Add words to iPhone dictionary

Have you just bought a new iPhone; the iPhone 13, iPhone 11 or even some older version of Apple’s iPhone?If yes then, there is a dire need for you to know all about it in order to leave no doubt behind. In case, you have been an Android user all this time then you would face some issues understanding each and everything about iPhone. So please read a detailed guide about it. In this article, we are specifically going to discuss about how you can add words to iPhone.

For doing that you can go through this guide irrespective of the fact that you have which model of iPhone. Before jumping straight to our topic, let us first know a little background of iPhone as a whole. You should be well aware how to access and get the games, music, movies on your iPhone. You can take a day or two and learn about iPhone completely before you start using it.

You’ll be greeted with “hello” when you switch it on and you’ll see an option as “set up your iPhone”. You need to click on that option. With that option you can setup your account on your new iPhone. Then you would be able to access all the features that iPhone offers. You need to pay attention during this process as missing even a single step could lead to issues in the future with you device.

Add words to iPhone dictionary

If you do not follow a particular step, then there are high chances that you could never go back to that step again and you would then bear the consequences of that later.

How to get started with your iPhone: The beginner’s guide

When you learn a new language, it is quite tough in the beginning. So, you try to try all the methods to learn it fluently but there are times when merely memorizing it does not work for you. There are many reasons why you would want to learn a new language.

Maybe you wish to visit a foreign country, you have a language exam, you wish to learn a new language as a hobby, you have a relative from a foreign coming over to stay at your house and you wish to communicate well with them. Whatever be the reason, if you need to learn a new language on your iPhone then you have come to the right place today.

You will be fully aware about how to do so after reading this entire article. A lot of people are not aware about the multiple ways to add words to your iPhone dictionary. They are not aware about the most mainstream method to manually add words. You can add words of the desired language to the inbuilt dictionary on the device.

How to do it?

This can be done by typing, by taking care of the pronunciation and definitions according to the particular rules of the language they wish to learn. They do so by downloading Google translate apps.

This is possible with the help of the safari browser present in their device with the help of the Siri voice recognition feature present in iOS. They search about these options with the help of any app of their choice with the help of the support of the in-built search engine to get their text translation right without the need for a stable internet connection or anything as such (this is more preferred by the users worldwide).

They simply click on the ‘neo’ feature of Instagram as it is designed in such a way that it supports more than 70 languages. It also makes use of some of the search results from inside of any app with the help of built-in search engine which is a very solid support when it comes to translation. The best part is that you do not need an internet connection for this and this is exactly what is preferred.

You can simply click on the neo feature of Instagram to proceed with it. This assist more than seventy languages so far as well as translating hashtags into over 80 other tongues. We find that people now are spending more time on their phones than on a proper PC o a laptop. This is because phones are much more handy and convenient to use.

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You can access anything from anywhere with the help of your phone. Whereas a computer or a PC are comparatively larger in size to carry everywhere. But, the continuous usage of mobile phones more than using a computer or a PC is pretty frustrating too. You might get irritated when you are typing on such a small screen continuously.

It is true that until you do not get the “click” feedback on the device that you are typing on, you cannot really stay satisfied. If you are someone with average sized hands then it would be a nightmare to you, to type for long hours with your eyes constantly towards the mobile screen! A lot of errors can occur, words can be mispelt, disastrous typos can occur, etc.

Let us assume that one fine day you come across a new word, maybe in a new language book that you bought or in some movie or a show. At that moment, you would wish that if you knew the meaning of that word, you could interpret things much better than you are currently.

You would immediately head towards the google search and search for the meaning of that specific word of your choice. If you are someone who uses an iPhone, then you can just simply go to the in built iPhone dictionary. In order to learn the meaning of that word and many more words and you could refrain from using the internet for the same. The dictionary on your iPhone also controls the autocorrect on your device and you are given the ability to add or remove words to it according to your own choice.

In this article, let us know how you can use the iPhone dictionary. Also, how you can add new words of your choice or need to the iPhone dictionary.

What is the iPhone Autocorrect Dictionary?

Predictive text and the concept of auto-correction

If you are an iOS user then you should know that iOS provides you with an auto-correction and predictive text feature. It is designed to help users prevent this kind of frustration. If you make any sort of typos, then the auto-correction tool would help you with it. With the helpful assistance of the predictive tool, you can write and complete entire sentences with just a few taps.

The most fascinating feature in this is that the device recognizes your typing needs and as soon as you write a particular word, it suggests the next suitable word for you, based on your past conversations and writing style. Predictive text is making progress day by day and now it currently is supporting more than 20 mainstream languages. Also, with each passing day, Apple is broadening the number of languages that it supports in order to retain a diversity.

To enable these two features:

  1. Locate the settings and then click on ‘General’.
  2. You need to look down by scrolling and search for ‘keyboard’.
  3. Just toggle to “Auto-Correction” ON, in the “ALL KEYBOARDS” option; then switch on “Predictive” in ENGLISH/or your NATIVE language.

How can you improve Auto-correction and predictive text?

If you wish to improve the auto-correction and predictive text, then you can follow the steps below:-

  1. When you see the predictive text field, then quite a few suggestions will be presented in front of you.
  2. If you click on those suggestions, iOS’s Autocorrect will start adding suggestions for new spellings.
  3. You can also click on space or add a punctuation mark.
  4. It will also improve Autocorrect by accepting the suggestion.
  5. In case, you have selected an autocorrect suggestion which is basically incorrect then you’d be happy to know that there is an option for you to enter the end letter of your word once more in order clear that particular suggestion off.
  6. It then goes into the records of iOS dictionary.
  7. You need to be aware that autocorrect can also show some wrong suggestions or corrections at time.
  8. Go to settings and gently search for dictionary, scrolling through the bottom you will get reset option to reset keyboard dictionary. This care may vary different versions of iOS.
  9. Must be noted: The reset option would remove all the user dictionary. This can create an illusion that your dictionary is no more in your device.
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How to Enable Dictionary on iPhone By dereliction

Your iPhone will have an English wordbook enabled for typing. Grounded on this, you’ll get codifying suggestions, autocorrect, and lookup results. Along with English, iPhone delivers wordbooks in distinct languages like Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, French, Italian, etc. You can enable as numerous wordbooks as you like. Still, use the flashback option if you turn on the wordbooks which are quite a lot in number.

Please note that it might be a bit messed up when you are searching for a word of your choice. That is how to add further languages to the iPhone wordbook. Tap Settings> General on your iPhone. Also, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and valve Dictionary. In the Dictionary screen, you’ll see a list of all wordbooks in multiple languages. 

To enable a wordbook, just valve on the wordbook( eg. English( US)) you need. Once the download gets completed. You’ll notice a blue tick on the left wing along with download progress bar on the right-hand side. This is sign that you can use the wordbook. Likewise, you can elect and download multiple wordbooks grounded on your need. While opting , insure you elect only the language wordbooks and not restatement wordbooks. For illustration, Spanish- English will restate the Spanish word to English, whereas Spanish will give the meanings for Spanish words.

How to use enabled iPhone Dictionary?

The iPhone Dictionary can be used to know the essence or definition of a word from any app like Notes, prints, Safari, and many more. Also, it can use to point on non-native iOS apps like Chrome. Let’s see how to use the iPhone wordbook to learn the meaning of words.

Let’s say you’re reading an composition in Safari. Now, you want to know the meaning of a word. By long-pressing the word and tapping LookUp from the list of options displayed on the short menu that emerges. Now, you’ll notice a new pop-up menu on iPhone’s screen containing the illustration of the word.

However, also you’ll see the meanings from all the wordbooks, if you have enabled multiple wordbooks for the same language. Do flash back that the iPhone wordbook shows the meaning of a single word. However, you would also be shown some options such as Wikipedia hunt, Siri’s suggestions, etc. There is a huge variety of options for you to choose from.

If you try to elect multiple words. Piecemeal from the Lookup results, your iPhone will rely on this wordbook for autocorrect and modifying recommendations. However, read below, If you wish to add further words to the iPhone wordbook.

 How to Add Words to iPhone Dictionary

Are you an iPhone stoner and you wish to add some words of your choice to your iPhone wordbook by a way that the autocorrect detects them? If you’re someone who needs to use certain words on a diurnal or regular base which aren’t present in the wordbook of your iPhone, then read below. Also, your phone would save it and would also recommend you those words, each time when you begin to class.

You can use the point that was meant for textbook relief to add new words and also to produce lanes. Let us now see in detail how can you do that and be successful. Please relate to the way given below in order to add your own words for diurnal use, to your wordbook by iPhone. Go to the settings on your phone.

After you have opened the settings app, also detect the ‘ general ’ option from the menu present in the settings. Now, you need to click on the ‘ keyboard ’ option under the general settings. Now, when the coming screen would appear in front of you, you need to click on ‘ textbook relief ’. Also, click on the option present in the screen of textbook relief. Let us assume that you’re awaiting the iPhone wordbook to fete.

Supposedly, you know your initials in order to replace your name with that on its own. You can enter your name in the expression box present. You can then enter your initials latterly in order to produce the needed roadway. Also, you need to click on ‘ save ’ at the top right corner of the screen. Now, you’ll notice that you can veritably well class your initials while you’re codifying a textbook communication or an dispatch and you can see your name in the suggestions given.

There are chances you don’t want to produce a new roadway and just simply add the word of your choice. If you face a similar situation then too you can do so. In such a situation, you won’t be suitable to see the words that you might have added among the suggestions, while you’re codifying.

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How can you remove wordbook from your iPhone? 

Still, anywhere and anytime you want, If you suppose that you have enabled a lot of wordbooks on your iOS device also you can fluently get relieve of the unwanted wordbooks with just a single click. Please follow the way given below in order to fluently get relieve of the unwanted wordbooks with just a single click- Go to settings. detect the ‘ general settings ’. 

Now, search for wordbook on your iPhone. Now, you just need to click on that particular wordbook that you wish to remove. You’re also good to go!  That named wordbook would be now impaired and you won’t see the bluetick mark next to it anymore. However, also you can do that too by making the bluetick mark visible coming to the named wordbook, If you wish to enable the removed wordbook by unborn.


In this composition, we learned about how iPhone is relatively different from the Android. We learned about different types of useful features present in iPhone. One should surely read the entire composition in order to get a veritably good and clear about iPhone’s most pivotal features of all.

We have explained what exactly is a dictionary in the iPhone. What does it consist of, and how can you add words of your choice with appropriate pronunciations? Also, how to add spellings to its dictionary, and how to remove already existing words in the dictionary of iPhone. All these methods, if followed attentively, can result in you having a safe procedure when you wish to add or remove words from the dictionary of iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a dictionary in your iPhone?

If you use an iPhone with iOS 11 or a higher version then you can easily find the dictionary which is in built in your device by default, by following these steps:-
 Locate the ‘settings’ app in your device.
In the settings app, search for General menu.
You will then find the option of ‘dictionary’.
Click on it and then you can successfully access the dictionary on your iPhone.

To get a dictionary on iPhone, is an internet connection required?

This is a very common doubt. It occurs in the mind of almost every user out there and the answer to this is pretty simple. No, you do not require an internet connection in order to get a dictionary on your iPhone. If you wish to look up the words and their meanings then you can do it very well offline. For more details, you can refer to the article above. We have explained each and every detail and information about how to add words to the dictionary in your iPhone.

Do you happen to have the option of adding new words to the iPhone?

feature of text replacement. It is made to add new words of your own choice to your iPhone dictionary by following the steps below:-
Go to settings.
Locate the general settings and then search for ‘keyboard’.
Search for ‘text replacement’ and then you will get the option to add your desired words to the dictionary of iPhone.
Please note that the keyboard that you see on your iPhone is solely dependent on the dictionary for the purpose of any corrections or suggestions. The trick mentioned an explained above should prove to be much helpful to you. This could come in use when you wish to add custom words and new terms to your iPhone dictionary. This in turn would help you to make your typing process more easy. You can successfully add new words to your respective iPhone dictionary.