Android Jones

Android Jones

Android Jones: If you want to know about this amazing digital artist, Android Jones, then you can go through this blog. Here we had discussed where this artist belongs and also about the amazing works by the artist. There is also the collection of paintings by Android Jones. You can buy these paintings as well as the merchandise.


Android Jones us a digital artist whose born was in the city of Lyons in Colorado in the country of Spain. He started learning art at the age of 8. At that time, he took admission to Ringling School is known for its Art and Design located in the city of Sarasota. There, his training started in the subject called traditional academic drawing and animation.

Jones had also done his internship at George Lucas’ international light and Magic located in California. After he got his education, he started and became the founder of Massive Black, which is an artist development company located in Los Angeles. He started his career in 2005 as the role of an independent artist.

At now, he lives in Lyon and there he is maintaining his large art studio. Till now, Jones has manufactured a complete immense body of his work. He has become very famous for his work and even his live performances by just using a digital set up for his work. His works have also been projected on the great monuments like the Empire State Building located in New York as well as in the Opera House, which is located in the city of Sydney in Australia.

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He also has participated in the event called the Grateful Dead Fare Three Well Tour. He was also a member of the Burning Man community for a long time. Android has done exhibitions across the 6 continents all around the world. Also, all of the Jones work had gain popularity among the spirituality and the state of consciousness

If we talk about the Jones work, then we can say that by using the Electro-Minerals technology, he has the ability to create his own wonders and they will help in advancing the art around the world. By using the energy of the colors, Android Jones put it in a way that it can be capable of creating an immense background for any of the digital art.

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In his digital drawing career, he gives a lot amount of credits to the user. The simple reason for that is when he initially draw the painting then he takes the review with the audience. In order to that, he does some of the changes and pushes the boundaries of the imagination and takes his work to a different level that is out of the world.

Works of Android Jones

Art Of Love

In this corner, here are some of the works from Android Jones in his collection called Art Of Love.

  1. Eclipse (2012)
  2. Electric Love
  3. Embrace
  4. Kosmic Kiss
  5. Love is a riot
  6. Refuge (2015)
  7. Union

These are the digital artwork done by Android Jones, and this form is called love. These artwork are so excellent that you startled by seeing these drawings. In this artwork, you can see the love in for kissing hugging and most important that love is spread all over the poster. This collection is one of the best from Android Jones.


In this corner, you can see different digital drawings in the form of portraits. These paintings show the different days, some of the leaders and the revolts as well as battles.

  1. AyaStruck
  2. Beauty In Perspective
  3. Boom Drops
  4. Boom Shiva
  5. Brain Waves
  6. Carey Thompson
  7. Chronicles
  8. Dharma Dragon (2012 in BOOM)
  9. Digital Aya
  10. Digital Portrait Workshop (22nd April in Oakland California)
  11. Do Lab Workshop
  12. Dreamcatcher
  13. DUB FX
  14. Existence
  15. Family
  16. Femke Feminine
  17. Fertility 2.0 (2012 in Burning Man)
  18. Galactavangel
  19. Goddess of Dust
  20. Happy New Year
  21. Hertz
  22. Hope Maasai
  23. I Believe
  24. Illuminotic
  25. In Memory of Breanna Levine
  26. International Self Portrait Day (1st November 2012)
  27. International Self Portrait Day (1st November 2013)
  28. Joshua Digital
  29. Juna Akhara Naga Baba
  30. Kingdom Come
  31. Live Portrait
  32. Love Droid
  33. Magnus
  34. Mandela Freedom
  35. Mellow LIB
  36. Metamorphine
  37. Mind Machine
  38. Naiya, Allergy of Overstimulated and Under-ImpressedYouth
  39. Occupy Imagination
  40. OPM
  41. Pareidolia
  42. Phadroid (Starborne)
  43. Post-Columbian Portrait Workshop
  44. Primal Scream
  45. QR Queen (Painter 12 Beta Test)
  46. Revolution
  47. Share The Planet
  48. Shiva
  49. Sporeganesha
  50. Starseed
  51. The Legendary Gaudi… Respect!
  52. Tiffa Nova
  53. Unify
  54. Unknown Case
  55. Venosa
  56. Wanderer Awake
  57. Wood Thanka
  58. YHWH
  59. 11-11-11

Portraits are one of the best collections of Android Jones. Includes some of the events or the important days. If we talk about Indian culture, this collection includes the gods like Lord Shiva as well as the Lord Ganesha. There is also one Hindu Saint called Nagababa. These events are held in particular dates which are also included.

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You can fell these pictures in detail, and if you want to keep these paintings.


In this corner, there are some of the works which are made by using a high skill of digital painting and It also gives some positivity to our nature.

  1. Adam and Eve
  2. Artumnal
  3. Beats Filmore
  4. Big Flow Tiger Rosey
  5. Black Rabbit of Inle
  6. Dancing With the Dragons of Trance
  7. De Ex Machisma
  8. Dream Shovel
  9. Emergensee
  10. Entheon Punisher
  11. Envision Boy
  12. Gabrieal
  13. Glitch Mob Emergensee
  14. Glitch Nectar
  15. Haj Ark
  16. Harmony Of Dragons
  17. Humming Dragon
  18. Humming Shrine
  19. Hyper-Horse
  20. Interdimensional Phades
  21. Jake Full On
  22. LA Grago Twins
  23. Love Songs
  24. Marty Party
  25. Metropolis (Dark)
  26. Metropolis (Light)
  27. Monarch Dragon
  28. Quetzalcoatl
  29. Rise
  30. Shiva (Suns)
  31. Source Code
  32. Spore
  33. STS9
  34. Sysbolicon
  35. Tempaul
  36. The Connection
  37. Trancendia
  38. Transient
  39. Water Dragon

This section helps to acquire a positive towards life. It tells and gives us the knowledge of how to live a life perfectly without any of the offenses. Just you have to stay positive and do your best. This should be a method of living your life.

You can view these paintings in detail.


In this corner, there are some of the random artworks from this artist. It includes some of the abstract paintings with random colors, but the combination of these colors look too immersive and very colorful.

  1. Belize
  2. Bird Of Paradise
  3. Critical Dream
  4. Do Lab Family
  5. Dream Rize
  6. Enter Nocturnas
  7. Entheon Punisher
  8. Factory
  9. Fifth Sacred Thing
  10. Gragon Twins
  11. Haj Ark
  12. Home Street Night Machine
  13. Jake the Dreaming
  14. LA Grago Twins
  15. Main Stage Thursday
  16. Manifesta
  17. Night Rainbow
  18. Reverie
  19. Trancendia
  20. Wanderer Awake

This corner is full of some of the amazing artworks by Android Jones. On this side, there is a combination of some most immersive colors which gives some message. The words give us the message by a combination of some of the different and unique words which are not connected with each other and they didn’t have a relation between them.

Artist Corner

These are the things said by the artist Android Jones on his journey:

I have experienced many things in my life.  But I can’t translate these things which I had seen in my life into words. I have experienced such things which ordinary people can’t imagine happening.If there is a possibility that it could even convert into some of the words, then I can say that what motivates me is worth making it.

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That’s why I had chosen the pen. If I give you an honest statement, then I don’t know the reason I am making this type of art or what is the thing that made me do it. I can just say that it’s only a mystery that I can say it will continue till my life. This mystery brings me closer to the ultimate truth of me.

This is the speech that was given by Android Jones in 2013.

Note: These may or may not be the words uttered by Android Jones.

Merchandise Section

If you are amazed at this artist or you are a fan of Android Jones, then you can wear his merchandise clothes. These clothes are available for men as well as women. In this section you can view a variety of clothes like t-shirts, jackets are also there are new arrivals for this merchandise. These clothes come with the rate according to the international market, and you can order it to your home.


Here we discussed the artist Android Jones, who is he and where does he belong. We discuss his achievements and the paintings he made. Also, the point of view of his own for work and the attitude he follows while doing these works. We also talk about his merchandise and how  you can purchase them