Advantages of Using iMovie for Video Editing with Free Alternatives

The most numerous producers of video content are not large corporations or businesses, but ordinary users who create them for personal purposes, for publication on social networks, or their blogs on different platforms and websites. At the same time, users have become so savvy in the field of creating and producing videos that no one skips the post-processing stage to make the video incredibly beautiful and exciting. See the advantages of Using iMovie for Video Editing and Its Free Alternatives for Windows.

However, ordinary users do not need to use the professional video editing programs used by filmmakers. At this time, there are so many options of easy video editing software available, that’s why anyone can upload a video to Instagram, share it with friends, or add a new article to their blog.

At the same time, in most situations, the final video’s quality and stunning appearance are determined by your camera, not by the use of advanced technologies. That’s where tools like iMovie, which is simple to use and very functional in terms of post-production, come in handy. However, not everyone on the earth owns an Apple iPhone or an Apple laptop, on which this application is pre-installed. In this regard, the question arises: is there an iMovie for Windows? The answer is simple: there are a lot of free alternatives for iMovie for PC.

 advantages of Using iMovie for Video Editing and Its Free Alternatives for Windows
Advantages of Using iMovie for Video Editing with Free Alternatives

In this article, we have collected the most important advantages of this tool, which will become your assistant in the field of bringing your videos to perfection, and also share available free alternatives. Thus, you can work in programs or edit videos online.

Important Benefits of iMovie

Color correction

If the raw material was shot in conditions of bad or low lighting, you’ll notice that numerous color difficulties can detract from the overall impression when you view it on your phone or laptop.

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This application offers a useful range of tools for removing flaws and making your video footage neat, rich, and colorful. If you’re a rookie and don’t know how to modify these settings, consult the color grading guide to learn how to improve your situation.

Video speed

If you are going to capture a long procedure or action, then you can take advantage of this function that is present in the application.  You may simply control the tempo of the material, either speeding it up so that viewers don’t have to spend as much time watching the process in detail, or slowing it down so that crucial elements are highlighted.

This function is frequently covered in tips for beginners to assist every creator in mastering video editing skills.

Multiple video tracks

You can mix multiple clips into one, which is a fantastic feature. This is ideal for making a project about your trips, which will incorporate footage from several locations or a film about multiple events that you want to discuss in one video.

Text and headings

Not every simple program or piece of software provides the ability to add different types of text and headings. Many people must rely on third-party resources to complete this task. This application, on the other hand, has such a feature, and you can use it to create signatures, input more text, and edit it using the built-in tools. Additionally, if you wish to provide your visitors the option of watching without sound, you can generate captions.

Audio editing

If you want a professional result, you should consider the quality of the sound.  If you capture clips in multiple locations, there’s a chance the sound will be better in one area and worse in another. If there are any issues, they can be quickly resolved because you can ensure that the sound is at the same volume, and you can save this configuration to use in other endeavors. You can also remove the audio if necessary.

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In addition, you can use this simple tool to upload many audio tracks at once. This gives you the freedom to add whatever music you want to your clip to match it. You may easily add free background music to your video scene by searching for it online.

Alternatives for Windows users that are the finest

Movavi Video Editor

It’s a simple alternative with just as many essential features. You will even like creating videos with Movavi Video Editor because all of the features are obvious, there are numerous tools, and you do not need to use third-party programs.

All of the required functions and editing tools, as well as fascinating video effects, amusing stickers, and unexpected transitions, may be found here. Furthermore, if the source material is shaky or the quality is poor, you can correct it.


Wevideo is available online, so there’s no need to download anything and take precious free space. Simply open a browser and download the files that require post-processing. Furthermore, the service does not necessitate the usage of a powerful device, allowing everyone to use it.

You can not only work on a project alone but also collaborate with friends or coworkers, which is a fantastic feature. If you’re working on a group project for a school or university, for example, all team members will be able to contribute.


Shotcut may appear to be difficult to use at first sight, but once you start working on a project, you will discover that this is not the case. The program is free to use, and the toolset will suit your needs. You can also personalize the interface to make it more user-friendly.

Each step of the procedure can be saved here, and if you don’t like something, you can easily go back to a well-done piece. In addition, a diverse set of effects will transform your video into a work of art.

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It is not essential to install demanding software with an advanced set of tools to generate an amazing movie. It’s crucial to have a vivid idea, which you can actualize even with simple applications like iMovie or its Windows equivalents. Using this application or its alternatives, you will find a lot of exciting, useful, and advanced features that will become your indispensable assistants. As you improve your skills, you will be able to create works of art very quickly.