500GB SSD: Benefit or Loss

Are you searching for a beneficial thing for your pc? Are you aware of SSDs? Do you have any idea about their functions, physical appearance, and features? All these questions gather, and we don’t have any idea regarding that. We have provided an article, which will ensure that after reading this. You should not search anymore, and you will be amazed by knowing facts about 500GB SSD.

Introduction to SSDs

  • In 1991, sun-disk came out with its first commercial flash-based SSD.
  • The 20 MB SSD was launched in a PCMCIA configuration.
  •   A drive that was solid in state and was flash based arrived in 1995.

Construction and purpose

Till 2009 primary memory component Dram volatile memory was used, but NAND FLASH non – volatile memory is used after that.

SSD includes controller and memory.

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This works as one of the most important factors of an SSD controller. It takes in the bridge between the NAND memories components to the computer. Below, some of the functions that are performed by a controller that helps SSD are mentioned:

  • Read and write caching
  • Bad block mapping
  • Crypto shredding
  • Garbage collection
  • Water leveling
  • Encryption


It contains the difference between flash memory and dram memory.

Because of the low cost of NAND FLASH memory Ssds produce it. Every memory needs a power supply, but it has a fantastic property that it can hold on the data without the external power supply.

Dram memory generally provides a fast data system and takes an internal battery or external ac /DC system to enable data persistence when no source externally is applied.


Meaning of SSD

The full form of SSD is a solid-state drive.

It acts as a second storage system for computers. Use a circuit to assemble the data and function correctly.

Also known as a solid-state device or solid-state disk.

Comparing the two electrochemical devices and SSDs, We observe that SSDs have an ability to cope up with the physical shock, and it has a super astounding power that it runs silently without getting affected.

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Difference between SSD and HDD

SDD(solid-state drive)HDD(hard disk drive)
Flash storage and have no moving partsStorage is made up of magnetic tape.
Smaller and take up less space in pc.Larger than SDD and slower to read and write the things.
Less priceComparatively more price
Lifespan is not so long, but it can be used as the only drive in your pc.The lifespan is longer.
Boots windowMass storage

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Some of the best 500 Gb SSD

  • Mushkin Pilot Pro Enhanced
  • ADATA XPG SX8000
  • Samsung 970 Evo
  • Samsung 960 Evo
  • Intel 600p
  • WD black sn750

Can we install SSD on laptops?

So, the answer to the question is yes, you can install SSD in a laptop as many of the laptops are provided with 2.5 inches hard drives and 2.5 inches of SSD, So if you want, then you can replace it with a traditional drive as SSD helps us to work faster.

Use of SSD in laptops

  • There were days when we waited for work till the laptop boots up. But now SSDs boot faster than ever.
  • It is a lightweight device.
  • Uploading program will become faster as it reads faster, and the process doesn’t take time.
  • Due to no moving parts, no head needs to compress to read or write the data.

Is a 500gb SSD enough for a desktop computer?

  • Windows: Yes, windows like windows ten will operate on less than this 500 Gb SSD. 
  • Internet browsing: it is enough, but you should keep watching or aware of the capacity you are using.
  • Server operator: firstly, the kind of server you are operating is the most important. So the functions that utilize its capacity forall its purpose like file server may be inadequate.

Is it OK to have 500 Gb SSD for PS4?

Do you want to play some games, or you want to install game apps in bulk?

Many of us want to have many games stored in our PCs, but the problem persists with the storage.

A 500 Gb SSD is enough up to 5-10 gaming apps. But if you want to install more apps or want to play games with high storage space, you should go for a 1 Tb SSD.

You can use an external device to transfer the games that you were not playing from time to time.

Benefits of using a 500 Gb SSD in PS4 are –

  • Boot up
  • Sleep
  • Wake up

The process mentioned above will become faster.

Which SSD do you have to use for music production?

Most of us suggest that we should use a 500 Gb SSD for music production.

Now the question arises why only 500 Gb SSD should be used?

500 Gb SSD is best for music production as with this size. You are safe to have an operating system or can easily install the operative system.

Safe enough to have music production softwares with all the plugins instruments and the things required during the production.

There will be no shortage of storage. A 500 Gb SSD will provide enough space for musical storage as you can store your files, your audios, and videos.

SSD 850 EVO SATA III 6.35cm (2.5″) 500 GB

  • V-NAND technology of Samsung.
  • 540MB/s consecutive read and 520MB/s write.
  • Five-year limited warranty.

Confused about V-NAND!! What is the 3D V-NAND? Do you think that it is different from other previously formed technology or have extra properties that others don’t have?

  • 32 cell layers fabricate them. It is arranged vertically over one other instead of horizontal spacing.
  • 3D V – NAND technology provides a guarantee to every SSD with the consistency in the working system.
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Features of 850 EVO SATA

  • Full encrypted engines with the hardware-based full disk.
  • Able to exist with Microsoft e-drive IEEE1667 so that the data is protected.
  • It enables the drive to have a property that can be significantly used in various temperature conditions.
  • Navigator software easily allows you to shift data from previous storage to 850 EVO SATA.


ApplicationClient PCs
Form factor2.5 inch
WeightMax to max 55g
Dimension100.00 x 69.85 x 6.80 mm
Storage memorySamsung V-NAND
ControllerSamsung MGX
Cache memorySAMSUNG 512 MB

Crucial MX500 500GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 inch 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal SSD

  • Easy installation
  • Works in seconds. The system gets started within seconds.
  • 5 years limited warranty

Features of crucial MX500:

  • Single level cells are used to generate high speeds. It enables the file to load within seconds.
  • It can save a massive amount of videos, photos, and files.
  • Using a minimum amount of power still gives a high speed.
  • They are known for their advanced facilities.


SSD seriesMX500
Form factor2.5_7mm
Warranty limited5 years
Sequential read560mb/s
Sequential write510mb/s
Capacity500 Gb
InterfaceSATA 6.0 Gb /s

Seagate barracuda 500gb SSD


Form factor2.5″ 7mm SATA
Capacity500 GB
ControllerSeagate branded phison s-10
DRAMNanya DDR3-1600 CL11, 1.35V
Sequential read560 MB/s
Sequential write535 MB/s

500 Gb WD Blue SSD

  • standard SATA III 2.5-inch drive
  • It can be fitted into most desktop and laptops.
  • One test has shown that the drive was able to persist 450MB/s speed during a prolonged analysis of 320 GB.

Do all motherboards accept every SSD available in the market?

  • Every motherboard consists of a SATA connector, which helps to work with an SSD.

Now we are able to have sufficient information about SSD and HDD!

But some of us are thinking that the SSD is good comparatively with HDD. So can we replace the SSD with HDD?

It is useful concerning your old computer as it helps to increase performance. So if you have a smaller SSD or HDD, you can replace it with 1Tb SSD within $150.

  • Life of an SSD is only about 2-3 years. And if it will work more than that, be ready for failures.
  • When the SSD starts filling up, then the performance starts slowing down.
  • Data can only be written in the storage cells insidethe chips between 3000 and 100000 times during its lifespan.

Let’s find out which will work more prominently RAM or SSD.

SSD helps to make the programmer run faster, but RAM helps us to open more things open at one time.

What should we prefer or prioritize for gaming?

It’s very confusing. We want to play games with lots of effects.  We need that no problem comes when we are playing games; it should not stop in between because of storage or other issues. But here only the question arises that for these types of things which drive we should use?

  • Storage: both the drives store the files and the games, but the technology is different between hard drives and solid drives.
  • SSDs do load faster, but HDDs have enough space for gaming (20GB to 100GB).
  • SSDs are more energy-efficient and offer more ways to store your data.
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Types of cells in SSDs

Single level cells (SLCs) SSDs

  • Faster types of SSDs are the one above mentioned.
  • Durable and less error-prone
  • Data loss is less tolerable.

The above properties make it one of the most convenient SSD than others.

Multi-level cells (MLCs)SSD

From the name, one will try to make an idea regarding the cell, and he/she will assume that this cell has multi means many storing units. But here multi refers to only two bits per cell.

  • Slower tendency to work comparatively with SLCs lacks it in their properties.
  • Data is written more often to NAND FLASH than the SLCs that’s why they take hits towards durability and reliability.
  • Their capacity is not more than 1TB.

Triple-Layer Cell (TLC) SSDs

It writes three bits to all cells.

They have a property to pack more capacity than SLC and MLC. Durability,  speed, and reliability are some of the areas you would found a problem with.

TLC SSDs long lives and can have a lifespan of several years.

Quad-Level Cell (QLC) SSDs

Quad means four, so it’s clear from the name itself that it has a tendency to write four bits per cell.

It can pack more data than other types of cells.  This type of cell  Crucial P1 QLC NVMe,  which has a budget level drive, contains  100 TBW ratings on the 500 GB system and  1 TB Persists with 200 TBW.

Penta-Level Cell (PLC) SSDs

It can write five bits per cell. It doesn’t exist at present, but they will be coming soon.

They can pack more capacity compared to other cells.


This ensures NAND memory cells are closer to increase capacity and reduce the area.

Just like when things become too close to each other problem immediately starts like that; when the cells become too close to each other, it starts losing authenticity.

To tackle this problem, they make cells at the top of each other known as 3D NAND or vertical NAND.

Wear leveling technology

cells start decreasing when they are used continuously. To ensure the structure to be good enough, this property helps to write data on memory cells.

It disturbs data into various parts instead of writing it into one place.


 It helps to store data. Ensure to boost SSD performance. Comprises SLCs and MLCs. When the cache becomes, full performance significantly starts dropping.


 laptops have majorly this type of hard drive and SSDs interface that means how it connects with the motherboard or the connection between the motherboard and laptop.


Helps to connect SSD to the motherboard. When we get confused that both SATA III and NVMe connect to the motherboard, so what is the difference than the significant difference is that NVMe functions faster i.e., three times faster than SATA-III.

M.2 Form factor of NVMe drive. The shape is rectangular and tiny. Fits in motherboard slots.

That’s all about the major related terms of SSDs.


 In this article, we have seen 500 Gb SSDs, their specifications, and some properties. Brief description of SSDs includes the difference between SSDs and HDDs.

Some questions related to SSD that everyone thinks about. It also includes product links so an individual can directly visit.