Android Battery Health

Android Battery Health

There are many ways to check Android Battery Health and to monitor it. So, here I will be listing those techniques and ways you can simply use them.
Now as we all know that a better smartphone that has a good battery backup can only be considered to be the best smartphone nowadays.

Nowadays most of the people have a mini-computer inside his/her pocket. Because we all know that we need it to make our work and the things easy for us. The works that this mini-computer i.e our smartphone does is that sending messages, emailing, searching over google, maps navigation, and many more.

Checking Android Battery Health

According to me and most of the users who loves android would be well known to the fact that using multiple application drains our phones battery fast. So, we firstly must check that how many background applications are running and which should be stopped. Once you figure out the applications to be stopped just stop it.

Let me clear this point through an example; Let’s imagine you have 4 hours and have to complete tasks like cooking, cleaning clothes, and studying. I am sure you will either choose to leave one of the tasks. But as your smartphone doesn’t have this option. So considering it you will get exhausted and be dead by the mind if you do so.

So, here it applies the same to the smartphone. It also drains all the batteries and gets dead. the reason is simple and crystal clear like freshwater that smartphone tries to complete all the tasks and uses most of the resources that it can use which consists of the battery, RAM, and more which results in the dead of battery and slow down of your phone.

Checking Android Phones

Android has some of the inbuilt features which make the user feel that he is getting something easier to sort out. You have just go to the dial pad and type “*#*#4636#*#*”. This code will open the hidden menu which will help you to view the details about your phone. You will find the “battery info” option. When you tap on the option it will show you the battery status, temperature, charging status, charge level, and more.

Checking Built-in Battery Analyzer

Either from the built-in diagnostic option of the android smartphone. We have the option of a battery analyzer that helps you with all the options to decide the battery health and fix it. Yes, I agree that it is not so powerful like the other third-party apps but it will help you to find out which app is draining more battery and should be deleted from the phone.

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You can easily find out this feature in your smartphone settings menu. Just click for Setting> Battery Status.

Use Third-Party Applications

There are many ways to check Android Battery Health and to monitor it. So, here I will be listing some of the best of 5 Third-party applications that will help you sort out this problem easily.

First I would like to put some light on Third-party applications. We all use this term willingly or by mistake.

If I explain it in simple words to define it then it is just an application provided by other software industries to make your smartphone cool and function properly. This means that the manufacturer is not the company from which you bought the smartphone.

For example, take this like; you use google play store it is not of the company you are using the smartphone. Like if I use Samsung then it doesn’t own google right. Now, coming to the topic please check it out;

Best Third-party apps: Android Battery Health

Android Battery Health

If you ask me will it work then my answer will be in favor? Because we all do agree that we are soo addicted and lazy that we even while using don’t see how much brightness is actually required. How many apps are running background even though it will cost only a few seconds to manage all this? But as usual, we all are lazy enough to do any work.

So my choice and recommendation are to use these apps which will help you to control all these settings and save battery. Here is the list please choose according to your need:


This is among the best battery saving application available on google play store. It is compatible for both the root and non-root device.

The job of this application is very simple and performs its job quite well. As its job is to keep your brightness according to light in surrounding and keeping background useless app closed. This way it saves most of the battery and also keeps its health check-up in a good mode. It will always restrict the apps that run quite often in the background and damages battery.

It is in both mode either paid or free. And if your device is rooted then it will have more functions and will enable you to give you the best experience.

GSam Battery Monitor

Here we come with another best Android Battery Health checker and saver. But the thing here comes that it will give you the information that should be managed to save your battery. You have to do all the proceedings on your own. This application also performs better with a rooted device and provides more features. But if your device is not rooted then also you can use this as it is compatible with non-rooted devices.


This is one of the best application but it can be only used in rooted devices. You all have noticed that while doing something like sending mails it starts to sync. This cost you to drain your battery. So this application helps you to stop those syncing torture automatically and save a lot of your battery. This application will also keep your background apps close to draining your battery.

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With its paid version you get more settings to get rid of the problems. Just give it a try and it will surely change your battery health.

Wakelock Detector

Now, we have Wakelock Detector in our list because it is also for only rooted device. But we cannot ignore its potential to save and keep our android battery health in good mode.

As the name itself suggests that what it does. But just to brief it, I would like to define it. It detects all the wakelocks either its partial or full.

Some of you for sure would be wondering that what does this term Wakelock means?

It is nothing but a process in which an application that has this feature asks android for its permission to keep it in awake mode when this application turns on.

As now you know the cause of the problem then what are solutions. Here is some you can either uninstall such applications, use any other alternatives, or use a third-party application that will not allow to turn on the phone and drain the battery and affect its health.

Alternatives For Android Battery Health

If you are an android user or iPhone user. Now, the coming topic doesn’t matter with your handset each and every smartphone user can access this feature and use it to maintain battery health. Just follow these some simple tricks and save your battery health.

But before discussing the tricks i want to discuss with you something. As we all use smartphone and he is like our best friend now-a-days. Then I think its our own resposibility to take care of it.

Just for example if our friend gets ill and his health gets rough day by day due to smoking. Then what can we do? for him to help out and get his health on track. We will try our best that he doesn’t smoke from then right.

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Just like our smartphone’s battery, health’s problem is known to us. So we will figure it out and try to maintain it so that it doesn’t get affected.

Delete Unused Application

Yes, You heard me right. Just get rid of all those applications which you use rarely. Because you accept it or not it is affecting your smartphone battery health as it drains the battery. Now you can question that if I am not using then how it can drain my battery. The answer to this question is quite simple and that it runs in the background. And the other reason to uninstall is that it is taking some space of your smartphone to remain there and store data.

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I am a computer science student and I better know about the technology around us either it’s coming in the future or already in the market. We all have one feature on our smartphone nowadays that is auto-brightness. That’s an AI feature just like your Siri but it doesn’t function properly I can say that. Because we don’t know how to use it.

So it’s solution is simple to lower your brightness according to yourself or let the auto-brightness mode be active always. Use a dark theme to avoid the battery drain problem. Believe me, it will save a lot of your battery.


I have given all possible solution’s to your Android Battery Health problem.

Either you can use third-party apps to manage it or you can follow the last alternative option. As I usually call it homemade tricks as it is in your own hand and also easily available.

I hope you liked the article, but even if anyhow you have any doubts please do comment below and let us know.