Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro: iPhone 6 was the last iPhone to have a 3.5mm earphone jack. The subsequent iPhone had no earphone jacks, but Apple gave Lighting to a 3.5mm adapter as an in-box accessory in all of them. But even this was stopped from iPhone XS and XS Max, perhaps as a marketing strategy. The most popular iPhone accessory was discontinued as an in-box content, and soon after, the AirPods were released.

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What are AirPods?

               AirPods are basically ‘truly’ wireless earphones. Even the left earpiece and the right earpiece don’t have any wire in between them. This device comes with a smart case that also charges the earphones. The AirPods can be connected to iPhones, Macs, iPads, and even Apple Watch.

Build quality :

               The built of the device is simple yet very premium. It is of the perfect size, neither too large nor too small. The device comes with three different sizes of silicon ear-tips so that one can select the most comfortable fit. These aren’t heavy at all and hence can be easily used for a long time.

Convenience  and features:

There are many unique convenience features of the device. For example, the device senses when it is in the ears and pauses automatically when removed from ears. Even if one of the earpieces is removed, the media stops playing. When the case of the device is opened, the Apple devices nearby automatically show an option to connect.

The gadget has got many such cool features. Like Siri can be launched just by saying, “Hey, Siri.” With the announce message feature, Siri can read out the incoming messages as they arrive. There are motion accelerometers and optical sensors on this device, which work simultaneously to enhance the audio experience.

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They are also responsible for activating the microphone so that the user can take calls and talk to Siri. The AirPods Pro are exercise-friendly and hence sweat and water-resistant. They also feature an expanded mesh microphone port that helps in making audio clarity better in windy situations.

 There is a force sensor on the earphone which can be used to control music and calls quickly a without reaching out for your phone. There are no buttons other than that for controlling media or calls. 


The device is powered by the Apple H1 headphone chip, which is expected to work quite nicely. AS per claims by Apple, the new AirPods show faster and more stable wireless connection – up to 1.5 times speedier connection for phone calls and up to 2 times faster for active devices.

The company also claims better gaming latency of up to 30%. The amplifier powers the speaker driver to filter the background noise so that pure audio reaches the user’s ears. The H1 chip is also responsible for controlling listening levels. The amplifier used in the device is claimed to have a high dynamic range, and hence a blissful output must be expected. The amplifier is highly efficient and, therefore, responsible for extending the battery life of the device.

               The device also topped with a speech-detecting accelerometer that senses when the user is speaking and works with a pair of beam-forming microphones so that external noise is filtered out. The most precise possible sound of the user is focused.

Battery and charging :

               As per claims, the device can give up to 4.5 hours of sound consumption per charge. Also, the device can give a playback time of 1 hour for just 5 minutes of charge. The gadget supports wireless charging. The charging automatically starts as soon as the case of the device is placed on a Qi-certified charging pad. 

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The LED indicator on the evidence indicates that the charging has begun. If a wireless charging pad is not available, it can also be charged using the lightning port. The latest generation AirPods Pro case also stores some charge so that it can charge the device later if needed.

 These set of trendsetting and loaded earphones come with a premium price tag – like any other Apple product. The Apple AirPods Pro is available for Rs.24,900. Seeing the features and quality, it is worth buying, and also it is a very trendy device, making the owner techier and more relaxed. Also, reviews from customers around the world suggest that Apple’s claims are entirely accurate.

Pros and cons:

               No matter how useful a gadget it, it has at least a few drawbacks. The same is the case here. The pros and cons of the device must be checked before giving a conclusion. So let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Apple AirPods Pro.


  1. Modern and ‘truly’ wireless.
  2. Convenient to use.
  3. Light and has soft ear-tip; hence comfortable.
  4. Sweat and water-resistant
  5. Sound output is clear and crisp; bass is also very helpful.


  1. Very expensive
  2. May take some time to get used to the force touch sensor
  3. Has to be used carefully


 No doubt, Apple has brought a new trend by releasing these pairs of devices. Although expensive, these earphones do stand out and feel premium. These are purely wireless and are feature-loaded. So if budget is not a concern and you are an Apple fan, then you may go for the Apple AirPods Pro. The device won’t disappoint you.

Apple AirPods Pro