Android Themes

Android Themes

Android Themes: Here, we will discuss the themes in Android. There are many themes available for Android devices. They are all over on the internet and can be downloaded in any device if it is compatible with one’s device. We will also discuss the things included in the themes. There are many elements in themes like application icons, wallpapers, sounds, texts also play an important part.


Themes change the layout of the screen. It changes the user interface in form of wallpapers of the home screen as well as a lock screen, icons, music, screen savers, live wallpapers, slideshows of a picture, notification layout, recent apps layout, etc.

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Styles and themes

For an android device, for the user interface to be better two things which matter the most to be classy and elegant are styles and themes. Style and themes of the device play an important part to stay classy for a better experience of the device. So the things matter is style and themes. It also tells about the nature of the user what the person likes and dislikes or the favorite things of the user or the most disliked thing by the user.

So I just think the interface of the phone tells most of the information about the user. It’s just that like the user is like the devices. So it tells us that wallpapers on the home screen, lock screen, colors, icon themes just play an important part.

For Android 11 users here are the developer options and I am adding some links: Click Here

Elements of a theme

There are different types of themes available on Android. Let’s talk about the things going to need in a theme.

The “Elements of a theme” are as follows:-

  1. Launchers
  2. Wallpapers
  3. Widgets
  4. Icons
  5. Sounds in the interface


We have discussed the themes earlier but we can say that to install a theme or to put a theme on the user we must have a theming launcher. The launcher is the backbone of the themes or we can say that launcher is the parent for the theme because if there is no launcher, there is no theme or we can also say that if there is the theme it’s because of the launcher.

So there are many launchers are available in the market. Also, the brand of the device nowadays gives the theme launcher pre-installed in the device we buy. So nowadays it’s become easy to find a theme and put it into the device but we can say that good themes are not available in that or if the good themes are there then they will be not free. So here are some launchers gave which are the best launchers all over the world.

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Ocean Dream (Zen UI Launcher)

ZenUI is a simple and good launched for theming because its process is very simple and it’s not very complicated. It’s the user interface that is very good for normal use and for the theming process. Though its themes at simple and it covers basic applications which we use in daily purposes. The Zen UI launcher is from Ocean Dream in which icons are all cleverly designed to tie in with the theme looks very obedient.

The icon they used is according to the current scenario is festivals and seasons. For example, if there is an autumn excellent hen the apps will be themed according to it.

The link for the ocean dream for Zen UI Launcher: Click Here

Glaskart (Apex Launcher)

Glaskart is the theme launcher not for the normal people. Its users are the unique one which are using unique icons. Compared to some apps like Antutu and Greenify, Glaskart is better than this. Glass art is from Apex Launcher.

In this launcher, the app drawer contains apps which have unique themes like ghost theme. The name written in there is grey in color and it looks horrible and terrifying. The app drawer seems to be very good and e. Also for icons, there are shaded icons and written in a very different form. So, for the users who are interested to make their theme very nostalgic, Glaskart is very best for them.

White (CM Launcher)

White for CM Launcher is great also it is for those users who want to become something and be the greatest. The background, as well as the themes of apps, show confidence because they have very much vibrant colors in it.

There are also themes available for CM Launcher. The most beautiful theme in this launcher is the winter theme.

The link for White for CM launcher: Click Here

Pinko(APUS Launcher)

Pinko has been the most favorite in Android’s favorite reason is the simplicity of the icons with gorgeous themes. In this launcher, the background of the icons made to be circled and it’s being shaded. Also, some of the apps are designed as a retro style with a new flavor in it.

In this launcher, the interface looks very different because of its designed applications. Also, the themes of this are competing with others so much.

The link for Pinko for APUS launcher is Here

For your own theme

If you want to make your own theme, then there exists a lot of applications for that purpose. There are also applications in which many such themes not very good and some have very many other services as enough ads appear and many more tabs of random websites open. So this is possible that our own themes.

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So we will discuss how the ways of creating a theme. First, you have to find which wallpaper will suit your interface as well as your phone screen size. There are some icons that don’t want to change the theme of that. There is an app called Muzei (for live wallpapers) and Tapet (for picture wallpapers). Also, you can take wallpaper pictures for some random apps or games if you like them.


The main and most important element of the theme is wallpaper. Wallpaper tells us the imaginary story of the user of the device. It tells us that what user’ ss likes or loves the most. What is most important in life depicts the user’s profile or we can say that wallpaper says it all.

Here are some wallpaper given below for your daily purposes for the best wallpapers in all categories are given below:-


As I mentioned earlier Muzei is for best live wallpapers. It is a program done using a single static image. In Muzei, there is also an option of a slideshow of the images we select for the slideshow. Muzei is best for live wallpapers.

Here is the link for that:- Click Here


Here is the link for that:- Click Here


Zedge is the store for the wallpapers, ringtones, themes, and other elements.

It has vast varieties and categories of different elements for the themes. Just we have to apply those elements.

Here is the link for that:- Click Here


DevianArt, as its name suggests, is the artistic wallpaper which is designed by us and it is digitally renderings to classic or vintage and classic paintings


Widgets are the forgotten elements in the user interface. They are the mini-apps on the screen. There are many types of widgets for our daily life purposes. There are many widgets in our device but if we want more we can download widgets from the web browser.

For shortcuts to our apps, we use widgets for daily life purposes. There is an app from Google called Google Keep which is used for taking notes as remainders for the apps to use it for different purposes.

Here is the link for that: Click Here


Icons are the same but the visual and the badges are different. So according to the themes, icons also change their visuals and they look different in different themes. Also in some themes, the application icons look very bold and beautiful.

Themes available free in your android  device

Nowadays, in Android devices, there are themes available for free according to the user interface. The brands of the devices provide some of the basic themes for a particle android device. Also, there are plenty of good themes as well which maybe you like the most. So this is possible that you can select one of the good themes which wild an l helping you to improve the quality of your interface.

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But the main disadvantage of the themes an application which is pre-installed in your brands is there is a lot them limitations of theme and wallpapers. For example, if you type a color name then there are only some of them according to which may or may not liked by you. So here are the steps by which you can apply the free themes in your device.

Some of the names of the launchers for the brands are Samsung has Samsung Experience or Samsung UI. For HTC have HTCSense, for LG have LG launcher, for Google pixel phones have the PIXER launcher.

Here is the steps by which you can apply the theme:-

  1. In the empty space in your home screen of the device.
  2. There appears some options and tap themes option on that.
  3. Then the options of the themes appear in a list form. Select any theme you like and in that slot tap Download.
  4. Now after downloading, select the option of applying the theme you want.


Here we disc about the themes for android devices, functions, elements, and also the ways to create new themes or apply the themes in the devices.,

Also, we had seen the different important elements of the themes like wallpapers, icons, widgets, badges, music.

We also disc about two types of wallpapers which are the backbone of the themes I.e. live wallpaper s on the home screen as well as locked screen, there are also wallpapers of slideshows.