10TB external hard drive

10TB external hard drive

10TB external hard drives are a major thing these days with the increasing workload on our devices. Many of you may be using one already, but for those who don’t know what it is and why it is used, this article is for you. Even if you are looking for some great hard drives to buy, read the full article to know all about them.


Usually, all the computers come with hard drives already, but at present, after realizing the benefits of SSD, companies are starting to make use of them. Well, don’t get confused, we have two types of hard drives, pre-installed ones, and external ones. Also, we have another storage device called SSD or solid state device. So much of stuff, right? We will surely come to the point of why the need for external hard drives emerged? And no, it’s not because the pre-installed hard drives have less storage! Before that, let’s know what a pre-installed hard drive is?


A hard disk drive or hard drive (HDD) is basically an electro-mechanical nonvolatile storage device. It is an essential part of the computer and generally comes pre-installed.

It is installed in the drive bay connected to the motherboard’s disk controller. This hard disk drive is connected to the disk controller using a SATA, ATA or SCSI cable. The HDD consists of multiple layers called platters in an air-sealed case. All our data is written in these platters, which rotate rapidly.

Also, we have another storage device called solid state drives that have advantages over the HDDs. Basically, a solid state drive is a  storage piece, that has integrated circuits and uses flash memory to store data. It is called a solid state because there is no rotating part involved in it. These consume less power than the hard disk drives. Also, they give exceptionally fast speeds because of no friction between rotating objects as there aren’t any. These don’t even make noise while their operation. Hence, companies are going crazy over SSDs since they have been launched. It is possible for your laptop to sustain only hard drives. But, technically hard disk drives gives much bigger space for storage as compared to solid state drives. 

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Hence, living on the only SSD will reduce your storage. Therefore, companies are launching their products with both SSD and HDD installed. The trick here is to install the operating system in the SSD, which will ensure faster operations. While an HDD will be there to store all your data. However, if you aren’t satisfied with your computer storage, you can buy an external hard disk drive with a more significant room. Well, a 10TB storage is enough for you as an external hard drive. Now let us know what the major parameters that must be kept in mind before you select a hard drive are.



The first and foremost thing to remember is that why do you need it. I mean, surely for storage, but what requirements you have precisely according to your work. Check your capacity requirements, like if you are a vlogger and have to shoot long videos, you surely need a bigger hard disk drive, in case your laptop isn’t enough. But, if you are a student with hardly 256GB of pictures, files, etc. Then you may buy a small hard drive for storing all those pictures in one place.


Set your budget. Before looking out on some awesome pieces, you must segregate them according to the price. No use of making up your mind for a product that you can’t buy. A decent hard drive can start from $120 or more and can go high up to $7000 USD even.


After all the above points are made, check out all the hard disk drives’ durability before buying them. This is really important, as HDDs are mechanical objects and are prone to wear and tear. Be sure that the product you select gives you a warranty for up to 2 years at least. Though the reliability of hard drives is challenging to gauge, but HDDs from known brands and that too with warranty will reduce the risks.

Transfer speed

The transfer speed matters to those who shoot high-quality videos. You must ensure that the hard drive has a USB 3.0 port other than USB 2.0 port. The USB 3.0 will ensure a faster transfer of your data. This is important even when you have to back up all the HD quality videos or images etc. Generally, hard drives have 3,500 or 7,200rpm of transfer speed.

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Finally, the last and vital factor to not overlook is security. You need to check whether the product has the hardware-based encryption or not. The hardware-based encryption is much more efficient than software-based encryption.

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If you are going to have some really confidential stuff on your hard drive, make sure to take encryption into consideration.

Now let’s look at some of the best external hard drives that are available in the market, taking all the above points into consideration.

Products of 10TB external hard drives

Seagate backup plus desktop hard drive

Seagate has always been the leading company when it comes to hard drives. Its hard drives are available in multiple storage capacities from 1TB to 12TB. This backup plus a desktop hard drive is having a capacity of 10TB. The transfer speeds will be high with this hard drive because it comes with a USB 3.0 port. The read speed is 170MB/s, and write speed is 120MB/s, which is pretty good. It has precisely two USB ports in the front, so you can backup all your media.

This device is a two in one device that can act as a recharging station and an all in one data hub. Therefore, with one port, you can transfer data, and with others, you can charge your smartphones or cameras, etc. So, you don’t really need to transfer all your photos to your laptop and then to a hard drive. You can directly connect your camera to this Seagate hard drive. It will give you reliable performance and cross-platform independence. A fantastic thing about it is that it is good with both MacBook and Windows. Though, it is actually formatted for Windows only, but you can install NTFS drivers for using it with a Mac. The price for this Seagate backup plus a desktop hard drive is around $270 USD, along with a warranty. 

Western Digital My Book

The western digital is another blazing brand in hard drives after Seagate. The only extra advantage that you get here is that it is much cheaper than Seagate. This hard drive comes with a USB 3.1 Gen-1 ready and presently gives USB 3.0 compatibility. It equipped with backup software for Mac and Windows. WD comes as NTFS formatted for Windows 10, 8, and 7.

It has massive storage capacity and an automatic and system backup. The dimensions of this WD in my book are 13.97×4.83×17.02 cm. This, too, is having 256-bit hardware-based encryption security. So you can set your own password easily. A peculiar feature in this is that it has the WD discovery software that connects to social media and cloud storage services. It is a reliable product that is said to be shocked tolerant and comes with a 3-year warranty. Talking about the price so that it will cost you somewhere around $225 for a capacity of 10TB.

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LaCie d2 professional

After Seagate and Western Digital, few people know about LaCie hard drives. This is also a fabulous product. It comes with two Thunderbolt ports and a USB C 3.1 port. The Thunderbolt 3 bolts will allow dual 4k displays or even 5k displays. It has a fast operation of 7, 200 RPM, and transfer rates as 240MB/s. This has a high performance and is a professional use hard drive. It gives excellent storage capacity. It takes power from the wall adapter and has the connectors at the rear end.

You also get a locking port that will secure your hard drive by locking it. It has the technology involved that keeps it cool under rigorous operations as well. This hard drive lets you charge up other devices like Seagate through USB C port. Another good thing about this is that it has the five-year rescue data recovery service plans. Finally, it has been listed for a price of $400 – $500 for all these features and a 10TB storage.


In the hard drive industry, the Seagate company has always ruled. However, we have got two new products other than Seagate for better options. Now, you have your own guide to choosing the best hard drive for you. The information provided above is not in any specific order by random. Also, you may visit your nearby gadget store or YouTube for better knowledge of these products. These 10tb external hard drives are all you need if you have storage problems with your laptop. Stay updated with us to know more about such topics.