ALT tab not working

On a Windows computer, using the Alt Tab shortcut makes switching between open programmes simple. The Alt Tab shortcut, however, could cease functioning for some users from time to time. Because it may reduce productivity and make switching between programmes challenging, this can be a frustrating issue. We will look at some potential reasons why the Alt Tab shortcut might not be functioning in this post, along with some fixes. Users can improve their computer experience by taking these steps to restore the Alt Tab shortcut.

ALT tab not working
ALT tab not working

Causes of alt tab not working

Adhesive keys:

Windows has a feature called sticky keys that let users hit one key at a time rather than all of them at once. The Alt Tab shortcut might not function properly if the Sticky keys functionality is enabled.

Hardware problems:

If your keyboard or mouse are malfunctioning, the Alt Tab shortcut might not function. For instance, you won’t be able to use the Alt Tab shortcut if your Alt key is malfunctioning.

Conflicts with software:

The Alt Tab shortcut can cease working if you just installed a new software or update that conflicts with it. Incompatible software or out-of-date drivers may be to blame for this.

Obsolete drivers:

The Alt Tab keyboard shortcut may also cease working if your keyboard, mouse, or graphics card have outdated drivers.

Unsuitable settings:

If the keyboard or mouse settings are off, the Alt Tab shortcut could not function.

System mistakes

Your computer may have a number of difficulties as a result of system failures, such as the Alt Tab shortcut not functioning. System file corruption or registry mistakes may be to blame for these problems.

Power options:

The computer’s power-saving mode might prevent the Alt Tab shortcut from functioning. Incorrect power settings or hardware problems may be at blame for this.

Virus or malware infections:

Your computer may have a number of difficulties, including malfunctions with the Alt Tab shortcut, due to malware or virus infestations. Malware can change system files and settings, which can lead to a number of problems.

Incompatible software:

The Alt Tab shortcut might not work with all apps. Programs that are obsolete or incompatible may be the root of this.

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Changing the keyboard’s language:

If the language settings on the keyboard are configured incorrectly, the Alt Tab shortcut might not function.

Solutions for alt tab not working

Disable Sticky Keys:

Windows has a feature called Sticky Keys that helps users who have trouble pressing multiple keys simultaneously. But it can obstruct the Alt Tab shortcut. Making the keyboard simpler to use may be found under Ease of Access in the Control Panel. Click there to disable Sticky Keys. Turn on Sticky Keys is not selected in this box.

Make sure your keyboard and mouse are connected:

Ensure that your computer is correctly linked to your keyboard and mouse. Make sure the batteries are not running low if they are wireless. The Alt Tab shortcut may cease to function due to a defective or loose connection.

Check for software incompatibilities:

Any newly installed applications or upgrades that could be incompatible with the Alt Tab shortcut should be uninstalled. New software can occasionally interact with and damage built-in Windows functions.

Newest drivers:

Ensure that all of your drivers, including those for your keyboard, mouse, and graphics card, are up to current. The Alt Tab shortcut may cease working if your computer has outdated drivers. For the most recent drivers, see the manufacturer’s website.

Change keyboard preferences:

Choose Keyboard from the Control Panel by going there. Verify the Repeat rate and Repeat delay parameters are accurate. Adapt them if required. The Alt Tab keyboard shortcut may cease functioning if your keyboard’s settings are off.

Check for system flaws:

To check for and fix any damaged system files, use the SFC programme included with Windows. Scannow in the Command Prompt window after opening it as an administrator. The Alt Tab shortcut might have problems if your system files are corrupt.

Verify the power settings:

Verify that power-saving mode is not active on your computer. If required, change the power settings in the Control Panel. The Alt Tab shortcut may not work properly in power-saving mode.

Check for viruses and malware:

Use your antivirus programme to do a complete system scan to look for malware or virus infestations. Remove infections if any are discovered. Problems with the Alt Tab shortcut might result from malware or virus infestations.

Search for incompatible software:

Verify whether any applications conflict with the Alt Tab shortcut. Any apps that could be creating issues should be uninstalled or updated. The Alt Tab shortcut may not work with some software.

Change your keyboard or mouse:

If the Alt Tab shortcut is still not functioning, a hardware problem can be the cause. The Alt Tab shortcut may not work properly if your keyboard or mouse aren’t working properly. Use a new keyboard or mouse and see if the Alt Tab shortcut works to see if the issue is with your hardware. If it functions with a different keyboard or mouse, your broken hardware has to be changed.

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Removing third-party applications:

The Alt Tab shortcut may be hampered by some third-party apps. The Alt Tab shortcut might not be working since this programme altered the default settings. Try turning off any background-running third-party programmes to see if it fixes the problem. To accomplish this, use Task Manager and end all unwanted programmes.

Launch Windows Explorer again:

An application called Windows Explorer is responsible for controlling the taskbar, desktop, and file manager in the Windows graphical user interface. Windows Explorer should be restarted if the Alt Tab shortcut isn’t working. This may be done by selecting Windows Explorer in Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc, then right-clicking and selecting Restart.

Instead, use the Windows key:

Another shortcut that may be used to move between open programmes is the Windows key. You may move between open apps in the Task View by pressing the Windows key and Tab. If the Alt Tab shortcut is not functioning and you need a quick way to move between open apps, this solution might be helpful.

Remove the graphics card’s software:

The Alt Tab keyboard shortcut can occasionally be affected by graphics card software. Try turning off the graphics card software and see if it helps. Right-click on your desktop and choose “NVIDIA Control Panel” to accomplish this (or “AMD Radeon Settings”). Go to the “Desktop” option in the software and choose “Disable desktop management.”

Back up Windows:

You might need to roll back Windows to a previous time if the Alt Tab shortcut was previously functional but has suddenly stopped being functional. Choose a restoration point when the Alt Tab shortcut was operational by going to “System Restore” in the Control Panel.

Message support:

Contact your computer’s maker or Microsoft support for more help if none of the aforementioned fixes work. They might be able to offer more detailed guidance and aid in your problem-solving.


The Alt Tab shortcut is a useful Windows utility for navigating between open programmes. Unfortunately, occasionally it could cease operating, resulting in annoyance and irritation. This problem might arise for a number of reasons, including faulty hardware, interference from outside software, and inappropriate settings. The good news is that there are a number of fixes for this issue, including using a different keyboard or mouse, turning off third-party applications, starting Windows Explorer from scratch, and using the Windows key or mouse.

The problem can also be fixed by modifying display settings, verifying virtual desktop settings, turning off graphics card software, resetting the machine, and restoring Windows. If none of these fixes work, you might need to get in touch with Microsoft support or the maker of your machine. You may quickly repair the Alt Tab shortcut and experience uninterrupted productivity by using the advice in this guide.

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Can I use another keyboard shortcut for Alt Tab?

The keyboard shortcuts in Windows for moving between open apps may be changed, yes.

Can you open and close tabs in a web browser with Alt Tab?

Alt Tab cannot be used to switch between tabs inside a single programme; it can only be used to navigate between open apps.

Can I set Alt Tab to only display particular applications?

Yes, you may change the settings in the Multitasking area of the Settings app to make Alt Tab only display particular programmes.

Can I completely turn off Alt Tab?

That is not advisable, however you may deactivate Alt Tab using the Registry Editor or the Group Policy Editor.

Can you use Alt Tab on Mac OS?

Alt Tab is a shortcut that is exclusive to Windows. Use Command + Tab on Mac OS instead.

Can I modify the Alt Tab switcher’s appearance?

Yes, you may use third-party applications to alter the Alt Tab switcher’s look.

Can I move between programmes in fullscreen mode with Alt Tab?

Yes, you may move between programmes in fullscreen mode with Alt Tab.

Can I move between virtual desktops with Alt Tab?

No, Alt Tab is only useful for navigating between open programmes on the active virtual desktop.