AMD A9 processor and AMD A10 processor: The best Comparison

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is an eminent and established American Multinational semiconductor company based in Santa Clara Country, California that promotes, enhances, and develops computer processors and technologies for business and consumer markets. Initially, it has begun to manufacture its own processors. The furnished product of AMD includes motherboards chipsets, microprocessors, embedded processors, and graphic processors reach workstations, servers, and Personal computers. Have you ever thought about what a processor is and what it does? A microprocessor known through its pet name processor is a tiny chip or a software or application system that is in attendance to computers and many other electronic gadgets. These processors are installed to target a specific function to accomplish.

Comparison between AMD A9 & A10 processor

                           Before we begin, we would like to proclaim that we are going to compare the previously launched AMD A9-9410 Processor with the latest brand new AMD A10-9600P Processor. So, let’s start the comparison of apple to an orange.

Significant Attributes of AMD A9 & AMD A10 Processor

                         The AMD A10-9600P Processor is a ULV chip of mid-range APU of the series called Bristol Ridge series of 7th generation of APUs was launched in mid of 2016. It includes 4 cores (two Excavator Modules) of 2.4-3.3 GHz clock speed. The processor has the same silicon as Carrizo, but features are more and refined. This includes a 15.6 inch Full HD Display, TN Panel, Matte of 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. It has a 15-watt TDP that includes and a Radeon R5 Integrated graphics card of 384 Shader cores/ 6 compute cores, including a memory channel of 2, DDR4 1866 memory controller.

This is slightly faster than the latest brand new 15 Watt FX 8800P. Thus, the Performance of the CPU is likely to be similar to a Broadwell Core i3 of 15 Watt power consumption, For example, i3 5010U. The Carrizo present in A10-9600P Processor consists of full-featured SOC on the chip, which includes each and every Input and Output port.

                            The AMD A9-9410 Processor is also a chip manufactured from the Stoney Ridge APU Series of 7th generation notebooks launched in 2016. This processor integrates two CPU Cores with 2 integers and 1 excavator module over the FP unit with a clock speed between 2.9 to3.5 GHz (or 2900 to 3500 MHz). It is the well-known blistering chip produced by the Stoney Ridge processor till now. Additionally, AMD A9-9410 Processor also includes a GPU with 192 Shaders of Radeon R5 at 800 MHz as well as a DDR4 2133 memory controller of the single memory channel. Moreover, a chipset along with an H.265 video engine for requisite ports available for Input and Output is also included over the chip. Moreover, it is believed to be the dual-core version of Bristol Ridge.

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Common Features

                       Some features are common to one and the other. Like 64-bit/ Intel 64, On-chip Floating point unit, NX bit/XD-bit, Power Now! /Cool’n’Quiet, Turbo Core, Secure Virtual Machine (Virtualization).  The only homogeneous feature in both is the similar processors and 28nm manufacturing technology used for socket and architecture, and both belong to AMD A-Series Processors.


                         Let the major attributes be equivalent. What makes them different are their specifications. Let’s have an in-depth look at them.  The core name of CPU (Central Processing Unit) utilized in AMD A10-9600P Processor is Bristol Ridge, but AMD A9-9410 Processor uses Stoney Ridge. In addition, it is not only the inheritor of Carrizo architecture but also the manufacturing design, and the model is quite similar. Evidently, the CPU is not only a big thumb up for slim and airy notebooks but also has an ability for better cooling than AMD A9-9410 Processor. The AMD A10-9600P Processor uses 28nm processors and offers minor modifications. For instance, technological advancements are minor and have remained the same. The APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) has 4 excavator CPU Cores, 512 shaders, etc.

Moreover, AMD A10-9600P Processor has more stepping, socket cores, computer units, and logical processors than AMD A9-9410 Processor. AMD A10-9600P Processor has a lesser base frequency and turbo frequency as compared to AD A9-9410 Processor. But in the case of L1 Cache and L2 Cache (KB), AMD A10-9600P Processor is ahead of AMD A9-9410 Processor. The transistor count of AMD A10-9600P Processor is more than AMD A9-9410 Processor.

Additional Features

                         The Core and Threads of AMD 9600P Processor are more than AMD 9410 Processor. But in case of compatibility, configuration, and PCI Express Revision Peripheral of TDP (Thermal Design Power) Watt, AMD A10-9600P Processor is lagging behind. Therefore, AMD A9-9410P Processor can function productively even under sustained workloads. Keeping GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) from the point of view, the maximum frequency of graphics, Unified Video Decoder, processor and switchable graphics of AMD A10-9600P Processor has more active Shader cores as compared to AMD A9-9410 Processor. But in the case of Graphics API Support, DirectX and Vulkan are built-in 9410P Processor and are absent in 9600P Processor.

The 35 watt series of AMD A10-9600P Processor can only support RAM up to DDR4-2400, whereas AMD A9-9410 can support up to 15 watts but has a 15-inch device for better cooling. Because of stagnating per MHz ratio, the performance increases due to the higher clock speed of AMD A9-9410 Processor than AMD A10-9600P Processor. The operating frequency and thermal design power of AMD A9-9419 Processor are higher and better as compared to AMD A19-9600P Processor, but the extra frequency is provided in AMD A10-9600P Processor. The number of cores/threads is more in the case of AMD A10-9600P Processor than that of AMD A9-9410 Processor.

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Specification Comparison Table

SpecificationAMD A10-9600PAMD A9-9410
MODEL101 (065h)112 (070h)
SERIESAMD Bristol RidgeAMD Bristol Ridge
CODENAMEStoney RidgeBristol Ridge
DIE SIZE124.5 mm square250 mm square
TRANSISTOR COUNT1200 Million3100 Million
MEMORY CHANNELSingle-ChannelDual-Channel
GPU800 MHz720 MHz
L1 CACHE192 KB (code) 128 KB (data)96 KB (core) 64 KB (data)
L2 CACHE2048 KB1024 KB
STEPPING1 (01h)0 (00h)
DATA WIDTH64 Bit64 Bit
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                            The supported memory channels, memory frequency, and bandwidth of the AMD A10-9600P Processor are high. Thus it consumes less power. Moreover, it has multi-threading performance to execute more stimulus threads. In contrast, AMD A9-9410 Processor has a trump card to play with high clock speed. Have a blast! Cope up with your adrenaline rush for gaming with lightning speed with the efficient and substantial performance of AMD A9-9410 Processor. Thus, the level of performance by AMD A9-9410 Processor is sufficient for more demanding applications.


                               “Let’s accomplish and embrace flaws.” The operating frequency of the AMD A10-9600P processor is low. On the other hand, AMD A9-9410 Processor has smaller CPU Cores, and therefore it doesn’t support many threads. It consumes considerably more power because of less memory bandwidth.


                                            “Let’s study on the golden side of the AMD.”


                       Where AMD A9-9410P Processor has a lot more to boast about, on the contrary, AMD A10-9600P Processor has a few to pin hopes on. To begin with, AMD A10-9600P Processor has enough CPU cores to get into grips with multiple threads simultaneously. A10-9600P Processor has higher memory bandwidth for the processor to overcome the memory obstruction. Consequently, it amplifies the magnitude of performance even after working with large data sets. Although AMD A9-9410 Processor checkmates with an operating frequency higher than AMD A10-9600P Processor, however, fell flat.

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                       With more power consumption than AMD A10-9600P Processor, AMD A9-9410 Processor is on a winning streak. The AMDA10-9600P Processor doesn’t fulfill the potential of gaming. Even if it has a higher clock speed than AMD A9-9410P Processor, the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) test cannot be performed at the upper ends of this range continuously due to limited TDP value. The experts are in a dilemma whether AMD A10-9600P Processor will be able to work faster with constant CPU load simultaneously. The single-core performance of the AMD A9-9410 Processor is excellent.

Most importantly, AMD A10-9600P Processor is unlocked, the massive upgrade path is available and economically feasible. The best brand is at a great price. We assure you of Good plug, price, and play.

Other Common Features

                         No Doubt both of them have some other standard features such as debugging extensions, 36-bit page size extensions, 128 bit SSE instruction, 100 MHz multiplier control, Extended APIC space, Core multi-processing legacy mode, time stamp counter, lightweight profiling support, LBR Visualisation, advanced programmable interrupt controller, nested page tables, performance time-stamp counter, 1 GB considerable page support, Hardware P-state, and Thermal control, LAHF/ SAHF support in 64-bit mode, Machine check architecture and expenditure, Misaligned SSE Mode, nested page tables, physical address extensions, SVM lock, virtual 8086 mode enhancements, watchdog timer support, temperature sensor, NRIP save, ensured TCS rate across all states, translation cache extensions, global page extension, page attribute table, page size extensions of 4 MB pages, model specified registers, L1 data size, and associativity, MOV CR8, FX SAVE/ FX RSTOR optimization, extended APIC space.


                               “In the outcome, only the conclusion is esteemed and carried into judgment.”


          AMD A9 processor and AMD A10 processor: Through a comparative interpretation of both the production and analyzing the significant features, we have come to the opinion that we suggest you to go for AMD A10-9600P Processor than AMD A9-9410 Processor. Undoubtedly, AMD A10-9600P Processor has sufficient features indispensable for efficient and proficient hardcore gaming. Not only that, but AMD A10-9600P Processor is also compatible and has advanced technological virtualization. It is easy to install and runs efficiently.

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