Adblock chrome iPad- 13 best apps

While using your iPad, you come across many websites on your iPad. While reading a glorious article, you suddenly see many popup ads on your IPad. You try to click the tiny cross that is present at the corner of your popup ad. When trying to click that cross mark, you unwillingly click on it and suddenly go to another malicious website. Now your phone suddenly starts to vibrate, and a message comes to your iPad about cleaning your iPad memory. Many of us would have come across the presented situation above and get frustrated while browsing chrome on iPad. Providing the best apps for Adblock chrome iPad, so that you can enjoy your life without ads.

Now let’s take a look at another situation. Just think of a situation where you are playing an interesting YouTube video, and you suddenly came across an unskippable ad. All of your mood and time are ruined for now. That thirty seconds ad now seems like a three-hour-long movie. What if an app or software would block the add-on chrome on IPad or phones, either iOS or Android? This article will tell you about some of the best Adblock. But before that, we should have some knowledge about ad blockers.

Adblock chrome iPad- 13 best apps in 2023
Best apps for Adblock chrome iPad

Note: For bloggers, Ads are the only way to get paid for their skills. So plz avoid using Adblock on iPad.

What is Adblock

Adblock is a set of the filter list. It helps determine what should be blocked and shown on a web page. The basic use of AdBlock is to prevent unwanted popup ads from being shown and downloaded on our computer. Ad Blocker basically ads as a filter between the website and the user. They filter unwanted ads and images that are not a part of the website we are visiting. This technology relies on lists called filter lists. This list helps the user show what he wants and hides/blocks harmful information. There are many filter lists called easy list, easy privacy list, local list, and custom list.

Now let us take a brief look at all of these lists. Adblocks are very beneficial for us as they make the webpage load faster by removing excess junk files.

Easy list

So an easy list is a type of list that removes unwanted images and items from international web pages like Wikipedia and those types of International web pages. It is one of the most popular lists used by many adblocker companies.

Easy privacy list

The easy privacy list is very helpful to protect our data and information. This list helps us remove all kinds of tracking, bugs, and Information collectors from the web pages.

Local list

The user itself creates this type of list. We can personally add a web page in the adblocker app by using a local list. It can be very helpful for us if we block a certain website or an URL.

Custom list

As the name suggests, we can customize our search type using this list. With the help of a custom list, we can easily customize our results like when we are using apps like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and others apps.

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Best Adblock chrome iPad

Here is a list of some of the best ad blockers:

Adblock Plus

It is one of the best ad blockers present in the market for now. The best thing about Adblock plus is that its extensions are available on every search engine like firefox, chrome, safari, and many others. Adblock plus helps us filter most of the malware and removes most of the ads using preset filters. Custom filters are also available on AdBlock plus for our favorite websites. On Android, it helps the user by providing a firefox browser that helps us to stop the incoming advertisement. IOS combines with a safari to block ads seamlessly with just a little bit of the process. We can easily download Adblock plus on chrome, firefox, opera mini, and safari.


This is a free ad blocker for stopping ads that are annoying to us. It also helps us improve browser speed as it removes unwanted white-washed images and popup ads from your browsers. Predefined filter lists are set as a default for all the users using Adblock. This works on most web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. The best thing about AdBlock is that it also stops ads while mining cryptocurrency, Facebook, and YouTube ads. The downside with AdBlock is that this app only works on the selected and installed browsers.


It is one of the best ad blockers for removing popup ads on all browsers. This adblocker is available for chrome, firefox, ios, and edge. The Adblock offers free extensions for chrome as well as safari. The only downside is that these extensions only work on the specific browsers installed. The best thing that I like about Adblock is that it also blocks ads on Skype.

It is one of the best ad blockers for protecting our personal information. One downside with Adblock could be that it is not available on Google to pay for Android users. Adblock does not come free as we have to pay an amount of $20 a year. But the company also provides us with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Many people personally like AdGuard as it helps us hide our identity from online trackers. It also protects our computers from unwanted viruses and malware present online. It offers its services on Windows, Macs, ios, and Android. The best feature of AdGuard is that it helps us protect every device in the home using DNS. This process is very easy as it can be done easily by just changing the DNS settings on our device.AdGuard also provides us with parental control settings.

We can restrict our children from going to certain websites with parental controls. We can also track the internet use of our child through parental control in AdGuard.The best thing about this software is that it is a non-root program for android users. The AdGuard is only available on the official website as it is not available on playstore for android users.


The best thing about Ghostery is that it gives us information about who is collecting our information. In simple words, it provides us with website names that are tracking us without our knowledge. So, we can stop these trackers from tracking us and giving up our private information. Ghostery helps us make our browsing faster and faster by clearing extra content on websites. The ghostery UI is also very user-friendly, which allows us to block anything we want according to our customization.

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The UI in the Ghostery is so good that it provides us with analytics of our favorite website. The best thing about ghostery is that it also works on mobile phones, making our lives much safer. 

AdBlocker Ultimate

This is one of the most popular AdBlock Blockers out there and has over two million users of this app daily.AdBlocker ultimately helps us to block ads from YouTube and Facebook. With adblocker ultimate, we can set predefined whitelist ads according to our minds. One downside of this app is that it is only usable on web Browsers. We can block youtube ads if we are opening them from a web browser, but we can’t block ads if we are opening them through the app. This adblocker app is only available for pc and iPads to use on mobile phones.

Poper Blocker

This ad blocker is not a solution for blocking ads, but it helps other ad blockers complement them. Poper blocker helps us to stop those ads which came through other ad blockers. It also provides us with a notification whenever an ad is blocked. We can see in the stats of the Poper Blocker how many ads have been blocked. It is always recommended to run adblocker in the background with other adblocking websites or apps.

uBlock Origin

This AdBlocker is best for content filtering on many web browsers available.uBlock origin is one of the most lightweight apps available out there. Being on the most lightweight app does not slow down our pc or iPad.It is best for those people who want to protect themselves from malicious ads but do not want to slow down their iPads.Being lightweight does not mean that it does not provide us good security .uBlock origin provides us thousands of filters. We can create new filters from the host files we visit as open-source software.

One of the best things about this ad blocker is that it is one of the few free ad blockers available out there. One downside of uBlock Origin could be that it is only available for PCs and iPods.

Opera browser

It is one of the best web browsers for smooth and secure web browsing. The best feature of the Opera browser is that it also provides us with a free and secure VPN and adblocking.

It is one of the most easily accessible web Browsers as we don’t need any web extensions. Opera browser can be easily accessed through mobile, PC, and iPads.We don’t need to download any extensions or files for the Opera browser. The opera browser also provides us with many features such as incognito mode, malware warning, etc. It also tells about pages that would be dangerous for us. One of the best things about the opera browser is that it is also available on an app store named opera touch.

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Adblocker for Youtube

We have seen that YouTube now plays some very long unskippable ads in recent times. Anytime we play any videos, we all have to see ads that often feel very time-consuming. We all know that time is much more valued than money in the modern era. Developers have found a solution by providing web extensions for blocking YouTube ads. Whether the ads are shown before the video or in between the video, we can now skip these ads by downloading these extensions on the chrome browser.

One downside for these ad blockers is that they can only be accessed through a web browser. If we are playing any video through the YouTube app, then these extensions could not help us. So we should always try to use YouTube through chrome or firefox by using these extensions.

Disconnect Pro

These ad blockers target websites that drain our pc or iPad battery. It is one of the most premium AdBlocker available out there on the internet. Disconnect Pro also comes with a free VPN service to protect our privacy against malicious hackers. Using premium VPN Disconnect Pro also protects our VPN id from trackers present there. But there are also many downsides to this Adblocker.

One of the first disadvantages is that it is slightly expensive for a common person. The total cost of protecting our privacy against trackers and hackers would be more than $50 annually. So we can say that Disconnect Pro is slightly more expensive than other ad blockers out there. Another disadvantage could also be that Disconnect Pro does not receive any updates. Meaning it cannot fully protect against the newest malware present out there.

AppBrain add detector

It is a type of AdBlocker that helps us find which apps are showing ads and for what reasons. Imagine if you are seeing any popup ads or any unwanted image on a website for a second. Then AppBrain detector will tell you about the exact reason why you see that ad. This app is made so that we can see in the menu of the brain which websites are asking for which kind of permission.

The main downside of this Adblocker is that it does not provide us with security against any ads.

Are ad blockers safe to use

So, yes, in my view, ad blockers are completely safe to use. It protects our privacy and data from all the malicious websites present there. We can pay a small amount of money to safeguard ourselves from online trackers and many annoying ads. If we don’t want to pay any money, many adblockers like opera also protect our privacy.