1080p projector

Do you have a love for watching movies on a big screen? If yes, you surely must be thinking of buying your 10projector someday. This may have you your series and movies handy, without even queuing up in theaters. Imagine how cool it would be to have your own small theater in your home with all that your comfort. But how to decide what projector to choose for your need. Read the full article to know about the best projectors for you.

1080p projector

Projectors are one of the best inventions that happened in the film industry. Imagine a life without projectors. You would not be able to see your movies in the theatre even. Well, thanks to the British photographer, Eadweard, who invented it back in 1879. Since then, we have seen a lot of transitions in its technology. And as a result, we have the best 1080p or even 4K resolution projectors at present. However, projectors are like drinks, the more sugar, the more sweetness.

Similarly, people are starting to realize that the more pixels, the better and brighter are the video quality. But we may assume the 4K quality is a more advanced version of 1080p, but we still have some arguments in favor of 1080p. The main reason behind the popularity of 1080p projectors is the lack of 4K content available in the market. Let us know some of the features of the 1080p projector to look at before buying and further recognize the best brands available.

Features of 1080 p projector

While you buy a projector, you need to make sure that it fits all your demands. Here are some of the significant points that will sort your decision for your type projector.


This is definitely the most important point that needs to be considered. First, make a decision, whether you want it for your office or your home. Well, if you are buying a projector for your home, you definitely need to focus on its video quality rather than audio quality. But, if it’s for office use, particularly PowerPoint presentations, concentrate on audio aspects more than video. After all, you won’t be watching movies in your office, right? For any serious business, issues lookout for features like dual HDMI ports and standby mode as well.


If you have a work that requires the portability of the projector, you should focus on weight details. Also, the size of the projector is essential. But if you have to keep it in one place, don’t overthink about this factor.


Well, being a reliable device is a must and should not be compromised, be it for any use. Whenever you buy a projector, be sure about the customer support details and warranty card, etc. Also, try to find a durable projector that will not require you to call the customer care every time. To confirm this, make sure you read all the reviews about the product.


It is also sometimes an issue with most projectors, hence look about it as well. Intensity is measured in Lumens and a product rated as 500 Lumens, won’t be good enough. Try to get a projector with at least 1000 Lumens brightness.

Throw distance

Throw distance is the distance between your display and the projector. So some of the projectors may have a low throw distance, and therefore you may see a problem while selecting the appropriate range.

Display size

The display definitely matters while watching a movie with a projector. After all, it was the reason to buy it. Therefore, choose an option that gives a larger display size.

Contrast ratio

It can be explained as the ratio between the whites and the blacks. So if a video has a high contrast ratio, it will have higher quality. Therefore, try to look for a high contrast ratio for a better experience. 

These were some of the main features that you can’t overlook while buying a projector. Well, now let’s look at some of the best projectors to buy according to their needs.

1080p projector
1080p projector

Best budget-friendly 1080p projectors

1-BenQ DLP HT2020 HD

This projector from BenQ is a 3D theatre projector that weighs 7.27 pounds. The dimensions of this projector are 10.9×15×14.7 inches. This projector has a silent operation and that too, with less energy consumption. This is because of the smart Ecotechnology that saves energy with the help of standby mode. It gives brightness up to 2200 Lumens; therefore, even in dark situations, you will be able to good bright videos. The contrast ratio of BenQ DLP is 15000, while it uses the RGBRGB color technique wheel to get accuracy in colors. The lamp of the projector can stay alive for 7000 hours straight. It is also equipped with a 10W stereo speaker inside the projector’s Chambers.

2-Epson Pro EX9220 WUXGA

The Epson EX9220 is another budget-friendly projector that weighs around 6.2 pounds. This lightweight projector has dimensions as 11.9×9.8×3.4 inches. Clearly, it is a fantastic compact projector, whereas it gives a brightness of 3600 Lumens, which admittedly is impressive as compared to the previous ones. It still got you enough of the stuff. It is a 1080p projector; hence you will get high definition video content. A very nice thing about it is that it is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS that surely needs Airplay. Another feature that other projectors may lag is the wireless screencast option available that can be used for media and applications on the phone. You can also connect your device to it by scanning a barcode on the screen.

3-Optoma EH416 DLP business projector

This projector from Optoma is another amazing product that will get you to bring people’s attention to your details in any meeting. It is a 3D projector with 1080p and weighs 6.6 pounds. The dimensions are 8.8×12.4×4.5 inches. This is one of the best affordable projectors that give you a brightness of 4500 Lumens. It will also provide you with wall adjustments. It uses the sRGB technology that uses rec 709b for the accuracy of colors.

Best expensive 1080p projectors

If you do not have any budget issues and you are looking for the best in class, then the following are one of the best expensive projectors.

1-Sony VPL – VW99E5S

This is one of the best projectors that is also available in 4K resolution. It is a home theatre projector that has a brightness level of 2200 Lumens. It weighs 30kg. Hence it is really lighter. The lamp life is about 20,000 hours straight with the freedom to shift your lens. Sony also gives you a warranty of 3 years on this product. The starting price of this projector is about $555.

2-Meridian 810 projector

This meridian projector is an astonishing piece of art that will cost you 1.8 crores. That’s a lot, and just because of the input the company gives in its production. The lens takes around six months for its precise manufacturing. This projector weighs 80kgs. It can even give you 4069×2400. This meridian 810 projector has a brightness level of 4000 Lumens. Hence you can have the best video experience. It also gives you an option to throw distances. Overall it is considered to be the best projector that gives Hollywood-level experience.

Best compact 1080p projectors

1-AAXA P7 mini HD projector

This is a really small and handy projector that is in the 1080p category. It will give a superb data image quality even after being so small and lightweight. It has a built-in battery and can play a song, videos, images anything from USB sticks, or even its memory card itself. The video quality may not be so impressive, just standard. It is in all a good projector for business purposes and to have your presentations ready on the go. You could even carry it on some extended vacations or short trips as well.

2-Epson Powerlite 1795F wireless 3LCD projector

Epson is already a well-known brand in this projector industry, and this mini projector of Epson is as good as other models are. It is a wireless LCD projector with 1080 pixels. This model is wireless, and its lamp life is also very good. Though it may have cons like not a good stereo and cannot give you 3D projections, overall, it is a thin, wireless projector with proper brightness levels.


1080p Projector is actually a need these days, especially for those who are in business—even those who love movies and can’t afford to spend a lot on film in theatres. Though selecting one projector is a challenging task. Well, we sure tried to sort things out by providing you all points you must keep in mind while buying one. You even saw a few marvelous options for you to buy. This article may not have covered all the products and all points regarding them. But it has given you a variety of top brands in projectors that are cheap, expensive, or compact. You can decide your needs and select them after a bit more research. Stay updated with us to know more exciting news about any new projector launch.