are fairly loud yet somewhat tinny sounding.

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The VG248QE provides Superb Hardware, which is really just a fancy term for image templates, as with any Asus monitor I’ve tested in the last few years. There are six presets for this display, including Landscape, Regular, Theatre, Game, SRGB, and Night View. Other parameters for the picture include light, contrast, color saturation, skin tone, and temperature level. There is a feature known as a smart view setting which allows you to adjust the angles, especially from the sides. This helps you with view adjustment. But when it is used, it causes a slight disturbance in the front view which is a drawback.

Audio cable and dual-link DV cable are also supported in this monitor. Although it lacks the support of HDMI and displays port cables. The display is protected by a three-year guarantee for hardware, labor, and backlight.

Performance of Asus Gaming Monitor

The VG248QE is a good runner, for the most part. The quality in color wasn’t bad but it wasn’t perfect either. Also, the screen’s resolution is calculated to be 1980 X 1080 which is considered to be average in terms of quality and many people can use it with ease. Greens in my test images appeared to be a little dark but not strong enough to induce tinting.

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Through the DisplayMate 64-Step Grayscale check, the VG248QE was able to display nearly any shade of gray, but heavy shades of gray should have been a little better. At the bright end of the spectrum, there was a suggestion of scraping, which isn’t unusual for a TN stand.

The VG248QE has fairly small viewing angles as is the case for other TN displays. From the middle, there was some light changing from the side at around 50 degrees and the view from the bottom was black. View from the bottom angle is not so great when the monitor panel is rotated towards the left side.

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Technology Used

The pixelated screen and the refresh rate combine together to provide the user with memorable gaming experience. It won’t lag even if you attach a PS3 device to it and play burnout paradise. And that’s tested. The same was the case with the Far Cry pc version and 2012 Blu-ray version. We couldn’t even recognize one second when it displayed any amount of lag.

This monitor is made to use 25 watts of power as compared to the other version which uses 28 watts. Neither could contact the Viewsonic VG2437mc-LED which used only 19 watts of fuel, performance.

The overall experience is too smooth and thanks to the refresh rate and faster pixel response. The output of the viewing angle is low and the equipment required for 3D gameplay is lacking, however, if smooth activity management is a must, this display provides. This new monitor has a lot of new features packed in its pocket and will probably cost more.

Stereo VG’s

The 3D screens of Asus have proved good in the past. It gives you the Nvidia 3D vision experience. To make it more intelligent, Lightboost software is used here.

If we ignore the 3D mode, they are the ones who stand on top. The refresh rate and modern technology provide ultra-smooth experience to the users.

The IR receiver which was built in has also been removed from the recent monitors which also included 3D vision goggles. So you won’t suddenly catch yourself loading up Skyrim with a hundred plastics fastened to your forehead. And flooding your brain with blistering headaches.

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Size24 inches
Color16777216 colors 24 bits
Display area81.94 %
Resolution1920 X 1080 pixels, Full HD
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Asus Gaming Monitor


Happily, this time, it is more accessible. That this 24-inch edition is not all that cheaper than the 27-inch variant is just a shame. A smaller screen with a large amount of refresh rate would surely cost more than thought so estimating it, you will save around £60.

You get the same features in terms of resolution, rotation, picture quality. But it would be a great deal if all that would come under a price tag of £300. That’s especially valid considering what BenQ has succeeded in achieving with its XL2411T. Well, the good news is if you buy it over the Asus 24 inch screen then you are surely making a profit of £100 because it offers a higher frequency rate.

Most consumers will believe that gaming is fantastic with a good 120-144Hz display, except forking out for an Nvidia 3D Vision kit. Sure, Asus has some excellent screen tech in its display range, however, at the time of this writing, it needs to become even more aggressive in terms of cost, despite the value on sale from both BenQ and Iiyama.

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Asus Gaming Monitor: The Asus monitor is a superb deal. The 144Hz refresh rate and quick pixel response along with an adjustable stand are bonkers. It will be very useful in gaming due to its modified features.