5 Best Tech Gifts That You Haven’t Thought Of

Cool tech gifts for the technology savvy can be a challenge, and it’s hard to get it right without careful consideration. The best course of action is simply to ask what they want, which allows both parties to avoid the awkwardness of presents not quite hitting the mark. This method has been embraced by many over the last decade, enabling people to choose gifts that are cool and useful. Spare yourself a strained smile and long “Thanks!” this season festive, by asking what someone would appreciate instead of stumbling in the dark with your cool tech gift ideas.

5 Best Tech Gifts That You Haven't Thought Of

#1 iTunes Gift Card

If you’re looking for the best tech gifts to give your friends or family, an iTunes Gift Card can be a perfect choice. With denominations ranging from small to large, this gift will let them buy all the software they’ve been dreaming of. It is best to purchase an iTunes Gift Card through an account on the iTunes store since it can be delivered electronically via e-mail. However, before doing so make sure they are using the local version of the iTunes store and not the US edition to make the best use of the card.

What is the advantage of this gift? It will definitely come in handy, because almost all users would like some kind of game or application, but put off the purchase for a long time. Thus, you do not deprive a person of the right to choose, thereby making a great gift.

Advice! If a gift recipient complains that they don’t have enough space on their phone and therefore don’t need a gift card, just recommend app store cleaning. With the cleanup app, you can free up the necessary memory. The most popular iOS Cleanup App can only remove what is of no value to the user. You can look at cleanup app reviews to see for yourself. A good storage cleanup app frees up to 20% of memory. This storage cleaner should be used regularly. We would recommend running the phone cleaner once every 1-2 weeks, depending on the activity of using the smartphone.

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#2 USB 3 hub

With Anker’s seven and ten-port powered USB hubs rated as the best of their class for USB 3 users, it pays to make sure your tech is up to date. Cheap little individual hubs might be fine for running just a couple of devices, but if you want to plug in multiple peripherals and draw power then the Anker hub is a must-have. It looks good, has well-spaced ports, comes with its own power adapter, and boasts top user ratings – ideal for folks with ultrabooks or MacBook Airs. Get the right USB 3 hub in place so your tech can run as smoothly and as safely as possible.

#3 SSD

Everyone needs more storage space, and that is why solid-state drives (SSDs) have become increasingly popular. According to Tom’s Hardware, the best value in SSDs starts at 240GB, as anything smaller than that is just not worth it. For Mac users, OWC is a great option for hardware mounting into various Apple computers — I can personally attest to this from upgrading my standard Macbook Pro with an OWC drive back in 2010 and seeing unbeatable results. But if you want to go all out and prioritize capacity over speed, then the OCZ Nocti drive provides an unprecedented 2TB of storage in its ultra-compact form factor. This revolutionary drive does away with any extraneous casing found on other drives, offering users fast access times without having to sacrifice aesthetics.

#4 Camera bag

If you’re a traveler who needs to bring along a lot of photographic gear, ThinkTank bags are an excellent choice! They’re built for durability and offer specialized protection for small laptops or tablets. When it comes to picking the right camera bag, it’s important to consider how you’ll be carrying it as well as how much equipment you plan on storing. Additionally, getting a bag without any flashy logos or branding can help deter potential thieves. For those looking for extra security, two of ThinkTank’s bags don’t even look like camera bags! Protection and stealth come hand in hand with these great bags.

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#5 Google Chromecast

The Google Chromecast is an amazing little USB device. It looks like a chunky flash drive, but packs a big punch! It allows anyone with an HDTV that has USB capabilities to turn their TV into an incredible media center with access to all sorts of online services. I asked the members of my local technology and computer society (TTCS) what they thought the best tech gift is to get. To my surprise, many suggested or owned a Chromecast! One mail list member even said it was “the best bang for buck tech purchase [they] ever made hands down”. At only $35, it’s practically an impulse buy – perfect for anyone who loves finding ways to make US products work locally.


In conclusion, cool cheap gadgets can represent a great way to make life easier while simultaneously being easy on the wallet. With the constantly evolving technology landscape, every year brings new cool gadgets that have cool features and come at an even lower price tag. It is important to research pricing, durability, and any other features that are important when selecting cool cheap gadgets. The options above will help you get on the right track.