Android Laptop

Android Laptop

In this article, we are going to present the Android laptop that what it is, it’s specifications, it’s user base, comparison with others. How much this laptop is beneficial to users. Also, discuss the various models from different brands.

What is an Android Laptop?

Android Laptop is simply a laptop that has the Android OS (Operating System). It can be called as Chromebook. In today most of the Computers and laptops work with the Windows OS, but due to several reasons and purposes, some of the users prefer Android laptops as they are simple in use. And it can be easily paired with our Android devices easily as compared to that of Windows OS by Microsoft.

Laptops according to users requirements

In the Market, there are several Android laptops available, but if you want to buy an Android laptop which is less in weight. Also, you can carry anywhere you want as you want it portable. So the range suitable for use is the mini Android laptops. The starting size of today’s laptop is around 13.2 inches while it goes to 17.4inches of the screen. But they can be significant for some of the users. So the best option for this category of users is the mini android laptops.

What is a mini Laptop?

In simple words, a mini laptop is a personal computer, whose screen size is 09-13 inch. It has the option of keyboard detaching. Some laptops may contain no keyboard option. The reason for this is to reduce the size of laptops as more as possible. Due to this, it can be used for several other purposes.

Best Mini Laptops Available in Market

  1. Apple MacBook
  2. Dell Inspiron 11
  3. Samsung Galaxy Book 2
  4. Microsoft Surface Go
  5. Microsoft Surface Pro 6
  6. HP Stream 11
  7. Lenovo Chromebook C330
  8. Asus Vivobook L203MA

Android vs. Chrome Laptop

Android, as well as Chrome laptops both, are based on Ubuntu Linux. But they both are different from one another. There are many myths about this that they both are somewhere linked with each other because Android, as well as Chrome, are the terms that are being used by a single brand we know this brand like Google. In the year 2014, there were two existing computers available that is Android computers as well as Chrome computers. Then also, they were not dame. The main thing that we should all know of that time that these both operating system we’re downloaded from the different online application store

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Let’s talk about an Android Laptop:-

Lenovo Yoga A12 Chromebook

  • 12.2-inch screen with touch screen
  • Having Resolution 1366×768
  • Processor Intel Atom ×5
  • RAM 2G
  • Internal Storage 32GB
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Hinge is of 360°
  • Thickness 5.4mm
  • Weight is less than 1 kg
  • Battery Life up to 13 hours

Under the category of Chromebook (Android Laptop). Lenovo has launched its Lenovo Yoga A12. It’s anAndroid 2 in 1 laptop.

In the laptop market, there are several laptops with the option of 2-in-1. That is, it supports Windows as well as Android. But there comes the issue of the high cost. Due to this, the option of Lenovo Yoga A12, which is a budget laptop it claims popularity.

The concept of the Android was named Lenovo comes with its new series of Yoga Book, which is used for consuming content, and it costs only $299.

This device has a keyboard attached to it so that it can be used as a laptop. Due to this, it can be contested into the single screen by folding this device. After that, it can also be used as a tablet. This low-cost device version of the previous laptop by Lenovo. It was named YogaBook, and it was launched in the year 2016, and this late version had more specifications as compared to the old model.

The bill of this laptop was as “made for all-day productivity.” This device made by Lenovo has a cost which will compete with other laptops of Windows as the topic of portability. The battery life of this device is 13 hours, and it is a lightweight device as compared to Dell XPS 13 had cost $ 1200 who’s thickness is 2 mm thicker than that of Lenovo Yoga Book A12.

In this device, there are many ports available in this device and many other indications. This is not a flagship device, and in this device, the processor used is Intel’s low-end processor named Atom, and this device as A12 has low low-resolution, and it has the limited type of memory as compared to the other expensive laptops.

Android OS

Some laptops work on Android OS according to the consumer’s required software has been encoded. Lenovo provides Google services in its devices such as Google Chrome, Google Drive, Google Documents, and other Microsoft Office applications. For running two applications simultaneously, the Android 7 named as Android Nougat has been introduced for this device. Also, the Lenovo brand does not specify which version of Android comes in the Lenovo Yoga Book A12.

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The keyboard that comes with this device is also detachable for use as a tablet. The other reason for this process is that it has a flat touchscreen display. Also, the keyboard name is Halo, which also gives an extra benefit of 4-d vibration as the haptic feedback of the keyboard, and it is also used to improve the writing as compared to that of the previous version of Lenovo Yoga Book it can not be used as a sketch pad.

The main factor that Lenovo Yoga Pad has gain popularity because of its low-cost for its two versions, that is a laptop as well as tablet. There is another device named Pixel C from Google, and it can connect with the keyboard as a wireless connection. But it was not successful because of the price of this device was double than the Lenovo YOGA BOOK A12.

Comparison With Windows Laptop

We had discussed the increasing popularity of Android Laptops, but the main disadvantage goes to Microsoft. There is a loss for Microsoft because Windows laptops are not selling much. It’s because the cost of them is high. So to get rid of this, Microsoft is launching a low-cost laptop discussed Android would be light in weight so that is can give competition to Chrome OS, as well as Android.

You can know more about this device, and you can purchase it from the link given below, and the price of this device is $299

Which is best?

There is a race in the pc market which is better. The race includes about which is the best Operating System. Its iOS by Apple, Windows by Microsoft, Android by Google. Nowadays, Chromebook has gained popularity as compared to both of them. The recent example is the latest launched of Chrome Operating System, Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Like other Chromebooks, this device does not come with keyboard d. But the main highlight of this device is its stylus having a Wacom brand. It is launched for competing with the iPad by Apple.

The main thing that comes with the Android, the laptop is that it has Chrome OS. The stuff in the laptop is like the interface of our Android phone having Google Play Store features. The latest reports tell us that Google is testing the latest Android version in Android laptops or Chromebooks.

Android phones

In our Android phones, our touchscreen pad, which is a vital part of our day to day life. Google is trying to put some method to its laptops having Chrome OS. Also, on laptops, there is the support of the keyboard. So, to have the two in one option makes a good move by Google in today’s market, and also it is giving competition to the iOS devices.

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There is a tablet by Google known for its Chrome OS.Google launched this tablet for some particular purposes. Before that, Google has launched Pixel two in one, but it was a fail test. The other reason for the success of Chromebooks was the increasing trend of the Android OS. It’s because it is easy to use and having a simple user interface.

In 2016, the Senior Vice President of Chrome OS had said that he was fortunate to work with Google, who had their way of doing work as well as their segments of doing work. They also said that there is no sense of taking together Android as well as Chrome OS. They both are unbeaten in their field. They also get benefits from one another, so due to this, they shifted the Google Play Store.

Low-cost Android Laptops available in Market







In this article, we discussed what is an android laptop, what type of users are gained by this type of laptop. We also discussed its comparison with other operating systems and what are the options for Android available for this laptop.

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