Android on raspberry pi

Android on raspberry pi

Here in this article, we will simply go through the basic idea of Android on raspberry pi. So let’s learn with me about the fundamentals.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is the latest invention, which just seems like an excellent fit for today’s world. The Raspberry Pi is an electronic device in which you can upload codes to do some specific task. Pi was developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation to educate the people in the computing field. They have developed a thing that can push the world to the next level.

Models of Raspberry Pi

There are many models of Raspberry Pi; the first model of Raspberry Pi is Raspberry Pi model B. The latest model is the Raspberry Pi Model B+, which is the latest model of series 3. Its other models are Raspberry Pi model B series, Raspberry Pi of model Raspberry Pi model B+ series, and more. The evolution of Raspberry Pi is very significant, and in every up-gradation, it comes with amazing features and marked significant Excellency in the electronic field. The field of automation can also get developed more from this, and ultimately it helps us a lot directly or indirectly    


The Raspberry Pi runs on Linux, which means it is Linux based, all old models are working on it only, however, nowadays, it also works on OS based Androids, which push the coders into a next level. The working of Raspberry Pi is not hard as it is seen, you follow the instruction moreover working on Linux little bit tough, however, once you used to it, you can work on it efficiently. One of the ways of working on the Android-based android system on Pi is EMTERIA.OS.  This is just an installer where you have register yourself, and after that, you can start work it. It seems like an integral part of Android-based Raspberry pi.

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 For operating Emteria you have to make an account on where you to fill your details like Name, Email, phone number like that and download some kinds of stuff and at the end of the process you get an installer, you have to install it on your PC after installation you have to open it and read the instruction so that it can more comfortable for you to understand the software.

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We are talking about the cost of Emteria.OS, the OS version, is open-source software and readily available on its website.

Features of Emteria.OS:

There so many features of OS, some of them are given below.

  • Can support hardware’s
  • Audio
  • GPOI
  • GPS
  • Sd cards

 However, it has some restriction – for working on it you have to pay Rs 1500 per personal device for personal license and approx Rs 8000 for business license and pop up some notification to reboot it in every 8 hours that means you have to reboot Emteria in every 8 hours, it freezes or crashes for high resolution.

The Wi-Fi gets crashed most of the time, and Google play store does not really exist, you have to use .apk for it (It is the primary keyword used to save the application). Instead of so many problems, it is used still because it has so many advantages as well, so under is advantages, the disadvantages are nothing. The researchers are working to remove these little disadvantages as well.

You can also opt for a premium one where you have to spend more money, and then you may get rid of these types of problems. Professionals prefer the premium one, however, if you are a beginner, you can go for the free one.

You can also opt for a premium where you have to spend more money then you may rid of these types of problems. Professionals prefer the premium one, however, if you are a beginner, you have not bought it by spending this much money. 

Installation of Android on Raspberry Pi

Now talking about its installation if you want to install Android on Raspberry Pi you have to collect some pieces of stuff like:

  • HDMI cable,
  •  SD card of at least
  • 16GB SD card
  •  Computer
  •  Raspberry Pi 3
  •  And the basic requirement is internet (Wi-Fi or through Ethernet cable)
Follow the steps to install Android on Raspberry Pi :
  1. Register on Emterio.OS (given above)
  2. Install the application
  3. Connect the SD card
  4. Run .apk

After that, you have to write the program in which you can write it yourself or can download it from the websites, and then you have to upload it on Raspberry Pi through HDMI cable.

However, you know a tremendous amount of time is required to write the code, even if you write a short one. If you want to write a big code, it will be laborious work, and enormous time is required. In real life scenarios if you work on  Raspberry Pi and want to develop some useful things you have to write a series of the program, so it is beneficial for you if you learn the programming language.

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It is a suggestion to download the code from the website. If you are a beginner and if you are really interested to learn the programming language, you can get under professionals. Coming to an understanding of the program, the 12th level c++ can help you to at least understand the logic behind each and every step because all the computer programming is just based on logic. If you want to code like a pro, you must go for an operating system like Ubuntu or Linux. This is made for coders who can write codes professionally

 The 12th level c++ can also help you to at least understand the logic behind each and every step because all the programming is just based on logic. If you want to code like a pro, you must go for an operating system like Ubuntu or Linux. This is made for coders who can write codes professionally.

Now instead of downloading play store other way is that you can use a pre-installed application called F-Droid


F-droid is similar to the google play store, however, the best part is that -it is free and an open-source app, which is a pre-installed app. It is recommended to use F-droid instead of play store because and as you know, the procedure to install the play store is complicated and time taking so to save the time, you can use F-droid. Through it.

F-droid is a very nice app in which you can find approx 1500 applications and their older versions as well. All the applications can be browsed through F-droid as well as you can also download the applications through it.

Google’s Android operating system perfect fit for Raspberry Pi. You can also upload android apps on Pi through RTandroid, that means you need not to wait for Google to make it.

RT android

RTandroid makes real-time Android, and it also keeps real time-needs and benefits Android. It is a low-cost platform and made after lots of researches and designed very nicely by keeping all the necessary things of Android, this is very easy to use, and moreover, it is user-friendly software which easy to use once you go through it because it is made by it makers in that why which is easy use to use the software. It has many features as well, like real-time garbage collection on the internet, secure communication, etc.

If you want to know the projects under Android-based Raspberry Pi then take a look:

  •  Surveillance camera using Android
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Home theatre on Raspberry Pi
  • Face reorganization using Raspberry Pi
  • Weather station
  • Ultrasonic distance meter using Raspberry Pi
  • GPS  using Raspberry Pi
  • Talking tom using Android on Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling a stepper motor using Raspberry Pi
  • Live to stream using Android on Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling its laptop using Android on Raspberry Pi
  • Robots using Raspberry Pi
  • Controlling the Electric circuits using Android on Raspberry Pi
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                                                                                            And many more, you can also develop your own, and may your developed Android-based Pi helps many people.

Nowadays, Android-based Raspberry Pi used in the medical field as it is used to make an artificial hand, leg, or other parts for the who either handicapped or lost their body parts in accidents. Moreover, it is also used for Deaf or blind persons. The demand for this type of visionary mind is required who can make these types of things and help the people.


There are some disadvantages also, that is, you cannot make a screen touch and also working on Android-based is comparatively tricky than Raspbian. Codes written on Raspbian are way easier to understand then the codes written on Android-based. There are also so many programming languages is available in the market. If you one of them, then you need not invest much time because all logic of programming language is more or less is the same. The only difference is key words which are different for different programming languages.


Raspbian instruction is way more comfortable (once you go through it wisely ) to understand because instruction is given in straightforward language, and Android-based instructions are given more or less in machine language, which is a bit difficult to understand. Still, once you get familiar with Android-based, you prefer it over Raspbian. As every up gradation, there must be more natural things that come into the picture because the people want a more natural way to solve complicated things so. 


Android on Raspberry Pi is just an application in which you can use Raspberry using Android on it. Android on Raspberry Pi is a new model given by The Raspberry Foundation to push Pi to the next level. Since the article is too long, once you go through it, you can start working on Android-based Raspberry Pi.  You can buy the Raspberry Pi online or from the market; then, you can go through the steps given above by writing codes and then uploading codes through HDMI cable. Try to use it wisely.