Android Apps on Windows Phone

It quite looks interesting to get an android app on your windows phone. In today’s generation, everyone wants to install apps that are made from a different OS. In this article, we will learn how someone can install Android apps on their windows phone.

What is a Windows phone?

Some people still don’t know what a windows phone is, when they came into the market and why people stopped using them. In 2007 Apple introduced their iPhone. It was a great achievement for Apple. In 2008 google introduced Android to give competition to the iPhone. At that time Microsoft was a great rival of apple. Everyone was comparing Windows with MacOS. So, when Apple and Google launched their smartphone in the market, Microsoft didn’t want to get behind. In late 2009 Microsoft introduced windows mobile. They think they will beat the android and iPhone in the smartphone market. At that time almost every company was making apps for android and iPhone.

Only a few companies take interest in making apps for Windows OS that are running in Microsoft’s smartphone. So users are losing interest in windows phones because they couldn’t use any new apps on windows phones. On the other hand, iPhone and Android are taking over the smartphone market. Because of this market loss, Windows phone’s market share got low. Microsoft again tried to launch windows with the partnership with Nokia but that didn’t work. But Microsoft didn’t accept his failure, he gave many updates to windows phones to make them popular. Microsoft introduced the project Astoria that can enable a windows phone to use Android apps. Today we will learn how to install the android app on these windows phones. 

Android Apps on Windows Phone

How to get android app on windows phone?

Before installing Android apps, we must remember we can only install android apps on windows 10 smartphones. There’s no way to install android apps on windows 8.0 or windows 8.1. So, you must have windows 10 OS installed on your smartphone and if you have windows 8.0 or windows 8.1 you have to install windows 10 first.

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Install windows 10 mobile 

The feature to install android apps on windows phones comes in windows 10 build 10240 version. So, we have to install the build 10240 version. Before we started, we needed a retail FFU file for our windows phone. First, download the windows device recovery tool from Microsoft official website. Then connect the windows phone to the windows device recovery tool. The windows device recovery tool will download the image of the windows phone. You have to save it on your pc. The FFU file will be saved in the drive(C) >Program data > Microsoft > Packages. 

Now we have to download windows 10 mobile build 10240 on our windows phone.

  • Download the windows10 mobile build from Microsoft’s official website.
  • After this download Windows phone image designer. Remember your phone must be fully charged for this update.
  • Now go in UEFI mode. For this just shut down your phone and then boot into UEFI mode by holding the volume up button.
  • After this, if a lighting logo shows up on display then you come in UEFI mode.
  • Now use a USB cable and connect your windows phone to a pc. Then open windows phone image designer on your pc by starting the start.bat file.
  • Now choose the option of “flash a windows phone image onto your phone” and tap on next.
  • Next, under the flashable device section, click on change and then browse the ROM of windows 10 build 10240.
  • Now click on the flash option and your windows phone will install windows 10 build 10240.

Method to install Android apps on windows 10 mobile

We have installed windows 10 build 10240 on our windows phone. Now we can install android apps on windows phones.

  • First, we have to download the APK deployment app.
  • After downloading run deployment app on windows phone.
  • Now enable developer mode and device discovery on windows phones.
  • After this, connect your windows phone to PC using a USB cable and pair the app.
  • Now you can simply deploy the APK to a Windows phone.
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There are only a few Android apps that will work in windows 10 mobile. If you want to go back to the previous version of your windows phone you can go by using the backup image, we had downloaded earlier using the windows device recovery tool.


The idea to use Android apps on a windows phone sounds like a dream for some people now it is reality. In this article, we learned how you can install android apps on a windows phone. For more, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel Gossipfunda for more amazing tricks.  


Q1. Can I convert my Windows phone to an Android phone?

Solution: Yes, you can convert your windows phone by installing a custom ROM. But according to me, you shouldn’t convert your windows phone into android because the hardware of your windows mobile is not comfortable with Android OS so you’ll not get any good experience by using this. So, if you take my advice instead of converting your windows phone to an android phone you should buy an Android phone.

Q2. What was the last windows phone?

Solution: The last windows phone of Lumia was Lumia 650. It was announced by Microsoft in 2016.

Q3. Will windows phones return to the market?

Solution: That all depends on Microsoft. You’ll see windows phones return to the market If Microsoft ever relaunched their windows smartphone.