Android Apps For Educational Purposes | 2022 Edition

As a student, finding the ultimate resources for education is one of the most critical factors to succeed. However, have you ever considered finding applications on your android device? There are innumerable apps whose sole aim is to improve your knowledge. While some are free, others require a subscription, and some are a mix of both, there is something for everyone.

Using Android apps is a genuinely good idea because you have frequent access to your devices. Hence, you won’t have to worry as much about carrying books around. However, the best apps shift from one year to the next. We’ve compiled the apps for educational purposes you can download on android devices. You can use these at any point, anywhere. However, each app will address a different aspect of education. Find the one that best suits your aim.

Android Apps For Educational Purposes
Android Apps For Educational Purposes

Using Online Tools For Essay Writing

One of the major issues people in college face is finding adequate resources to build their essays. Whether they feel overwhelmed with the tasks at hand or aren’t capable of doing them themselves, finding free examples always comes in handy. The ideal website for such purposes is samplius, for students looking for inspiration for their pieces. These enable you to find the perfect structure, outline, and title for your research paper. It allows you to access experts that guarantee you excel in your courses.

Duolingo for Languages

You probably have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this application. Duolingo is known to be one of the best apps for learning novel languages. It has access to over 15 languages. But what makes it so different from other resources? Well, it provides you with a fresh and fun way of becoming fluent in a new language. The examples you’re presented with are in the form of mini-games. Some require you to write, others are crosswords, and there are ones that need you to speak into the microphone. It has a 14-day free trial.

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Khan Academy for Improving Grades

If you’re looking for a spell for good grades, you’ve been missing out on Khan Academy. According to the website, participants have an average increase of 10% points in mathematics. This is approximately double the points you would expect in a traditional program. This is distinct because it’s free and offers a unique approach to subjects. Choose between various topics, including physics, science, chemistry, economics, etc. Choose between lessons, courses, and educational videos.

Evernote for Organization

Whether you’re working on a research paper or grading college papers, there is an elegant method of keeping notes and thoughts. Using the Evernote app allows you to create digital notebooks. These will enable you to keep notes, store them all in one place, and share them when needed. It can even be used by instructors in the classroom. It allows them to create multiple files for each student, which makes it more interactive.

SoloLearn for Basics in Coding

Learning coding and basic software skills is a vital aspect of understanding. On SoloLearn, you have access to 12 programming languages. Some include CSS, Javascript, and Python. While it might only teach you the basics, it explains things in an intricate way that provides you with the best foundation. Moreover, it’s a free application, so you won’t have to worry about spending money and wasting it. If you’re feeling discouraged from learning code, this app will help you. Keep in mind that fundamental coding is integrated throughout almost every field in the world. It’ll provide you with numerous benefits.

An underestimated student contract for grades is the application WolframAlpha. While you might have accidentally stumbled upon it, you might have been unaware of the numerous resources you can unlock. It’s often used by scholars worldwide. While it covers various subjects, including physics, data analysis, statistics, and astronomy, it’s often recognized for its calculator. The mathematics calculator on the app allows you to input an equation, and it solves it for you. It also provides an in-depth explanation of how the result is obtained. Having access to this app allows you to understand the more minor details in your courses.

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There are multiple online resources you can access. However, some require subscriptions, while others are free. Moreover, applications should be your focus because access to them is much easier. Also, you can download their resources and some videos offline.

So, stop stressing about methods to access your books and notes. Instead, consider using the apps mentioned above depending on your goals. Over time, you’ll realize the benefits of having access through your mobile devices. Not only will that ease your mind, but it will also provide you with the flexibility and ease of handling everything through your phone.